How to Live a Prosperous Life with God’s Help (Powerful Prayer Included)🙏

don’t skip this video I have something

amazing to tell you in the next few

minutes you will discover the secret to

living a fulfilling and prosperous life

with God’s help you will also learn how

to overcome any challenge or obstacle

that comes your way and if you watch

till the end I will share with you a

powerful prayer that will change your

life forever my child you are not an

accident you are here for a reason God

has a purpose for you and he knows

everything about you he knows your name

he knows your heart he knows your dreams

he loves you more than you can imagine

but sometimes life can be hard sometimes

you may feel alone afraid or hopeless

sometimes you may wonder if God is

really there for you I want to tell you

today that God is always with you even

when you don’t see him or feel him he is

always working behind the scenes for

your good he is always ready to comfort

you guide you and protect you but you

need to trust him and lean on him today

don’t rely on your own strength or

wisdom don’t listen to the lies of the

enemy or the doubts of the world listen

to God’s voice and follow his Direction

life is easy when everything is going

well and everyone is supporting you but

that’s not when you grow the most you

grow the most when You Face difficulties

and challenges that’s when God shows up

and shows off his power and Glory so

don’t give up when things get tough

don’t lose faith when things seem

impossible don’t stop praying when

things look hopeless God has a plan plan

for you and he will make a way for you

he will lead you down the right path and

he will bless you beyond measure all you

need to do is say yes to him and type

amen if you need God in your life are

you ready to receive God’s blessings are

you ready to live a life of abundance

and Joy are you ready to see miracles

happen in your life if yes then join me

in this prayer right now heavenly father

thank you for loving me and creating me

for a purpose thank you for being with

me always and never leaving me nor

forsaking me thank you for having a plan

for me and promising me a future and a

hope Lord I confess that I need you in

my life I admit that I have sinned

against you and fallen short of your

glory I ask for your for forgiveness and

mercy I believe that Jesus Christ died

for my sins and rose again to give me

eternal life I invite Jesus into my

heart as my Lord and Savior Lord I

Surrender my life to you I trust in you

and lean on you today I ask for your

guidance and direction in every area of

my life I ask for your protection and

provision over my life I ask for your

grace and favor over my life I ask for

your healing and restoration over my

life I ask for your peace and joy over

my life Lord I praise you and worship

you for who you are and what you have

done for me you are the alpha and omega

the beginning and the end the king of

kings and Lord of lords you are the

Creator of all things the sustainer of

all things the Redeemer of All Things

You Are Holy righteous faithful loving

gracious merciful powerful Sovereign

good awesome wonderful Lord I love you

with all my heart soul mind and strength

I thank you for hearing my prayer and

answering my prayer I thank you for your

blessings and miracles in my life in

Jesus name amen

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