How to Go to Heaven When You Die: God’s Message for You God Bless You

Hello friends am so glad you’re here

today I want to share with you a message

that God has put in my heart God says if

you want to go to heaven when you die

watch this that’s right God is speaking

to you right now he wants you to know

that he loves you so much that he has

prepared a place for you in heaven he

wants you to know that he has a plan for

your life and that plan includes

eternity God is saying I will grant you

the gift of eternal life this is not

something you have to earn or deserve

it’s a free gift that God offers to

anyone who believes in him you see God

sent his only son Jesus Christ to die on

the cross for your sins he paid the

price that you could not T he rose from

the dead and he is alive today he is the

way the truth and the life no one comes

to the father except through him for

those who believe in him death has no

power death is not the end it’s the

beginning it’s the doorway to a new life

a life that never ends God has conquered

the grave and he offers you the

Assurance of everlasting life you don’t

have to fear death because you have a

hope that is beyond this world you have

a hope that is anchored in heaven though

the physical body May perish your spirit

will live on in the presence of his

glory you are not just a body you are a

soul you are a spiritual being created

in the image of God you have a destiny a

purpose a calling you have a heavenly

father who knows you by name who cares

for you who has a place for you in his

family he promises to be your guide as

you pass from this Earthly realm to the

Eternal one he will not leave you nor

forsake you he will be with you every

step of the way he will comfort you

strengthen you and give you peace he

will wipe away every tear from your eyes

he will welcome you into his arms and

say Well done good and faithful servant

enter into the joy of your lord rest in

the hope of Resurrection knowing that he

will be with you leading you into

Eternal joy and peace this is the good

news that God wants you to hear today

this is the message that can change your

life this is the message that can save

your soul this is the message that can

take you to heaven all you have to do is

believe believe that God loves you

believe that Jesus died for you believe

that he rose again believe that he is

the Lord of your life believe that he

has a place for you in heaven if you

believe you will receive you will

receive the gift of eternal life you

will receive the hope of Resurrection

you will receive the joy and peace of

God if you want to make this decision

today I want to invite you to pray with

me just repeat this simple prayer after

dear God I come to you today admitting

that I am a sinner I ask you to forgive

me of all my sins I believe that Jesus

is your son that he died on the cross

for me and that he rose again I confess

him as my Lord and Savior I invite him

into my heart I thank you for the gift

of eternal life I thank you for the hope

of Resurrection I thank you you for the

joy and peace of God in jesus’ name amen

if you prayed that prayer I want to

congratulate you you have just made the

most important decision of your life you

have just become a child of God you have

just secured your place in heaven you

have just received the gift of eternal

life before you go type I am a child of

God to declare your faith

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