How to Go to Heaven in 3 minutes🙏You Won’t Believe What God Said!

don’t scroll away from this message you

have nothing to lose and everything to

gain by spending just minutes with me

if you watch this video till the end I

will reveal to you a secret that will

change your life forever today my child

you are carrying too much burden on your

shoulders if the future fills you with

Dread and the past HTS you with pain

look up and see that I am watching over

you my love for you is beyond measure

and nothing can separate you from it I

know it’s hard to trust me when you

can’t see the way forward but don’t lose

hope I will lead you to the place of

peace and rest whenever you feel

confused or overwhelmed by what is

happening in your life just close your

eyes and feel my presence I will hold

your close and wipe away your tears

I will stand by your side as you

overcome your fears you will be healed

and you will discover the beauty of my

creation type how man if you want to

receive my healing touch right now now

repeat after me I am loved by Jesus and

nothing can separate me from his love I

am healed by Jesus and nothing can stop

his healing power in my life I am filled

by Jesus and nothing can quench his joy

and peace in my heart I am Guided by

Jesus and nothing can confuse or mislead

me from his path I am empowered by Jesus

and nothing can resist or defeat me in

his name I am blessed by Jesus and

nothing can limit or hinder his

provision and favor for me I am

protected by Jesus and nothing can harm

or threaten me under his wings I am

destined by Jesus and nothing can

prevent or delay his plans and promises

for me I am Jesus and he is mine my

child You are not alone in this journey

you have a friend who sticks closer than

a brother you have a father who loves

you unconditionally you have a savior

who died for you and Rose again you have

a helper who empowers you and guides you

you have a Healer who restores you and

makes you whole you have a provider who

supplies all your needs according to his

riches and Glory you have a protector

who Shields you from the enemy’s attacks

you have a king who Reigns over all the

Earth and has prepared a place for you

in heaven you have Jesus and he has you

let us pray together

Lord Jesus we thank you for your amazing

love and grace we thank you for your

presence and Power in our lives we thank

you for your promises and plans for our

future we ask you to heal us from every

sickness pain and wound in our bodies

minds and souls we ask you to fill us

with your peace joy and hope in every

situation we ask you to strengthen us

with your might wisdom and courage in

every challenge we ask you to bless us

with your favor provision and protection

in every area we ask you to use us For

Your Glory purpose and Kingdom in every

opportunity we ask all these things in

your mighty name amen before you go

surrender your worries and Desires in

the comment below God will see it and he

has a plan for you

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