How To Be Productive Like Jesus

watch this video till the end to know

about the secret of Jesus productivity

we can learn a lot of things about

productivity from Jesus regardless of

how much Jesus wanted to do in a day the

gospel writers sure that he took time to

pray and to rest suggesting he did both

regularly in Luke it states but

Jesus often withdrew to lonely places

and prayed sometimes the tasks we have

in a day can seem overwhelming and our

to-do list never ending regardless there

always has to be room in her life for a

relationship with Jesus if we want to

follow Christ’s actions in order to

become more productive we also have to

learn how to be less productive it

doesn’t seem to be enough for Jesus that

he spoke with God as he was doing things

he regularly removes himself to pray he

stops he rests he speaks with his father

it is possible to become so busy and

focused on our tasks that time of

intentional restful prayer is

non-existent Jesus communicates with his

actions that the time he takes to speak

with his father is the reason he is so

productive allowing ourselves even seven

minutes every morning to speak to God

can change the way we spend the rest of

our day we would walk into each day with

more patience more endurance and more

clarity all of which would lead to more

productivity perhaps the best way to

become more productive people is to take

the time each day even seven minutes to

pause and pray our relationship with

Jesus can transform everything about us

even how well we tackle our tasks in

John we read how Jesus prays for his

disciples but also for us it is a

beautiful encouraging prayer and can

teach us a lot about how we pray with

God the verse before he begins praying

is also beautiful and can encourage us

today I have told you these things so

that in me you may have peace in this

world you will have trouble but take

heart I have overcome the world take

time to pray today and lift your cares

to him he promises to give us peace

Jesus seemed to have an acute sense of

time management he accomplished a vast

amount of things in his three years of

ministry in fact John writes at the end

of his gospel and there are also many

other things things which Jesus did

which if they were written in detail I

suppose that even the world itself would

not contain the books that would be

written John verse as we look at

Jesus management of time it seems

fitting to look almost exclusively in

The Book of Mark Mark is by far the

shortest of the four gospels the word

immediately is used over times in the

gospel of Mark Jesus got things done he

was decisive he didn’t get distracted to

take a particular instance as an example

in Mark verses to Jesus feeds

five thousand people after teaching them

for three days he then gets on a boat

crosses to the region down manutha and

speaks with the Pharisees after that he

again enters his boat landing in

bethsaida where he meets a blind man

whom he immediately heals he does all of

this in just verses Perhaps it is

just the way Mark chooses to write but

there are many such instances of Jesus

completing one task after the other he

never works with

urgency he took time to preach for three

days he took time to speak with his

disciples and he took time for the blind

man he also however doesn’t hesitate

that is perhaps the biggest thing to

notice in reading through the Book of

Mark Jesus never hesitates this is a

more practical and easy attribute of

Jesus ministry to apply to our own

workload the most efficient way to get

things done is to do them immediately

what tasks and decisions do we hesitate

on we can learn from Jesus take a task

and complete it immediately without

hesitation when we think of productivity

what comes to mind is a person running

around completely task after task Jesus

also completes many tasks he taught

healed and spoke with many people during

his three years of ministry he also

however does everything with intention

being productive doesn’t mean doing

everything productivity is actually

about being intentional with what we do

and doing it in such a way that we

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