How the Holy Spirit Breaks Every Chain in Your Life Prayer to the Holy Spirit

my beloved I have some good news for you

today is your day of Destiny today is

your day of Deliverance today is your

day of Victory because today I want to

share with you the power of the Holy

Spirit the love and Grace of Jesus

Christ and the promises of mine that can

change your life forever I have a great

plan for your life and I want you to

live in my fullness I have given you the

Holy Spirit who is your helper and your

comforter the holy spirit is breaking

every chain that holds you back and

setting you free from every bondage you

are not a victim you are a Victor you

are not defeated you are an overcomer

you are not limited you are Limitless

you have the power of mine on the inside

of you and nothing can stop you from

fulfilling in your destiny type Come

Holy Spirit to open your heart and if

you believe in

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my child I love you with an everlasting

love and I shower you with my grace and

mercy I heue your broken heart and bind

up your wounds I restore your soul and

renew your mind I fill you with my peace

and joy and give you hope for the future

I am your provider and I meet all your

needs according to my riches and Glory I

am your source and I open the windows of

Heaven over your life I am your father

and I Delight in blessing you with good

things I am faithful to my promises and

I will do exceedingly abundantly above

all that you ask or think you are not

alone in this journey of life I have

sent my angels to watch over you to

guard you and to guide you they are

ministering Spirits set to serve you The

Heirs of Salvation they are invisible

forces that work on your behalf to bring

my favor into your life they are agents

of my power that perform my word in your

situation they are messengers of my love

that bring my answers to your prayers

type thank you my little helpers to show

appreciation to them I have a purpose

for your life and I have equipped you

with everything you need to accomplish

it I have given you gifts and talents

that are unique to you and I have

prepared good works for you to do I have

called you by name and I have anointed

you with my spirit I have chosen you for

such a time as this and I have appointed

you to make a difference in this world

you are not here by accident you are

here by Divine Design you have the blood

of Jesus covering you and it cleanses

you from all sin and guilt it protects

you from all evil and harm it empowers

you to overcome all obstacles and

challenges it enables you to walk in

Victory and Freedom the blood of Jesus

speaks better things and the blood of

Abel it speaks of forgiveness instead of

judgment it speaks of healing instead of

sickness it speaks of blessing instead

of curse you are a child of mine and

nothing can separate you from my love

you are a citizen of heaven and nothing

can snatch you from my hand you are a

friend of mine and nothing can hinder

your fellowship with me you are more

than a conqueror through me who loves

you type I am a child of God to declare

follow this prayer if you want to invite

the Holy Spirit into your heart heavenly

father I thank you for your love and

grace that flow through me I thank you

for your Holy Spirit who breaks every

chain and sets me free I thank you for

your abundant provision that meets all

my needs I thank you for your angels who

guide and protect me I thank you for

your promises that are yes and amen I

thank you for your blood that cleanses

me and empowers me I thank you for

making me more than a conqueror through

Christ Lord I pray for myself and my

situation right now I ask you to touch

my heart and my with your power and

presence I ask you to heal my wounds and

restore my spirit I ask you to fill me

with your peace and joy I ask you to

open my eyes to see your goodness and

faithfulness I ask you to increase my

faith and trust in you I ask you to

bless me with favor and wisdom I ask you

to lead the into my purpose and Destiny

Lord word I declare that no weapon

formed against me shall prosper and

every tongue that rises against me in

judgment shall be condemned I declare

that I am the head and not the tail

above hand not beneath blessed in the

city and blessed in the country I

declare that I am the light of the world

and the salt of the earth I declare that

I am a chosen generation a royal

priesthood a holy ation A peculiar

person Lord I Thank you for hearing my

prayer and I believe that you will

answer it according to your will I give

you all the glory honor and praise in

jesus’ name amen share this prayer to

spread God’s love to The World God bless


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