How is God speaking to us today?

today Supreme Lord is speaking to you my

beloved child when you reflect on

consideration on doing something you can

say I cannot do that you do not have

guts to try this you experience so shy

to do that you may feel so scared or you

might imagine in case you do and if it


wrong but some things you will do

without having any of the above mind do

you already know why because I recognize

you better you can’t try this now

because the time has now not come that

allows you to do that when some time

come I will prepare you and you may do

it sometimes I will pull you lower back

due to the fact I even have any other

plan on the way to do always do not

forget nothing will show up to your

existence other than what I say so

accept is true with

me Lord says type on man if you agree in


words in Bible verse Corinthians

says no temptation has overtaken you

except what is common to man kind and

God is devoted heal now not let you be

tempted beyond what you may bear but

while you are tempted he will also offer

a manner out so that you can endure

it if you believe in the divine plan of

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Channel my pricey child I need you to

understand that I have heard your prayer

for Hope and for my future and Glory

even if you could know longer see it or


it I recognize that it can be hard to

hold lto desire when things seem unsure

or Bleak but I want to assure you that I

am usually running behind the curtain to

bring about my perfect plan for the

arena and on your

Lifestyles even whilst it could appear

like I am silent or remote I am

continually gift and running for the

good of those who love me I understand

that it may be difficult to consider in

my timing and my methods but I want you

to recognize that I am always devoted

and genuine to my

promises I want you to take consolation

in the fact that I am in control and

that my plans for the destiny are filled

with with desire and Glory even when you

may not understand or see the bigger

photograph I need you to trust in my

goodness and my love for

you type I love dearly you

father on a few days your situations and

your badly situation feel out of

stability the demand on you Seema ways

more than your strength days like that

gifted is desire between

Alternatives giving up or relying on me

even in case you wrongly choose the

first alternative I will no longer


you you cut to me at any point and I

will help you crawl out of the mire of

discouragement I will Infuse my power

into you second by second supplying you

with all which you want for for this

present day trust me through relying on

my tempering

presence come to me for rest and

refreshment the adventure has been an

excessive amount of for you and your

bone weary do no longer feel

embarrassment about your exhaustion

instead see it as in possibility for me

to take read of your

existence remember that I can enshape

the whole lot right into a pattern for

accurate consisting of the things you

desire had been variant start within

which you reach this factor in time and

area accepting that that is where Ry

intends you to be you will get through

nowaday own step one second at a

time your major obligation is to remain

attentive to me let me guide you through

the numerous pics along your pathway

this appears like a smooth undertaking

however it is not your choice to stay in

my presence goes towards the grain of

the World the Flesh and the

devil much of your weariness effects out

of your regular bad and opposition to

these Fighters however who are on the

path of my choosing so do now not give

up hope in me for you will again reward

me for the help of my

presence type amen if you

believe little champ even if the system

is invisible I am nevertheless the

identical God I am the equal God you

still name as The Miracle Worker I am

nonetheless the same God whom you call

the manner maker

I am nevertheless the equal God whom you

call as The Keeper of the promise so do

not worry I will answer

you sometimes when you ask me for

something instead of getting what you’ve

got asked you may also get a few issue

else it isn’t always because you did not

prayed for it nicely but because I

recognize what’s Pleasant for


as because you’re my child I will most

effective give you best to find trust me

I will come up with the high quality

that no person ever can

provide type if you

agree my child the matters that took

place had been as in keeping with my

plan the matters which can be taking

place right now are as also in keeping

with my plan the things which can be

going to occur could be as per my

plan your pth become my plan to screen

you how trustworthy I changed into

whilst you stay to your gift and to

provide you the advantages in Destiny

then you count

on all things which might be happened

which are happening and which are going

take place or for cause is in step with

my plan to provide you considerable

blessings trust

me like the video if you needs Lord

Direction love is patient love is type

it no longer envies it does not boast it

isn’t always proud it does not dishonor

others it is not self in search of it

isn’t effortlessly angered it continues

no document of

wrongs love does not not satisfying and

evil but rejoices with the fact it

constantly protects always trusts

continually hopes constantly perseveres

Corinthians to

attention dear join this prayer with

me and say it with me omnipresent Lord I

pray oh God that you take control of Our

Lives renew the vision that you had

given us let a fireplace in our hearts

and preserve it

burning restore the youngsters the

Brokenhearted and the old those desires

which might be blanketed with dust cause

them to come actual oh God Devas Vision

oh God and remove the whole l that

hinder so those Visions be

finished the spiritual roots in US allow

them to awaken quickened and reinforce

by using your spirit and your word let

there be spiritual connections Among Us

Believers strong and certain connected

with the AO fear love for the

advancement of your country one thoughts

one purpose one Lord

let there be a existence in every

element extend our palms similarly wider

and out of our comfort zones combine

Supernatural ideas that come from you

spiritual and natural

combos fill us with the energy that we

need to do thy will as an end result

there can be Supernatural progress hold

Holy Ghost dot do be in each Nook in

every place in every heart and free

absolutely everyone from the

darkness type if you agree you had

given us element a work to do

consequently assist us to do our

components with pleasure in our hearts

you commenced an excellent paintings in

us and thank you that you will hold it

demonstrate your electricity Lord and an

effort to be visible of the humans we

encounter each day do no longer allow us

to be discouraged however be advocated

to do thy will each and anyone must do

what they must do do to characteristic

Lord do not allow us tly with the voice

of the

enemy follow the blood of Jes Jesus to

every we pay attention your voice and

observe it let there be signs and

wonders any place we go that human

beings will see us as ear that residing

Epistles that you demonstrate and Docker

in US Lord I pray that the phrases that

had been sound in each heart will

proud help us to abandon mind that don’t

come from you

let us just suppose best of what you had

spoken to us through the Holy Spirit and

thy Work oh God lead us to our future

and your reason in our lives thank you

for the useful resource and assistance

as we

pass to assist to expand our dreams so

that there will be an increase of souls

in order to serve and comply with you in

jesus’ name I pray

amen if you are watching this video

continuously till now then type amen if

you believe and supporting our channel

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