How do Muslims view Jesus?

Jesus is acknowledged in both Christianity and Islam, and is inseparable from the core beliefs

of each religion. Yet, despite so many similarities and common grounds, there are several differences

that are distinct to both Islam and Christianity. Welcome back to another episode of FTD Facts.

my name is Leroy Kenton, and I’m exploring differences of Jesus in the religions of Islam

and Christianity. So, let’s just jump right into it. Starting at number . In Islamic texts you

won’t find Jesus ever being referred to as the Son of God because it is believed that God has

no children. And a lot of the differences related to this, is how the term son of God is actually

used. So check this – the Christian view is that Jesus is only God’s son in the spiritual sense,

not in a physical sense. And that the term “son of God” is actually a title. One example of this that

I found is like, if you call someone “The son of the Nile,” it means that that person is from Egypt.

So, to say that Jesus is the Son of God means that Jesus is from God. Next up at number – one of
Jesus is not God

the biggest points of debates between Muslims and Christians is whether Jesus is also God or

not. Muslims are clear in the belief that Jesus is not God himself because Jesus was a human.

Christians believe that God took on the form of a burning bush when revealing himself to Moses.

So, it’s not impossible for God to take on the form of a human in order to reveal himself to

humans, just in a different way though. Another difference is that in the Quran, it shares a
Baby Jesus

story of how Jesus spoke in the cradle as a baby. And it goes, “Then, she, Mary, pointed to him.

They said, how can we talk to one who is a child in the cradle? He, Jesus said verily. I am a slave

of God. He has given me the scriptures and made me a prophet.” and that’s found in the Quran,

Surah , Verses – . Now, in Christianity there’s no such story as baby Jesus talking

or anything like that, but it’s not expressly denied. It could happen. Like, it’s possible that

it happened in the view of Christianity. In the Bible though, the first time Jesus is recorded

to have spoken is when he’s years old. Muslims view the miracle of Jesus speaking as a baby as a sign

that he is a special prophet from God, but it is not listed as one of the miracles of Jesus in

the religion of Christianity. Okay, so moving on to number , let’s take a look at the times

that Jesus is mentioned. So, Jesus, called “Isa” in Arabic, is one of the most mentioned people in

the entire Quran. He’s mentioned times by the name ISA, and he’s also mentioned in the third

person times, and also in the first person times. There’s other mentions of Jesus, but titles

and attributes like the “Son of Mary,” or the “Word of God,” are used. Now, over in Christianity in the

King James Version of the Bible, the name Jesus appears times.

However, that doesn’t include other places where he’s mentioned, but not directly by name. So, depending on

the translation, the word “Jesus” appears between to , times. And references to Jesus like

using the term “Christ,” or “Lord,” appear several hundred times. And also, some of these words may

be translated as Jesus. So, it really just depends on the type of translation of the Bible that you

use. Okay, so let’s take a look at the differences with the crucifixion. Muslims do not believe that

Jesus was crucified. The Islamic tradition explains that Jesus was actually spared from being put

to death. In the Quran, Surah , Verse – it says, “And for they’re saying indeed we have killed

the Messiah, Jesus, the Son of Mary, the Messenger of Allah, and they did not kill him nor did they

crucify him. But another was made to resemble him. To them, and indeed, those who defer over it, are

in doubt they have no knowledge of it except the following of Assumption. And they did not kill him

for certain.” So, the central theme in Christianity on the other hand, is that Jesus indeed did die

through crucifixion. In the four Gospels of the Bible – Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, they all go

into great detail about Jesus dying on a cross. Halfway at number – Muslims believe that Jesus

was a prophet who was given a special message – the “Injeel” or the gospel – conveyed to all the people.

And this message confirmed what was taught in the Torah, and also foretold of the coming prophet Muhammad. Now,

in Christianity, Jesus also shares a gospel that is intended to be spread to the entire world and

the difference though, is that in Christianity, the one who Jesus foretells is coming after him, is the

Holy Spirit, who is believed to also be God, not the Prophet Muhammad. Alright, let’s talk about

the miracles now. While Muslims accept that Jesus was a servant of God as well as a teacher, they do

not believe that he was actually divine. The Quran describes the miracles of Jesus such as healing

the sick and raising the dead, but it does not describe these miracles to him being divine. Instead,

Jesus is said to be a sign to all mankind of God’s endless mercy. Christianity on the other

hand, describes his miracles, to him being divine, as well as an example of what people can accomplish

if they have total faith in God. In the book of John, ,Verse , it says, “very truly I say to

you. Whoever believes in Me will do the works that I have been doing. And they will do even greater

things than these because I am going to the Father.” And those are the words of Jesus according to the
Original Sin

Bible. Now number – Muslims do not believe in original sin. And if you don’t know original sin

by the way, is a Christian belief that is believed that the nature to sin actually stems from Adam

and Eve disobeying God at the beginning. So now, everyone born, as a default, has like this nature

to disobey God. But Muslims don’t actually share that view, so they don’t see the need for a savior

in the same way that Christians do. Christianity teaches that Jesus came in the form of a human

so that he could allow all humans to take on his divine nature, which is the only hope to be saved.

The book of nd Peter , Verse says, “And because of his glory and excellence, He has given us great

and precious promises.” These are the promises that enable you to share his divine nature and escape

the world’s corruption caused by human desires. Now, the Muslim view is that as long as anyone accepts

God, and professes Muhammad as his messenger, and strives to submit their will to God, that’s all

that’s needed to be saved. Okay, so number – we have the belief in the return of Jesus in these two
Return of Jesus

religions. These are also completely different. According to the poplar Islamic belief, in the

end times, Jesus will return and proclaim Islam to be the true religion, and all Christians will just

convert. All other religions will no longer exist, and Jesus will be the sole ruler of the world, and

the reign of Jesus will last years. He’ll also join forces with the “Mahdi” who is the Redeemer in

Islam, to defeat the “Dajjal” – or the Antichrist. And the most common Christian belief about this though, is

that when Jesus returns at the end times, everyone will see him. It’s gonna be loud, all the angels in

heaven are gonna come back with him, and everyone that passed away that was deemed righteous, will

actually resurrect at that moment. And everyone that’s alive deemed righteous, will join those

who resurrected and be caght up in the sky. And everybody goes to heaven. So, yeah. Two completely

different views right there. And finally, number – this probably, you’ll hear this question asked
Was Jesus God

a lot in debates between Muslims and Christians about Jesus is that – Did Jesus say that he was God?

Well, the belief in Christianity, is that he in fact did say that. Jesus says things like, “Before Abraham

was, I am” and that, “I and the father are one,” and, that “If you see me, you’ve seen the father.” So, those

are all statements that you find in the Bible. Now, the Muslim belief is that the statements still do

not clearly have Jesus saying that he is God. So, the debate still continues. Alright guys, so those

were differences of Jesus in the religions of Islam and Christianity. Let me know what you

guys thought about anything that I brought up. And what are some of your views? Sound off down below

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