Gratitude A Gift To Cherish l God Message Today l God Message For You l God Message l

my child don’t ignore this message today

I want to talk to you about something

very special called

gratitude gratitude is like a warm

feeling that makes you appreciate all

the good things in life it’s like a

language that everyone can understand no

matter where they are or when they live

when you feel grateful you feel deeply

connected to life andto me the one who

created you gratitude is a fantastic

gift you can give to yourself it helps

you see all the wonderful things around

you big and small it’s not just about

saying thank you for the good stuff it’s

also about noticing the beauty in

everyday things that we often

Overlook since the very beginning of

time I’ve given you many blessings like

Every Breath You Take Every Beat of your

heart and even the warmth of the sun on

your face all these things are filled

with my love for you but sometimes we

forget to see and appreciate these gifts

gratitude is more than just feeling

thankful once in a while it’s a a way of

looking at life with a thankful heart

even when things are tough there’s

always something good to be thankful for

gratitude helps you see the world in a

different way instead of focusing on

what you don’t have you start

appreciating what you do have which

makes your heart feel calm and peaceful

gratitude also makes your relationship

stronger when you’re thankful for the

people in your life it brings you closer

together in love and

kindness so every day try to say thank

thank you for the air you breathe for

the people you love and for all the

little things that make life special and

remember gratitude isn’t just about

saying thank you with words it’s about

showing it through your actions you can

help others in need share what you have

and spread love wherever you go by doing

these things you’ll make the world a

happier place so my dear practice

gratitude every day even when times are

tough there’s always something to be

thankful for like a small light shining

in the darkness or a feeling of hope

that never goes away gratitude will fill

your life with happiness and help you

see the beauty in everything around you

with love and blessings


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