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dear child I am the Alpha and the Omega

before all things and in whom all things

cohere I have existed for eternity and

shall endure eternally all of creation

whether in heaven or on Earth visible or

concealed was brought into being by my

Divine hand I reign supreme over

creation the church and the entirety of

existence worship me as your vivacious

Lord the living God I long for my

beloved to thirst for me as a deer pants

for streams of water do not be content

merely to contemplate or comprehend me

intellectually crave experiential

knowledge of my boundless love grounded

in the Bedrock of divine truth seek to

know my love surpassing the limits of

mere knowledge you shall require the

assistance of my spirit for this

endeavor you must be fortified with

Mighty Power by the Holy Spirit who

resides Ides in the deepest recesses of

your being invite him to empower and

navigate you on this Amorous Odyssey yet

bear in mind I am the ultimate

destination of your quest in your

Pursuit let me remain Central when you

seek me with all your heart you shall

find me walk in the radiant light of my

presence for such a way of living inails

exalting me rejoicing in my name and

reveling in my righteousness

to exalt me is to praise me

fervently sometimes with jubilant

exclamations and

Applause when you rejoice in my name you

find joy in every facet of my being your

savior and Shepherd your lord and God

your Sovereign King and your friend

bound to you with love that knows no end

you can Revel in my righteousness for I

have bequeathed it unto you though you

may stumble in this world my Flawless

righteousness already stands cred

credited to your account as you tread in

the Luminous light of my presence my

blood continually cleanses you from


transgression strive to live in close

proximity to me acknowledging your

continual need for forgiveness in

gratitude is offensive to my divine

nature and saps your spiritual and

emotional Vigor remember you are

inheriting an unshakable Kingdom

providing you a constant and

unassailable reason to be grateful walk

with me in the light my dear friend

luxuriate in my bright and affectionate

presence to those who conquer I shall

bestow the fruit from the Tree of Life

in The Paradise AAL realm beloved you

are already victorious in one sense for

those I predestined I called those I

called I Justified those I Justified I

glorified I have rescued you from the

abyss of darkness ushering you into the

kingdom of boundless light the victory

has been secured through my completed

work upon the cross yet in another sense

you must contend throughout your Earthly

sojourn to attain victory in this world

you shall encounter fiery trials and

temptations unveiling your frailties and

sinfulness these may seow seeds of

despondency as you grapple with your

numerous shortcomings you might even

question your belonging in my fold

however be not deceived by your feelings

cling resolutely to my hand trusting in

the Glorious wonders of paradise that

await you the Brilliance of the Heavenly

City a glow with the radiance of God’s

glory and illumined by the lamb is

beyond compare I am the Lord your God

who takes hold of your right hand and

utters these words do not fear I will

help you recognize and believe that I am

not solely your savior but also your

your God many attempt to cast me as a

model human a martyr who sacrificed

everything for the sake of others yet

were I merely human you would remain ens

snared in the chains of your sins the

one who clasps your hand calming your

fears is the Living God rejoice as you

Ponder this astonishing reality Revel in

the mysterious wonder of the Holy

Trinity father son and spirit one God

set aside moments to linger in my

presence confide in me your troubles

pour out your heart before me hear my

words do not be afraid beloved I am here

ready to help you I do not condemn you

for your fears but I desire to replace

them with hope and trust in me share

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