God’s Voice in Your Ear: The Message That Will Transform Your Life

my child you have been knocked down by

life but I am here to lift you up this

is not the end of your story but the

beginning of a new chapter a chapter

where you will conquer every Challenge

and sore to new heights trust in me I am

working behind the scenes to turn your

pain into purpose your loss into gain

your curse into blessing I will shower

you and your family with my love my

grace and my favor I will heal your

wounds and your broken heart and restore

your joy you have endured so much

hardship but you have never given up you

have fought with courage faith and

perseverance now it is time for you to

reap the rewards of my abundance healing

and hope do not fear anything or anyone

I I Am With You Always you and your

family are under my protection from all

evil harm and sorrow when you feel low

remember this you are my beloved child

and I love you more than anything I know

you have made mistakes in the past but I

have forgiven you completely now it is

time for you to forgive yourself and

move forward with confidence there is no

need to look back with regret or worry

about the future the past is gone the

future is in my hands and the present is

a gift a gift that I want you to open

with me but there is something I need

you to do for me first something that

will show me how much you love me and

trust me something that will change your

life forever are you ready to hear it

are you ready to obey name are you ready

to follow me wherever I lead you if you

are then listen carefully to what I am

about to say this is the most important

message you will ever hear I want you to

I want you to know that you are not

alone in this journey you have me and

you have a community of people who care

about you and support you you have a

purpose and you have a destiny you have

gifts and you have talents you have

dreams and you have goals you have

everything you need to succeed and be

happy all you have to do is believe in

yourself and take action I want you to

join me in a celebration of life a

celebration of all the good things that

are happening in your life right now a

celebration of all the opportunities

that are waiting for you a celebration

of of all the achievements that you have

accomplished a celebration of all the

love that surrounds you let’s celebrate

together and let’s make some nose let’s

clap let’s cheer let’s sing let’s dance

let’s show the world how amazing we are

I want you to smile and laugh with me

smiling and laughing are the best

medicines for any situation they boost

your mood your health and your

confidence they make you more attractive

more likable and more charismatic they

make you more creative more productive

and more successful they make life more

fun more enjoyable and more meaningful

so let’s smile and laugh together why

don’t you share something funny that

happened to you in the comment Bel low

to spread the joy

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