God’s Urgent Message for You: Watch This Before It’s Too Late🙏

pay attention right now and listen to

this message from God he wants to spend

to minutes with you and bless you with

something amazing if you watch this

video till the end you will receive a

special gift that will change your life

God is saying to you today my child when

you look back over your life and think

things over you can truly say that

you’ve been blessed I’ve been right to

deide you through every battle I’ve

always protected you and given you

everything that you need you will make

it through this you have the victory

trust me I love you you must learn to

trust God’s timing he knows what is best

for you and he has a perfect plan for

your life he has been working in your

favor long before you encountered the

problem don’t grow impatient and try to

force doors open don’t try to make

things happen in your own strength the

answer will come and it will be right on

time type how men and claim your gift

from God let’s pray to God now dear God

thank you for this day and for this

opportunity to connect with you thank

you for your love and your grace that

sustains us every moment thank you for

your promises and your plans to give us

hope and a future Lord we come to you

with Humble Hearts and Open Hands we ask

you to fill us with your peace and your

joy we ask you to heal us from our

wounds and our worries we ask you to

guide us in our decisions and our

actions we ask you to bless us with your

favor and your protection Lord we also

pray for those who are in need of your

touch today we pray for those who are

sick lonely hurting or struggling we

pray that you would comfort them

strengthen them restore them and provide

for them we pray that you would show

them your mercy and your Miracles Lord

we thank you for hearing our prayers and

for answering them according to your

will we thank you for being with us and

for never leaving us we thank you for

being our father and our friend we pray

all these things in the name of Jesus

Christ Our Lord and Savior amen before

you go leave a comment below to express

your love to God he is waiting for you

to respond

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