God’s Powerful Words to Transform Your Financial Situation Today! | God’s Message For You Today

God is saying to you today don’t worry

about your financial situation your life

is in my hands and I assure you that you

will overcome in Victory with your hands

full listen to me give me your attention

let me fill you with the Tranquility of

my love don’t ignore me and continue

with your life as if nothing happened

keep listening for I have something

important to tell you your soul is

suffering that’s the truth many around

you may not see it but you and I know it

and that’s what matters I have a purpose

for your life for your family and for

all the beings you love each one has a

special place in my heart and I have

chosen them for greatness They will

receive greater blessings but I’m

starting with you I’m igniting the light

in your heart that will illuminate their

path you will be an example of what my

power and my word can achieve in a

willing heart unashamed of me ready to

rise against all obstacles and fight

without faltering

you won’t allow anything harmful into

your home no quarrels no hatred No harsh

words you won’t open your door to those

who destroy families with false Smiles

you’re in a world of Affliction but

trust me with all your heart I have

conquered the world and you will

overcome your afflictions your family

will rise and their names will be known

among nations their lives will be a

testimony of Miracles love and salvation

I want to manifest my divine presence in

your heart your home your work and your

dreams I want to help you organize your

desires and set your priorities straight

don’t give material things more

importance for they can be stolen or

used against you I protect you but you

must make good decisions I open doors

for you but you must enter them with my

word in your mind and your heart

submerged in faith I want to bless you

abundantly take you to distant places

but stay focused never lose sight of

what’s most important your relationship

with me always put it first stay away

from those who demand that you deny me

in exchange for their friendship your

family even if they’ve behaved badly

even if their actions have brought shame

to your home they too have souls I want

to save and you will be the instrument

to show them Mercy forgiveness and

patience place your days in my hands

bring your family in prayer and do not

lose hope keep praying for them keep

crying for in my divine presence every

day is Hope Y and I always hear your

prayers I will grant your requests

transform the hearts of those you love

remove scarcity and fill them with love

peace Harmony and provision I desire

loyalty persistence and perseverance in

prayer active faith and much patience I

want your heart to be free of violence

no lies should Escape those lips that

praise me my power is real and it must

manifest in your life my word and my

love are are not just a game nor a mere

Pastime many deceive themselves thinking

their grand offerings impress me yet

their behavior and tongues offend others

if you know them do not associate with

them do not follow their example keep

your heart free from malicious thoughts

do not point fingers at anyone do not

judge if you do not wish to be judged

treat everyone with love and passion

says you wish to be treated I challenge

you to obey these Commandments you have

just hear

I will make miraculous and astonishing

events happen immediately in your life

but you must resist the attacks of your

enemies through obedience to my

Commandments allow my word to be written

in your soul and you will drive away

your conflicts you will feel my Divine

Touch in your spirit and your body will

receive health and youth your heart will

open to a supernatural World filled with

visions and dreams and I will use you in

a special and Powerful way there is a

purpose for you you are not a product of

chance I carry you in my arms and when

you walk I guide your steps you are

entering a new season of Abundant

Blessings do you believe in me amen if

you believe type amen and click the Bell

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