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what you are going through is not meant

to destroy you says the

father you don’t think you will make it

throw but now

this I am already standing on the other

side holding the door open to your new

reality even as I said in my word I

formed light and I created

darkness and I created the was to

destroy what does that tell you it means

that no weapon formed against you shall

prosper do you realize that I

hardwired the enemy for failure don’t

look at or be

overwhelmed in your mind by what the the

enemy has done or is doing he is on the

losing team you never go out and buy a

t-shirt for the losing

team quit dressing your life up with all

the fear andish and Terror about lossing

a contest you have already

won the trophy of your Victory says God

is already in in the trophy Cas in your

family room in your mansion in the

heavens there are many trophies there of

contest you have already won and many

that are yet to come there are medals

and awards there for

battles campaigns and wordss you have

fought are fighting and yes will fight

fight in the

future no problem I promised in my word

that you would never fall that you would

always hear my voice and would always

Triumph and

Prevail take a breath will you fret not

neither be dismay for that thing you are

facing I have already delivered the

positive outcome of my promise into your

hand be at peace let my peace subtitute

for the outcome until the outcome is

assured and made

manifest father says I am expanding the

depth and breadth of your trust in me

regarding your future

you have faced some things and you have

walked through some things in my kingdom

that would have lessened another person

you accepted the

interruptions I brought to your plans

and you

rejoiced in the choices I made for your

life even though they were not what you

had in mind what has changed

am I a different God than I was years

ago you put your hand in mine and you

cast yourself over the precipice of my

purpose where you

disappointed did I let you down then

what is the issue I know you are tired

and I know you are looking for an exit

find your Escape in me for I am always

here working watching performing my good

will where you are

concerned this is a water shed

moment for you whether you realize it or

not you have restl and you have

wrangled you have

galad you have and you have beded I’m

not listening to any of that what I want

to know is one thing did you say yes to

me or

not I told you I was talking you where

you did not been before in my

purposes I made promises to you and I

gave certification of my

goodness that would be with you even

when you could not not see it whether

you realize it or not I’m being good to

you and showing you my loving kindness

in substantive

ways stop complaining I working on your

behalf quit trying to control things

because of your own insecurity and fear

fear is a mind killer and a fath Slayer

can you just take a moment

and trust me now as you trusted me then

you won’t be disappointed your donation

is your step of faith believing when

something leaves your hand to God

something leaves his hand to you thank

you for watching say yes I believe if

you are believ in God and like or share

this video thank you very much much

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