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God message for you

today I love you all the way all the

time no matter what say the father it’s

who I am and what I do in constancy

regardless of what’s going on in you or

around you do you get it this is the

unshakable truth of my unwavering love

remember it is not allow that fluctuates

with your circumstances or we best on

your preceived

faithfulness there are no gradients or

levels of intensity in my

promises my love is an uning constant

and all encompassing Embrace that Nows

no bounds I am I am not a capricious de

offering me glimpses of favor or carrot

and stick motivations or

manipulations I am going all the way

with you today and every day from now on

this is not a temporary commitment but

an eternal declaration your doubts or

fears do not limit my promise is it is a

boundless Well Spring flowing ever

abundantly ready to F your life to the

bra with

blessings can you truly fathom the

magnitude of this all you say yes and

you say thank God but realize this to

the degree you love others even the

unlovely all the time all the way no

matter what this is the matric that beli

your truth apprehension of the love

where with I love you it is not a me

gift dled out in measured

portions it is a complete end robust

outpouring of my grace designed to trans

form your life

completely I do not operate in

percentage or really on the FR crutch of


belief my work is through unwelding and

complete there is no corner of your

existence that escapes my

guess I see the struggles you face the

burdens you carry and the Darkness that

lers in the

races of your soul places you may fear


acknowledge even to

yourself be assured I’m am there I stand

with you applying the cleansing power of


Cross washing away doubt and fear with

the blood of my son do not allow

discouragement to Cloud your vision you

are the not alone in this

journey be lifted up by the truth of my

love a love that

intoxicates the soul with hope and

Assurance I am working tirelessly in

your life Ming

Bress shelding you from arm and guiding

you toward a future

overflowing with my

blessings my love is not a passive

sentiment it is an active Force shaping

your life and propelling you towards


destiny embrace it fully allow it to

wash away your worries end replace them

with unwavering

confidence you are loved you are seen

and you are held securely in the palm of

my hand this is my promise to you today


always go out in your

day then with the heart filled with

gratitude and a

spirit ignit by my

love let let your life be a testment to

the transformative power of this love

sharing its fth and light with the world

around you remember I with you always

your donation is your step of f

believing do it without hesitation thank

you for watching say yes if you believe

in God

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