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hey my beautiful

child I have a quick prophetic word to


today and it reads but those who trust

in the Lord will find new

strength they will run and not grow

weary they will walk and not F and so

many of you you know the Lord has

already promised this to

you he already spoken this to you in

your spirit and this message is for a

very specific group of

people so please take this to the Lord


confirmation it should confirm something

the Lord’s already spoken to you in your

spirit during prayer time while you are

in the world of God

and always test the spirit behind every

prophetic word including mine but if

this message is for you you made a wish

it is already a done deal in the


real and you are getting very tired you

are getting very

frustrated because you are not seeing

the manifestation here in the Physical


but just because you don’t see something

is not always the reality of the

situation because God is always moving

and it says here in Isaiah those

who trust in the Lord will find new

strength they will SAR high on wings


eagles they will run and not grow

weary they will walk and not

F so the Lord is just asking you to Lear

into him during this time tress the

process he Nows you are tired I am

releasing another word today about your

crying out for an

answer he’s he you the first time and it

is already

done it just takes time for these things

to manifest here in the physical because

we live in a fallen world and the enemy

is constantly fighting

you he is constantly trying to delay

these things but that cannot win the

battle has already been won in Jesus

Christ and the second scripture

reference I have is Jo


and it reads I will restore to you

the years that the swarming Locust has e


hoer the destroyer and the

cutter my great Army which I send among

you you shall it in plenty and be

satisfied and praise the name of the

Lord your God who has dealt

wondrously with you and my people shall

never against be put the

shame so whatever the enemy stolen from

you he must repair and the enemy has


caught he can no longer de these things

in your life so you need to believe that

this is already done the word of God

says it’s

done if if you are walking in

relationship with Jesus Christ it says

in John if you ask for something in

my name it will be done so you guys your

wish has already been granted by the

Lord he is going to restore you it’s

just manifesting here in the

physical and for many of you this is

happening right now and you just don’t

see it yet but it’s coming it’s here

it’s happening the next scripture

reference Isa

instead of your

shame there shall be double

portion instead of

disor they shall rejoice in their lot

therefore in their land they shall

possess a double portion they shall have

everlasting joy and you now in your life

the things that have been coming at you


strongholds that is not your

portion and the Lord is restoring to you

a double portion it is already been

done it says right here in Isa

instead of of your

shame there shall be a double portion

instead of

Dishonor they shall rejoice in their lot

double for your trouble so stop giving

into the enemy in your

mind I am releasing another word today

you are stepping over the mental Rabbit

Hole don’t go down the mental rabbit

hole with the

Enemy his trying to lure you in don’t

fall for it the next scripture reference

one Peter

and after you have suffered a little

while and I know you all now about that

the God of all gra who has called you to

his eternal glory increas will himself

restore confirm strengthen

and establish you so you guys your wish

has been

granted it says in the world of God that

the Lord is restoring you you are going

to get your double

portion he is not a

man that he should lie as it says in the

book of numbers so you guys need to

cleave to him stay in prayer step prayed

up pray without

kissing stop allowing the enemy to get

in your

head the reason why you are feeling so

much Warfare right now is because you

are so close to your

breakthrough and the enemy knows this

end he will he will do everything he can

to pull you of track I am releasing

another word today you are backing up

from that situation many of you the

enemy is tempting you with certain

situations because he’s trying to steal

this from you but he can’t Ste what the

Lord says is yours as long as you stay

in relationship with Jesus Christ stay

on your knees stay in the spirit don’t C

in the flesh thanks for watching this


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