God’s Message Now: YOUR WAIT IS OVER…!!! | God Message Today |God Says

my child in the depths of life’s trials you’ve been tested and now it’s your time to be blessed you’ve endured so

much learning valuable lessons from every twist and turn in your journey your courage has Shone

brightly you faced afflictions you never anticipated but they were not a

consequence of your actions it was the enemy’s attempt to shake you like the

wind rustling through wheat in moments of Despair You released

your seeds moistened by the tears you shed in your pain but open your eyes

with faith for the earth trembles a green Chute arises and you can already

see it know this deep in your heart this year a Bountiful Harvest will be

yours the seeds you thought had withered have sprung back to life they will

return to you trans formed into beautiful blessings both great and

true these blessings will enrich your spiritual life and carry no sorrow with them they won’t be burdened with tension

and problems I have placed you precisely where you can flourish but remember I am

your Shepherd and your provision comes when you treat others kindly trust in me

but put not your complete trust in any mortal being obey my Commandments leave doubt

and pessimism behind and rise with unwavering Faith with your faith I can work

miracles and wonders on a grand scale it is possible if you believe it

is done when you see it with your faith but remember this isn’t a game of

luck or magic I speak of my holy word the one that always comes to fruition in

perfect timing in accordance with my will you desire change change success

prosperity for your family compassion wisdom and Truth in their

lives you long for a transformation with all your heart and I want to assure you that I can transform you I have the

power to change hearts and Minds overnight but I always require your faith you are stepping into a new land

one you will soon witness leave behind what’s passed and reach forward with faith hold on to the

blessings of I shall place before you the trial is over Your Time Has Come

Today I will work beautiful miracles in your life and your family’s life you

will not be distressed by the door that has just closed speak to me affirm your

thoughts write it down now tell me you believe in receiving this word of comfort and accept this holy

encouragement from above if one door closes it’s no reason for dis spare

another grander door will open soon bringing something even better there is

a spiritual battle in the celestial realm for your life and faith many adversaries oppose your

growth attacking you from without and hurting you from within even if you can’t see

them I will place individuals with Divine knowledge in your path to assist

you accept their advice with humility dedicate time to pray pray and

much more I will reveal to you you will emerge victorious in this

battle all obstacles will be destroyed it’s true that I can deliver

you in an instant but I need you to value your faith talents and Gifts learn

that victories are not achieved alone if you discard my word and renounce your

faith the enemy will tear you apart and leave you in the mud you will go far you

will bless many your family will also grow in wisdom and humility of heart prospering in all

aspects but we must walk together give me your hand you are prepared to ascend

to that spiritual level where the future is decided and lives are changed so many good things and

beautiful Works await you this day while you listen the foundations for your home

are being laid upon Solid Rock and future Generations will know me and serve me each will receive a gift a

talent a profession the desire to study and prepare dream beyond what you see what

you imagine and even further than what you can believe today you and your family are not meant

to live in spiritual poverty emotional confusion or struggling from one place

to another burdened by debt no my child accept what I say learn

to dream I will increase your faith and help you even more so that you can confidently receive and manage this

blessing that is about to come I will transform your Affliction

into blessing your sadness into strength and I will remove your pain healing your

heart with my love I want you to feel this tender Embrace wherever you are

even if you are busy and surrounded by people take a few seconds and receive

this gift by faith it will bring calm to your soul and

peace to your mind I give you the power to control those roaring emotions that stir in your

head the news you receive alarms you exhausts you and makes you feel

weak but my child believe me again I am

here nothing is happening your life continues this too shall pass and your

future is sealed faled with a blessing from above your blessing will not be depleted by any enemy seeking to

discourage you I can turn every opposition into a blessing every lack into abundance and

every illness in your family can be healed I have the power and my eternal

desire is for you to receive all these wonders I have been promising you I am

God not a mere human I do not lie my purpose Remains the Same as it

has been since the beginning of time I have come to save you to give you eternal life to guide you on the right

path I am the way the truth your life I am your solution and your way

out so I ask you with love to hold fast to my promises to not divert your gaze

to the lies of this world it pleases me to see you trust in me to see you pay no attention to the

threats posed by provocative tours they want to steal your peace fill your mind

with anger and confusion with false ideas and erroneous feelings they want

you to make mistakes in your daily life to be filled with guilt and ultimately to distance yourself from the truth my

love and my presence so now you know their

intentions I know you love me and won’t allow anyone to take you away from the place where you are today surrounded by

affection and super Supreme love unparalleled in your life you’ve endured

much Solitude a lack of tenderness but now I embrace you console you with

Divine strength and encouragement because I love you deeply my child you

were so frightened I heard your cries for help you begged urgently for my mighty

hand to intervene believing I was angry with you and unwilling to assist I want you to understand that you

will always need me even when everything is going well even when Prosperity

surrounds you you must never forget this do not lower your guard for the enemy seeks to

make you neglectful to destroy your faith to ruin your plans and wound your

soul I will help you in this matter you face today it moves me to see you sad and

distressed and it is not my will for you to live in torment I do not want you to feel this

way so instead of dwelling on the same thoughts over and over in your head stop

give me all your thoughts if defeat crosses your mind don’t believe it it’s

impossible you will not be defeated because you believe in the omnipotent God if discouragement tugs at your heart

do not open its doors or you will make a grave mistake one who believes in my power and

awaits my blessing cannot be disheartened if the will to live slips from your grasp use your

faith you believe and serve a mighty Sovereign God he will ignite the fire of

divine love in your heart and fill you with a wonderful desire to keep fighting hold on to the promises I am giving you

grasp onto these words I am speaking to you your enemies belittle you daily

shouting that you do not deserve life but you should no longer listen to them

I want you to live regardless of your situation very soon you will once again

Savor feel and receive my blessing your situation will improve the matters that

trouble you will soon be resolved please dear one if you’ve listened this far it’s not by chance

tell me that you believe in me that you will keep fighting Despite All Odds and

that you will always love me your future is destined to change for the better

I will intervene in your life in a supernatural way with your own eyes you

will soon witness a clear solution to your troubles don’t be one of those who place

their trust in negativity or the opinions of those who choose to dwell forever in spiritual

misery if you’re hearing or reading these words it’s because I’ve granted you the

intelligence you’ve grown you’re ready the door will soon open I am not not a

false god who exists solely in your imagination you know me you know who I

am do not doubt my word any [Music] longer every time you found yourself in

trouble I’ve come to rescue you with My Loving Hands I’ve embraced you with love

I’ve given you life even when your past was a disaster after I rescued you your present was

always better allow this fire in your heart to burn the dream I planted is growing and

it will become a tree that provides shade provision and abundance for you and those you care for with love hold on

to the life I’ve given you fill yourself with even more joy because there are so many things I will soon do that will

change your perspective you will understand better everything I’ve planned for you that’s

why even though you’ve stumbled before I’ve always been with you I forgave you

lifted you up and never left you broken or abandoned new days are coming your

sorrow will depart and your heart will be filled with boundless happiness you’ll soon witness the

miracle with your own eyes declare your faith and commitment now and tell me I

believe it and as I always say I love you I have great things in in store for

you give me your hand step by step you will find peace and

happiness yeah it’s not about how quickly you arrive but about being steadfast and

persistent let your faith remain Serene and strong do not look to the

sides focus on me and keep your gaze forward you will get there it’s not an

eternity away though your mind and body may tell you the days are dragging on

and your tired of waiting but you’ve grown you don’t let your emotions dictate your

life you know I desire to bless your family and clear the path for them to face whatever comes without fear or

dread enemies will be defeated obstacles will be

overcome I don’t promise an easy life but I assure you that faith and strength

will never be lacking fill yourself with courage knowing that your Victory is

guaranteed receive my sacred promises which bring healing to your body peace

to your mind and strength to your heart I want to break the chains of

discouragement and depression the discouragement weighing heavily on your shoulders making you doubt my

words that deceptive friendship pulling you toward failure will disappear today

a powerful Miracle will occur if you commit to obey me and hold on to my love

but do not be like others who prefer to wallow in the mud and accept the lies of their Destroyer they chase after false

promises seek of material wealth vain positions corrupt control and Mortal

Fame they think my presence and power are with those who publicly display everything they do how they spend what

they wear and what they eat what a Sinister lie what a cruel deception they

despise my word they don’t accept me as I am as the one who came into the world

as a servant and gave his life on a cross but you have opened your heart to

me and I want to do wonderful things in you clothe your soul in

humility reject the offerings of the Devourer I will assist you I will give

you more peace and wisdom so that you won’t Tire of waiting so that complaints and doubts

won’t taint your lips destroying your faith and happiness tell me now with all your

heart my God I believe in you I trust you and with patience I await my

blessing I promise you that what you’ve asked for will come you’ve always

believed in me and you know that all your prayers in the name of Jesus will be answered I must announce to you New

Times abundant Reigns Open Heavens blessings over overflowing filling every

corner of your life and your home you and your family will overflow

with peace and happiness all of this is possible for those who believe in me who keep my word

in their hearts and wait for the blessing without fainting or

retreating I only ask that you be aware that you need to remain steadfast and

patient it takes months for a life to be born a seed must fall into fertile

ground be broken and transformed before it can germinate and

grow your blessings are valuable and Powerful it takes time and effort for

everything to align for your good I know you understand and you won’t

lose heart keep your Gaze on the horizon as you walk step by step you will leave

the place where you currently reside do not fear the changes everything is for

your good I want you surrounded by people and resources that help you grow

if you walk with me no one can defeat you accuse you or judge you because I

will defend you oh dear one if only you could see with your spiritual eyes the

Heavenly armies encamped around you if you could perceive my Divine

Light illuminating your path and how your enemies fall if you could

understand how everything around you is worth working in your favor like the sky and Earth moving in your favor soon I

will reveal to you in dreams such magnificent things that you will taste a peace of Heaven on

Earth I can move the entire universe for your blessing that’s what I do when I

see sincere Faith Like Yours fully devoted loving me with all your heart and soul I admire your courageous Faith

that’s why I respond to you every day with a different message but I remain the same each day will bring its own

challenges but my love will cover you and never change before you go about your daily

tasks I like to tell you that I love you but I desire to hear it from your own

lips I want to hear you my beloved Jesus I love you too and there’s nothing you

ask that my love cannot give you I will restore what belongs to you your dignity

and the place you deserve I have a better life for you if you give me your heart and accept the healing and

forgiveness my sweet love offers the promises are already written

you carry them in your heart so if you’re going to believe me do it with

all the strength of your soul and mind don’t be like those who talk about my love but don’t truly believe it they pay

more attention to people’s judgments and submit to the punishments and disdain of

others many want to subject you to their selfish way of thinking and claim to

love you but seek to steal from you they impose impossible rules that

they themselves do not follow they dress in Robes of righteousness and false Holiness

claiming to be better than you whatever you do you end up being the

villain the guilty one in their eyes I am calling you to complete freedom to

sleep in peace tonight my holy spirit will speak to you

he will heal your soul and mind he will break all the chains you still carry and

in the morning when you wake up you will be free forever your happiness will no longer

depend on people’s opinions at last you will be who you truly are my daughter my

son wise and intelligent with a gentle character perseverance and courageous

with a fervent powerful and strong faith hold on to me in your worst

moments when people offend you and your feelings are hurt when everything around you darkens and you think there’s no

reason to go on remember you are mine and you must aspire to greater things do

not settle for living forever in a corner crying under that roof where you

only suffered disrespect but I love you I help you

forgive you restore you and can give you a better future powerful gifts and talents peace

joy and health take your place stand with dignity you are a princess a prince

forever protected by your Mighty Heavenly Father tell me with your lips I Believe

In You beloved father I have a miracle with your name in my

hands that matter that you and I know will be resolved even your own family will be

surprised many acted around you secretly underestimating you and openly

criticizing you they will kneel asking for forgiveness for hurting you they

didn’t respect you but they lost the opportunity they were seeking when they

discarded you I will take you to a better environment raise you to a higher

spiritual level where there are no quarrels or Envy where true love still

exists there they will appreciate the gifts and talents I’ve given you they

will support you in your growth and prosperity don’t fear Prosperity only

Wicked Hearts immediately think of material wealth I’m talking about provision peace

happiness health and family Harmony no debts no Sorrows from where I’m standing I see

your miracle and it’s so Grand and beautiful that when you see it you will acknowledge that all the suffering you

went through was worth it your family will understand that you were not wrong you were right when you

told them to trust the God who loves them so much they will cry with repentance for sinning against me when

you prayed for patience and strength and they laughed at you thinking you were making a mistake losing your mind but

when they see my powerful response to your prayer they will ask you for

forgiveness I chose you for something special to be a true blessing to your family and your nation not to make you

rich and popular or like those who waste their time seeking the approval of others and are willing to do anything

just to receive Applause and praise you are on a different level don’t stoop to eat crumbs as they watch

you look up my Throne is where you belong with the perseverance and faith

Faith you have you will reach and see how all the promises I’ve made to you

come true I will work miracles through you but never expect anything in return from

people be content with my love knowing that I am always by your side and with

the peace I give you amen my child yesterday I stood with you

today I remain by your side and I promise to be with you forever you are wrapped in my cloak of

Love cradled gently in my hands for you are deeply cherished by

me your safety is my pledge and my love is your

protection I want to convey this to you with tenderness and patience for I long for your tender heart to open up to me

Let My Words become the strength that sustains you challenges will come for

the adversary knows perseverance well they will try to entangle your thoughts

to divert your focus from your purpose from your worth they hope you’ll open

your soul to sorrow to despair but you already know this and

you have believed it with unwavering sincerity you are never alone in your

battles and you never will be I will defend and lead you to victory like a

mighty giant move forward with faith for I will hold you up with my hand and fill you

with my spirit your destiny is to be a blessing but above all my love for you will never

waver there will be moments when I will ask you to rest for it is crucial that you value your well-being you do but

life’s distractions can be overwhelming at times I will gently touch your shoulder with my Divine hand and remind

you when it’s time to rest to pray and to nourish yourself with my word I

congrat rulate and bless you for the time you devote to me each day your attitude and unwavering loyalty amaze me

you have learned to seek me with confidence and your grateful Spirit brings abundant healing to your heart

and your family do not be disheartened by the opinions of others for you are

wise patent and intelligent you know your path because

you trust me your heavenly faor many around you see to With Envy

witnessing the one ERS unold ding in your life envious souls seek ways to judge

you by appearances but I see your heart and I know who you are you know that I

love you and if people invent falsehoods against you to hurt you they will have

to contend with me fear not my child for I did not

forsake you in your darkest moments and I shall never do so now as I witness

your faithfulness and growth you have made the wisest decision ENT

trusting me with your life and giving me your heart along with your

family I love you all you are secure and protected here in my

hands this week you will need great courage to support your family and you will

succeed knock on every possible door with all your might I am arranging

everything the circumstances and the people in their proper places on this day

while you listen to me you will feel my power I am assisting you and your

victory has already been one I shall deliver it into your hand but I need

your faith to be rekindled you must continue to trust and above all believe

in yourself many have insulted you with derogatory terms even some from your own

family have tried to humiliate you realize that people attack you not only out of hate hatred but also Envy they

perceive that spark in you something truly special but do not focus on holding

grudges and even more importantly do not contemplate Revenge if unexpected struggles come

your way this week if certain individuals oppose you if you are toiling diligently to earn a living and

worry consumes you know that your adversaries want you to lose hope and

surrender they want want you to discard the progress you have made thus far and

abandon my plan I am sending a host of Mighty angels to stand against your

enemies keep going my dear child do not falter do not lower your head my

presence is with you and no one can harm you no one can defeat you seek me in the

morning call upon me at night trust in my power I will be with you on your

journey protecting you in the early hours and when when you rise once more I Will Stand By Your Side to accompany you

together we shall face this week I have decided that you and your family will be

greatly blessed it depends on you if you believe and stand firm or if you turn back but I

know you well and I know what you will do you will believe in me you will cling

to my promise in this week when you least expect it your Victory will arrive

you will need me and I will be here you can come to me with confidence whenever

you need to speak I will continue to show you with words and actions that I truly love you the end of your sorrow

has come the days of Despair are over I want to reveal my affection and

tenderness to you open your life to my presence and my love I want you to feel

and understand that no one will ever love you as much as I I do I know

everything that resides in your heart and mind sometimes the pain is so deep that

you have contemplated giving up and it has been a long time since you felt the desire to rise and face a new day filled

with Vigor and joy but I tell you that this suffering ends today I am renewing your heart

offering you the purest love that exists eradicating your Sorrows making you exceedingly happy in this very moment as

you listen to me I am relieving your tensions healing your emotions carrying

away your pain and completely transforming your heart you will see with your own eyes

how I assist and support you in all the things you must do I will envelop you in

my love guard you protect you I want you to radiate my strength

and power to the world with your joy and smile I am placing special gifts uplifting

talents loyal friends and a family in your life who will learn to love and respect you when they witness all the

Miracles happening within you they will cease to be envious but do not dwell on holding

grudges and most importantly do not think of Revenge if unexpected battles come your

way this week if some people oppose you if you are working hard to earn your

bread and worries fill you your hour for those who are trying to harm you will

come they want you to lose courage and hope to discard what you have achieved

so far and to abandon my plan I am sending a host of powerful

angels to surround you rise and smile my dear child you are very special to me I

love you do not lose hope for I am here to support you and give you the strength

to endure I am giving you all the strength I can muster so that you are

not crushed by afflictions so that you feel capable of rising of continuing to

walk of facing difficulties of continuing to fight you have experienced Triumph and

victory before so this situation you are battling today will not overcome you you

will not suffer defeat or shame listen to my words and be filled with great

courage because you will need it today and in the days to come because of your fervent faith in me

you will witness a supernatural Miracle my word has the power to heal your body to provide for your family to

meet all your needs your table will never lack bread and joy will abound in

your home receive my blessings with a humble heart and in gratitude consider those

who are going through tough times use your abundance to help and

bless seek to assist those in need and you will witness the windows of Heaven

opening filling your home with peace and joy for my true blessing lies in the

Harmony and stability that will come to your family’s life in the health and wisdom that will bring times of

happiness you must believe me and accept the reality that a better future for all

who love me is possible soon you will see many dreams come true

that you thought you could never achieve I your Almighty and Supernatural God am

always with you I will take care of you protect you and support you today and

for eternity your future will not resemble your past I will take care of

that I do not want you to go through those things that hurt you and continue to cause you pain

it is time to heal those wounds that still bleed in your heart leave the past behind and keep

only the lessons you have learned so as not to return to it have confidence in

me from this day forward I will lift you up onto a better path I will always be

present you can talk to me and tell me whatever you want you can vent and cry

on my shoulder when you have no more strength I do not want you to confide your secrets in deceitful people who

claim to love you but will later betray you and share your business with the

world I ask you my dear child to read my word to learn more about me to seek my

presence and to rise and live out the purpose for which I chose you my

presence will always be by your side comforting you my beloved a new life is

ready to embrace you a life filled with bound boundless Joy those tears of

sadness that once clouded your eyes will become but Distant Memories when tears do visit you again

know that there’ll be tears of witnessing my unwavering commitment to you your cheeks will glisten not with

sorrow but with radiant tears of happiness do you believe in me here in

the Embrace of my arms make an effort are you sure no harm shall Beall you now

for those who dare to try shall face me I love you pause for a moment before

continuing on your path listen to me for I love you deeply and it fills me with

immense joy to see the goodness you bring into this world your dedication to your family and

our relationship does not go unnoticed I know I can rely on

you your dedication to your family and our relationship does not go

unnoticed I know I can rely on you you will use the gifts I bestow upon you

with Grace you are not a pessimist you do not defy me or stray when I guide

your way many in this world seek happiness and success without realizing the

importance of introducing their families their children their little ones to me to guide them on the righteous

path but you are not like them my word resonates within your home you’ve done

an exceptional job and you’ve given me the reverence I deserve so always have

faith that your home is guarded by the angels of heaven focus on what truly matters in your family Harmony and love

eternally present in your work and all your endeavors act with diligence and

honesty let no vile words Escape your lips for they wound the soul and strike

without Mercy you are filled with forgiveness and my presence shall awaken you each day

aligning your emotions with Grace just as the sun rises on schedule

your feelings shall flow into their rightful places each in harmony your

days will be filled with Vigor Tranquility enthusiasm joy and

peace this is more than a miracle it is the reward that emanates from my throne

for those who genuinely seek me I am not hidden nor am I difficult to

find many have their Vision clouded they claim to seek me but find

not yet when the veils shrouding their eyes fall to the ground they realize I

have been before them all along here I am now feel my smile I take Delight in

your life you have brought me happiness I have no grievances against

you no longer dwell upon your mistakes or imperfections do not be disheartened

if your accusers return Envy consumes them you stand strong filled with

strength and life many blessings and tasks await opportunities to serve an a

shall abound for you and your family becoming a source of joy and blessing

for the Nations never cease to trust me say it aloud except for my

blessing dear child in these moments of sadness lift your

gaze to the heavens you need not hide your tears for I know the pain that resides in your

heart I cradle you in my hands fear not for I am here to uplift you to cleanse

your sins and transform your life I am here to provide you with the Solace and

affection you need shed your tears feeling my sincere embrace you know when

I love you I desire to Forever remove your pain I understand that your journey

has been arduous I hear your unspoken words along with your tears which have fallen into

my hands I know what you are feeling what you are enduring you have been

undervalued and you feel worthless listen carefully to what I say

my words are brimming with love in my eyes you possess infinite value and the

greatest sacrifice in the universe was made out of love for you with my blood I washed away your

guilt and remorse so you no longer need to suffer those who disdain you commit a

grave error please forgive them and now surrender your anger sadness and

frustration to me all those feelings tormenting your heart it’s time to

forgive yourself my child I have already forgiven you let peace flood your

heart place those burdens upon my shoulders I erase your mistakes you no

longer need to carry them I love you my child and I want you to live a life of

great victories I say this with love rise today with a different

attitude I grant you the awareness to recognize how blessed you are the more

you open your eyes the more blessings you will see and the more grateful you will

become your praise is the melody sung in the Celestial Kingdom your worship is

the key to unlocking the doors of blessing abundance health and true Prosperity take my hand you know when I

Love You Feel My Embrace and accept my love I want you to be well to feel

better to open your heart to my words and receive the affection I offer you I

love you deeply and and I will continue to demonstrate it daily even on days

when you feel tired and devoid of desire to fight when worry clouds your thoughts

I come to you first when you open your eyes know that I’m still with you and

will never forsake you do not doubt do not think that your past mistakes have

driven you away from me do not imagine things that are not true my love for you is greater and more

power powerful than any error or circumstance if I embrace you today with sincere love it is because you are truly

important to me I love you and for that reason you are worthy of my

blessing I dislike the idea that you continue to believe that you do not deserve my affection I do not want you

to feel inferior or to believe that you are less than others each of my children holds a

unique and significant place in my heart yet the enemy always seeks ways to

discourage you therefore I send you this message you must believe in me so that your

emotions do not EB and flow like the tides except that I love you

selflessly I want your well-being peace for your family and prosperity in your

future when you open your eyes each morning come to my word and remember that beautiful peace you feel in your

chest when my spirit speaks to you come I will be waiting for you I want you to

hear for yourself about all the plans I have for you and the wonderful blessings I am preparing for you while you listen

to my words sorrow will depart from your soul I’m going to tell you some

important things you will understand why just as I love you you must love

your family but you must also love yourself and value yourself

trust in me and allow me to perform many miracles in your life tell me that you

will my child I am removing all worry from your heart right now I am filling

your life with peace and joy I will heed your prayer according to my will and in

my time I will grant you the good things you ask of me I ask for your patience for I will

still move many mountains I will remove those who could harm you from your path

I will bring new friends even from afar who will appreciate you treat you well

and love you I will completely transform your life believe me I will do it you must be

ready to receive the Miracles I am going to perform in you and your family you are a person who takes my

word seriously and that pleases me continue to pray for the people you

love but but also pray for those who are far from you your prayer reaches my

throne and my powerful hand moves in your favor you will see many changes in your

character and you will feel even more driven to strive for and achieve your

dreams I am pouring my love over your life and your entire family live this day with tranquility

and listen to No One except me many will come and try to divert you from your past path seeking to ens snare

you in their troubles and Rob you of your happiness do not be discouraged or

disheartened by anyone my child I’m warning you so that you may act wisely

be very cautious of those with ill intentions for they could endanger your

life it is true that I will protect you but I respect your free

will if you do not include me in your decisions and do not prioritize me the

enemy can distract you and steal some blessings that are already within your reach seek me each day come to my word

listen and receive it with joy I speak words of wisdom to you with great love so that you know how much I love you how

I am caring for you and how you have given your life and heart entirely to me

rest assured for I have everything in my hands fill yourself with peace and hope

always remember how much I love you open your eyes feel my Tranquility my

presence envelops you sense me embracing your spirit I am granting you the

privilege to live a life of Serenity the world around you is fraught with tension and others will try to

infect you with their confusion attempting to burden you with the consequences of their mistakes however

you will not allow the emotions of others to fill you with anxiety and turmoil right here in this moment where

you and I stand together you can forget about the world for a while and enjoy

the profound sense of inner peace this is beautiful to me and I hope

it is equally wonderful for you we can do the same every day in the

morning or at dawn when you open your eyes I will be ready for our communion

for a few minutes of communication you need not speak do not

say say a word just Savor each moment and leave all your burdens here later

when you leave your home your countenance will radiate my peace your entire being will be filled with

calmness and no one will be able to infect you with negative emotions I am at your disposal eager to

enshroud you with love every day as the sun rises I love you and I await you

here each morning amen

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