God’s Message Now: EVIL HAS NO POWER OVER YOU |Gods Message Today | God Message For You |

my beloved child with deep love I want to tell you that I’m always right here with you I’m

your loving father your God and the one who guides You Like a

Shepherd in my arms you’ll find a warm and genuine hug unlike any

other you mean so much to me protecting you and filling your days with my love from morning till night is what I

cherish most when you sleep I’m there too watching over you gently stroking your

hair and Whispering comforting words that heal your heart gear you up for

what’s coming next and fill you with a peaceful joyful Spirit to start each new

day with courage and Faith be brave dear

heart don’t let doubts or fears trouble you remember no challenge is too big

when you’re with me evil has no power over you because you’re mine and I promise to defend you

no matter what comes your way keep your faith walk confidently in

this beautiful life I’ve given you and embrace the blessings without looking back I’ve buried your past hurts deep in

the ocean and taken away the sadness that once weighed you down replacing it

with a sacred joy and strength that lifts your spirit here you stand before

my presence hearing these words of Love That shall be etched upon your heart

they shall be the guiding flame leading you on the path to your blessings though at times you may feel

small and weak remember that in me you have a safe Refuge with each step you take with

every decision you make my Holy Spirit and my love accompany you but should those moments of sadness

or fear return remember that even in your difficult days I am here trust in

my word in my endless affection for in them you shall find peace and strength

to persevere as you’re a caring Shepherd I’m always by your side guiding you on

your journey remember how much I cherish you with a love that’s complete and

genuine In My Embrace you’re protected finding a safe haven always indeed I go

ahead of you smoothing your way yet I wish to witness your faith and bravery

I’m eager to have you with me enjoying blessings confronting challenges overcoming adversaries and advancing

triumphantly hear me now the moment is here get ready to welcome plentiful

blessings I assure you I’ve picked you to achieve Grand aspirations you weren’t meant for

defeat there might be times when you’re anxious or fearful because things aren’t progressing as expected

when unexpected costs crop up and finances appear limited but do not worry they’ll handle

your monetary concerns have confidence that I’m looking out for you and your loved ones

even in hard times don’t be troubled about money for I’m always with you providing guidance

and support with trust and faith in me you’ll view life with optimism and Hope

just as I was there for you before for I’m here now supporting you and your

family extending my love and help at all times you are treasured by me my dear

one journey through life knowing I am always beside you caring for you meeting

your needs and leading you on paths filled with love and abundance each day you have the chance

to connect with me through prayer experiencing my gentleness and comfort you’re never on your own and

your financial struggles are small compared to my love for you in times of scarcity remember I am

your guardian when you endure deep distress just close your eyes and think of these

words resounding in your mind they will bring peace to your heart my love envelopes you now you are

shielded by my sacred presence I surround you with my care

defend you with my Celestial forces your dwelling Your Existence your loved ones

all are secure within the steadfast Fortress of my safeguarding today I invite you to open

your heart to sense the peace in my voice to absorb the Comfort my words

bestow upon your soul embrace the happiness with which I fill you I tell you now relax be at

peace if tears fall let me wipe them away with my Tender Touch

feel my affection cherish this moment with me right here right now I’m

changing your life liberating you from any sorrow from now on you’ll awaken with a

smile spreading Joy among your family progressing contending believing

trusting and constantly enveloped in my love and this gentle Embrace I offer you

today know that I love you immensely and I will show you just how deep My Love

Goes My Love is Real your heart feels it look around you and appreciate the many

things and details I arranged to surprise you to capture your attention but you have enemies who hate that

security they see in you who envy your character who want to steal your blessings they don’t want you to be

happy your faith and way of being threaten their malevolent intentions they feel defeated even

before or attacking you because they know well that I love you and I will protect

you the only weapon they have left is to Pelt you with doubts and hurl threats at

you they gather around you and Shout trying to convince you that you are mistaken that there is no love that you

are not my daughter my son that I do not exist and that there is no purpose or

destiny in your struggles but your spirit knows the truth because from the moment you open

your eyes you already know and feel that my affection envelops you and this great

love makes you strong lifts you up and gives you the energy to move forward

fighting and walking from Victory to Victory day after day you belong to me

and I shall take care of you even if storms topple mountains and even if the Earth shakes and its depths open before

you my dear child do not be afraid neither you nor your loved ones will

face harm as you are under my care trust in what I say believe in my

love for you and find Assurance in the promises I’ve made have faith in my might I am your guide your

sustainer I am the spark that Kindles your zest for living that eradicates your discouraging thoughts and

rejuvenates the love you have for your family resist falling into despair avoid misleading those who hold

you dear and rely on you steer clear of negative thinking that damages your peace of mind do not let destructive

Secrets linger in your heart I am your parent your

deity my affection for you is proven through the remarkable chance I am offering my love has been constant

despite your imperfections and I will keep blessing you regardless of of your missteps now is the moment to change to

step forward in faith towards a life of Liberation this message is Uniquely

Yours Feel My Love Today and look forward to tomorrow for I have much more

to share with you express your love for me now and I will provide the peace

you’re searching for the Tranquility you desperately need I urge you to find calm to stop

your anxious pain facing to release the tension in your heart and to clear the fog from your

thoughts it’s vital for your mental well-being your spirit and your whole being that you let go of these negative

feelings and entrust them to me today understand this holding on to your

fear anger and frustration only invites more

trouble I’m aware of your material concerns your financial uncertainties

and your health fears but instead of turning to me in conversation you’re consumed by worries

day and night it’s your family matters that unsettle you the most which is

natural their actions trigger distressing thoughts and emotions within you yet you must break this pattern

don’t allow these feelings to take root in your heart address these emotions

conflicts and challenges allowed with faith and resolve declare my God stands with me Mighty and

strong so I will not fear the actions of adversaries repeat my child surrounding

you are numerous Guardian Angels poised for battle ready to defend you at my

command your faith and trust are what I seek to activate this Divine

protection I can’t mobilize my Celestial forces to safeguard and uplift you if

you’re not prepared for bigger trials I’m holding countless blessings for you yet they

await your total release of negativity I aim to lift you to a place where robust

Dynamic faith is your foundation I’m eager to encase you in my

blessings but full surrender to me is required hold nothing back I will

absolve your misdeeds put your past to rest purify your emotions and int

tensions and discard all that’s detrimental casting it far away it is time for you and your family

to be blessed with Harmony peace and healing today I will visit your home and

change your destiny love me in your prayer with faith and

sincerity that’s why I have come to rescue you I have the power and I want

to do it the key that unlocks the door to Miracles is your faith but remember I

also love you and in whatever condition you find yourself you will always have

me you are suffering and in need of my help my love that covers and heals you

without judgment my affectionate presence that Embraces you in silence without

reproach you need my friendly ear that listens to you patiently without

interrupting tell me you long for me for that is the truth

your strength alone is no longer enough now is the moment to recognize your need

for me I see the struggles you and your family face wandering through a desolate

desert where isolation drains hope and your heart longs for affection amidst

widespread rejection the path is scorching and the pain from the Searing Stones underfoot

brings tears to your eyes I empathize with your hardship continuing the journey and keeping faith Faith amidst

such trials is challenging yet know that my support is

with you I am here to Shield you from those who seek to harm you the trials

you face are refining you much like gold is tested by fire preparing you to

emerge stronger and purified from all negativity here’s my promise I don’t

Elevate you to look down on others but to empower you to lend a hand to the down trotten I urge you to let go of

anger Pride fear uncertainty and disbelief don’t dwell on the past for it

pales in comparison to the happiness that begins now find reasons both big and small to

be thankful in your life walk uprightly carrying my principles in your heart

remember you and your loved ones are valued far beyond material wealth or societal

status don’t fret over material losses prioritize what truly matters devote

yourself to loving and seeking me wholeheartedly for I am your sustainer I

am ready to fulfill your needs shower you with genuine blessings open New

Paths and offer favorable opportunities Abundant Blessings await

you stay alert to the changes and signs in your environment remember I can

transform negative things into your favor so do not despair if you initially face

obstacles you do not understand behind every problem and

frustration I am hiding prosperity and abundance prepare yourself to wisely

manage what I give you search in my word for advice to enhance the gifts and talents that I bestow upon you today but

do not let yourself be seduced by material possessions do not indulge in Fame nor worry about indebting yourself

to acquire vanities focus on what’s important strive to elevate your spiritual life to

a higher level make an effort to learn from my word and to know me better I will reveal many things to you I want

you to witness wonderful miracles to be diligent with your health and in all Family Matters do not postpone

anything I give you the strength and intelligence to resolve various situations today I do not want you to be

desperate at the last minute fearing that something will go wrong because you did not listen to me and then collapse

in frustration rise up and do it dare to do it your heart is brave I do not see

cowardice in you from here no matter what you feel do the good things you need to do and do not fear you will not

lose much you will not receive anything if you fear losing and if you happen to

lose something or people get angry with you because you have decided to fix your situation and make good decisions then

Place those people in my hands pray for them but do not listen to their advice or complaints anymore

nothing can help someone who willingly walks towards an abyss I am with you to

help you in everything but prioritize me and not only will I help you but I will

also make you prosper and pour upon you blessings more valuable than gold even

if you feel defeated and exhausted I will resurrect your desire

to live strengthen you and lift You From the Ashes your life and the lives of

future Generations will witness the Abundant Blessings I bestow upon you I

will refresh your attire honor you greatly purify your journey and fill

your dwelling with my Splendor trust in my words this will

come to pass I hold you dear I watch as you awaken each day confronting life a

new yet I see the shadow of Sorrow that looms over you making you feel as though

you can’t proceed I perceive the weight on your soul the heaviness you lift with each

morning’s Rise burdened by past defeats I know you’re on the brink of

Tears overwhelmed with silent Agony yet you choose to withhold them keeping your

inner turmoil hidden from all but remember you can conceal nothing from me

I’m aware of the ache in Your Heart during those moments of painful recollection incidents that wounded you

deeply though you bore no fault my dear child grasp how deeply I love you your

anguish resonates with me and I yearn to alleviate it to mend your injuries and rejuvenate your spirit don’t linger in

the past embrace the Bountiful life I’ve pledged and am granting you this very

moment believe in my Assurance understand that yesterday holds no sway

over your present I listen to you with full attention without any

judgment the adversities you faced were not your choice and should you falter

remember my forgiveness support paternal affection and empathy are forever yours

I’m not here to punish you I’m here to give you a new life I want to help you

and love you you do not have to continue dragging the chains with which some

tried to enslave you you do not have to obey the words of those who wanted to imprison

you if in the past you suffered from attacks and blows from loneliness from

lack of love all that is behind you now today you have me and I have come to

fill your heart with peace come to me today with sincerity bend your knees

shed your tears of pain and when they are gone my altar will be filled with

your tears of joy because now you know and feel this great love that I give to

you which is for you and today I give it to you I love you forever I will love

you everything will be better things will change your faith my power and your

trust in my love will accomplish many things that’s why every day I insist and

I will keep telling you that you need to bend your knees and pray

constantly this has been a time of struggles of continuous battles there is

a war in the spiritual realm for your family and your life this is the time

for you to rise you who are brave if you want to see changes around you and wish

for many things to be different you must stand up with courage your situation

will be better keep striving and leave to me the things that are difficult for you make me part of it believe with

faith read my word seek me constantly I will transform circumstances and

hearts doors will open to you work will abound in your life you will not lack

bread after enduring tough times a season of golden chances will arrive but

only for those who cherish me and remain Vigilant attentive to my

guidance day in and day out with Keen eyes and ears you stand among those who

genuinely seek and love me your faith is remarkable steadfast

through trials and scarcities therefore I will Elevate you to oversee Realms of blessings prosperity and true wealth

you’ve persevered never yielding to despair and this brings me joy hence my gaze is

fixed on you dare to dream bigger don’t hesitate to make plans and embark on

Ventures I will endow you with blessings enabling you to prosper immensely

relying not on loans or debts but on the talents and gifts I bestow upon you today you will be astounded by the

unfolding events your companions your kin and you will witness the extent of

my grace enveloping and enriching you allow my love to embrace you today

immerse yourself in my Tranquility you’re awaiting a response and soon it will be granted never cease

to trust in me keep your prayers alive place these words near your bed and each

morning rise with the Assurance of my impending blessings as evening Falls

find solace in knowing you can rest serenely in my presence I will give you you health a spirit body and soul I will

bless your table multiply the fruit of your efforts and Surround your house with abundance I am already pouring

Divine peace upon your mind so that you may calm down and take a few minutes in silence

to meditate analyze and understand that I truly want to bless

you the only offering I accept from you is your heart your loyalty and your

commitment to continue in my word come what may if you are willing to depart

from the place where you currently reside tell me now if you desire to

leave behind the sorrow and suffering Embrace this healing word should you seek an end to disputes and turmoil

within your household grant me the opportunity Place me foremost in your family’s view signaling your Readiness

for change let them witness your exemplary dedication While others concern themselves with

luxuries and finery attend to the needs of your soul focusing on fostering good

communication within your family look upon them with compassion

and treat them kindly even if they Overlook you amidst the clamor of crowds trembling with fear over rumors of wars

and scarcity of resources trust amidst the impending changes in the world do not be troubled

nor behave as the Frantic masses do for they run in desperation protest in

agitation and struggle for matters they fail to comprehend risking their

lives for transient Pursuits do not tread the path of the wicked who

propagate lies and join the world in its clamor I long for you to live in peace

if ever you find yourself Restless or troubled turn to me and let’s talk listen closely for many are caught in

life’s tempests unaware of the love I offer the love that surrounds

you let me wrap you in this cloak of Happiness embrace it wholeheartedly I

believe in you pray to me Lord Hear My Call lend me your ear I urge you to

stand firm and brave without fear or hesitation because I your God am with

you in every place you Journey my love is your reward for your faithfulness you haven’t chased after

wealth or riches your goal is to overcome the hardship and sickness in

the lives of those dear to you I acknowledge your hard work your

integrity and your patience you constantly seek my direction my

teachings are in your heart from dawn so I endow you with wisdom and might

assuring prosperity and growth in your Pursuits you will be immensely blessed

experiencing a Divine overflow you will be a blessing to others known for your

humility and insight remember this be Valiant and bold move forward Embrace

this deep spiritual refreshment face all challenges and do not succumb to

fear Beyond these obstacles that sometimes block your path great blessings await ready to enrich you I am

your all powerful God and loving me means trusting in my promise I shall not bestow Trifles upon you

rather I shall bless you abundantly at this moment though you struggle with doubts in your mind your faith shall

Prevail and my word is steadfast even when you doubt your

courage I shall reveal that you must change your mindset and value yourself

more for I have empowered you to crush scorpions and serpents you are under my

protection and nothing can harm you even when you feel tired or unwell

remember that being with me brings healing Comfort peace and

love you can always find shelter in my presence you are still my child no

matter your successes or achievements in my eyes you will always be my beloved

child ready to receive my soothing touch and overflowing love draw near to me

when you need strength I cherish you deeply my words alone have the power to

heal you the life-giving force that comes from me is enough to lift you up and breathe new life into you you might

think you don’t deserve my presence in your home but know this your faith and

humility have drawn my gaze I long to not just enter your house but to make a

home in your heart where I can write my promises of healing liberate you from

your burden and gently ease your suffering worries doubts and sickness

even the skies listen to my command I speak to you directly wishing for your

joy tranquility and the certainty of a bright future and New Beginnings your time spent with me

allows me to hold you close offering my true love and safeguarding you from harm

this is the Legacy I desire to give you throughout your life today I urge you to

believe in me wholeheartedly and receive it your strength is prepared and ready

for you to seize clothe yourself in the healing and transformative anointing of my Holy Spirit which is now at your

disposal you cannot continue walking Bound by thoughts of pain do not believe

that you deserve the terrible consequences your sin has brought upon you in this tough World remember it’s a

world I’ve already triumphed over you’re my child blessed by my unending strength

with every step lean on me and you’ll rise above the world’s hardships I know

you’ve shed many tears often unsure of the reason the truth is your pain stems

from a deep desire to be closer to me your heart reaches out for me your soul

seeks my presence knowing well that without me you’re incomplete

you might feel like life is slipping away missing the peace and joy you’ve longed for it may seem like those you

care about grow more distant by the day but listen closely I am right here with

you offering endless blessings from a never-ending Source ready to quench your

thirst and wipe away all sadness drink from the spring Let its Waters cleanse

your spirit of Gloom you will never feel empty again this is my my vow to you

your faith has healed you you welcomed me and I’ve made your heart my home I

will stay with you watch over your loved ones and Grant blessings beyond your dreams hand over your worries fears and

sadness to me now please refrain from harboring them in your heart lay them

here at my feet and bestow your trust upon me once more fear not for I shall

Aid you supporting you by your right hand you dwell Beneath My Shelter

residing and shrouded in my daytime Shadow weariness shall not assail you as

you progress further for you have been chosen summoned fortified and empowered to strive overcome and

Triumph Begin by conquering your character for I have bestowed upon you a spirit of love power and

self-control learn to govern your tongue and impetu it once you were different speaking

foolish things without thought causing harm to others but now you know me and if those

words Escape your lips even you feel the sting knowing it offends me master your

emotions and you’ll truly Triumph when you realize that your journey should be guided by faith not by what you see or

fleeting feelings stay away from those who disrupt peace with their negative talk

and lies listening to them only brings sadness and breaks down trust think of

your soul as fertile land where you should plant my words not the negativity

from harmful influences in your life I’ll help you let go of the past and those friends who don’t lead you toward

me despite your efforts to introduce me to them they’ve chosen to ignore my call

now they aim to drag you down serving the enemy’s purpose to harm you I’ve

empowered you to rise above start with changing yourself choose friends who Inspire good

not those who lure you into wrongdoings be a beacon of light everywhere you

go I wish for you to move forward to embrace the Abundant Blessings waiting

for you open your heart to me let me be part of your life and I will transform you

even if if things seem to get tougher and you’re exhausted from the unacknowledged battles and Elusive

happiness remember I’m with you have faith for everything arrives in due time

release and Trust keep your faith a flame and be patient do not forget that

my timings are flawless do not rush for what tomorrow holds neither cling to Vain and fleeting

things that only bring discomfort to your life let go and and rid yourself of

anything that hinders my blessings from pouring over you distance yourself from the unbelievers and persevere in prayer

trust in my timings and do not despair for many blessings will come into your

life all adverse situations will soon be left behind just be patient fear not or

falter for I Am by your side do not think that I am unaware of your needs I

know all about you I can see the the burden you carry in your heart the anguish that overwhelms you when your

finances are low and when illness knocks at your door but today and now open your

heart to my promises to my counsel hold fast to my word scrutinize it have faith

and immerse yourself in my presence for everything will come in its own time I will bring peace and Tranquility into

your life I will shower you with blessings for placing your trust in me

never forget that I am a god of power and miracles I will not only pour blessings and healing upon you but also

upon your family upon your children and your parents you only need to trust in

my timings be patient stay grounded and don’t seek shortcuts as they might lead

you astray toward ruin never stop praying or engaging with my teachings to avoid being swayed by

false beliefs don’t be Hasty and chasing after worldly possessions remember what

the world presents is fleeting but what I provide is Everlasting and filled with

blessings for your life continue to trust in my timing for all things I am

never late nor do I overlook your needs don’t lose hope for I am always

with you and don’t be troubled by those who do wrong or grow envious of wrongdoers for they will fade away

swiftly place your trust in me do good and you will live securely nourished by

truth find your joy in me and I will fulfill the deepest wishes of your heart

dedicate your path to me trust in me and I will make your endeavors succeed your integrity will shine

brightly and your fairness will be clear as daylight be still before me waiting

patiently let go of anger and avoid wrath don’t let frustration drive you to

wrongdoing for those who do evil will not last but if you wait for me you will

receive the rich blessings I have prepared for you for yet a little while and the

wicked will not be you will look for them and they will not be

there but the meek shall inherit the earth and shall Delight themselves in

abundance of Peace the wicked plots against the just and nashes at him with

his teeth the Lord laughs at at him for he sees that his day is coming the wicked draw the sword and

bend their bows to cast down the poor and needy to slay those who walk

uprightly their sword shall enter their own heart and their bows shall be broken

better is the little of the righteous than the riches of many Sinners for the arms of the wicked shall be broken but

the Lord upholds the righteous the days of the blameless are known to the Lord they shall not be

ashamed in evil times and in the days of famine they shall be satisfied but the

wicked Shall Perish and the enemies of the Lord shall be consumed like the fat

of lambs they shall vanish like smoke the wicked borrows and does not repay but

the righteous shows mercy and gives for those blessed by him shall inherit the

Earth but those cursed by him shall be cut off the steps of a man are ordered by

the Lord and He Delights in his way though he fall he shall not be utterly

cast down for the Lord upholds him with his hand I was young and now am old yet I

have not seen the righteous forsaken nor his descendants begging bread he is ever merciful in lens and

his descendants are blessed depart from Evil and do good and live forever for

the lord loves righteousness and does not forsake his Saints they are preserved forever but the descendants of

the wicked shall be cut off the righteous shall inherit the land and dwell in it

forever the mouth of the righteous speaks wisdom and his tongue talks of

Justice the law of his God is in his heart therefore his steps do not slip

the wicked watches the righteous and seeks to slay him the Lord will not leave him in his hand nor condemn him

when when he is judged wait on the Lord and keep his way and he shall exalt you to inherit the

land when the wicked are cut off you shall see it I have seen the wicked in

great power and spreading himself like a native green tree yet he passed away and

behold he was no more I sought him but he could not be found consider the blameless and observe the

upright for there is a happy end for the man of Peace but transgressors shall be

altogether destroyed the wickedness of the wicked shall be extinguished but the salvation

of the righteous is from the Lord he is their strength in the time of trouble

the Lord will help them and deliver them he will deliver them from the wicked and

save them because they trust in him nothing shall part thee from me I await

thee with arms outstretched fear not for it is not the time to look back nor to

dwell upon past errors to lament what could not be will not bring thee closer

to thy life’s purpose lift thine eyes to the heavens and hearken unto my voice I desire thee

to know that I love thee and not nor None Shall dim the great love I bear for

thee mayhaps there shall be moments wherein the adversary seeks to estrange thee from me

burdens and trials shall seek to divert thy gaze yet let me assure thee that never never shall I permit such things

to snatch thee from my grasp I love thee and shall never depart from the moment

of thy creation I have accompanied Thee I am present in every moment of thy life

in the moments of Sorrow was where I extended my hand to thee I embraced thee

and comforted thee healed thy wounds and raised thee a new

there is no limit to the love I feel for thee and no barrier that can Sunder us I

know well that often times thou dust air and Stray From the Path I have laid out for thee I understand the times thou

Hast stumbled or aired borne the weight of thy poor decisions I also know that

at times thou may feel vulnerable as shed and berned with

remorse yet in the wackness th Fest my strength for I am the father who

receives thee with unconditional love who forgives thy transgressions and encourages thee to rise time and again

for I never lose hope in thy capacity to change and grow I do not judge thee

never shall I judge thee for thy errors but instead offer thee my grace and

mercy I am always ready to forgive thee and Grant thee a fresh start even when thou feest distant from me or when thy

errors seem to separate us remember that my Mercy is greater than any fault thou May commit my grace is infinite and I

always willing to forgive thee as many times as necessary for there is no sin so great

that it cannot be cleansed by the purity of my love child understand thy errors

matter not to me forget them and leave them behind I love thee with a love that

transcends all barriers and erases all offenses a love that today offers thee

Refuge comfort and protection simply allow thyself to be

loved my child let thyself be embraced by my grace and forgiveness allow me to

guide thee on the path of righteousness and goodness it is true that throughout

thy life Thou shalt encounter obstacles and adversities there shall be moments

when thou Fest lost and alone but I want thee to know that it is

in those moments wherein thou can trust in me and believe in my

promises for I shall always be by thy side holding thy hand and guiding thee

in every step thou takest even When Storms assail thy

existence no wind no Force shall snatch thee from my hands for I am thy Heavenly

Father the god of thy salvation thou mayest encounter individuals who seek to draw thee away

from me they may try to convince thee that thou art Unworthy of my

love that thou art undeserving of my grace indeed there shall be moments

wherein Temptation knocks at thy door and moments of weakness Thou shalt

confront but remember beloved child that in those moments I am by thy side I

fight for thee as a mighty giant do not let those voices deceive thee nor let

them drag thee into a life of Destruction for thou art strong and more

than a conqueror press on and do not be swayed by strange voices those that seek

only to lead thee into sin and destroy the purpose for which Thou Art called

remember my beloved child that thou art my greatest treasure and despite thy

imperfections and errors i gaze upon thee with love and

satisfaction for thou art valuable and precious to me I shall always desire the

best for thee in every area of thy life so lift up thy head and look forward

with Faith and Hope with the certainty that my love for thee is unconditional and eternal no matter how often you

stumble I’m here to lift you up every time today my child raise your hands and

Trust knowing I’m always by your side whenever you feel weak just call on me

and I’ll give you strength when uncertain seek my guidance I’ll lead the way and in moments of

Sorrow reach out for my comfort and I’ll be there to soothe you I’m forever here

for you and nothing can ever change that embrace my unwavering love today and

live knowing I am with you don’t let past mistakes shape your future trust in

my transformative love and I’ll guide you along a path filled with grace and

prosperity March forward without fear for I walk beside you I am your refuge

and your might in me you’ll find a life brimming with blessings and favor

whatever you’re facing anticipate the remarkable things I will do in your life

my promises are true and I fulfill them get ready for the incredible wonders I

plan to unfold in your life far beyond what you can imagine embrace them with belief and

they will manifest in your life don’t be anxious or Rush their arrival every

moment has its designated time wait patiently for you will surely witness it

and when it arrives it will bring you immense joy and prosperity don’t lose heart or Retreat even if you’re

confronting tough times and despair seems overwhelming remember I’m with you stand

firm and fight for thy Faith do not let distress weaken thee nor let doubt

confuse thee for I Am by thy side ready to assist thee and though for thee and

thy family it may seem impossible I want to tell thee that I shall do great and

extraordinary things in your lives just believe it for my word is and

shall forever be alive and Powerful stand up now and embrace your bravery

remember you are my child and what you’re going through is merely a phase

designed to strengthen and Enlighten you a Divine response is on its way to

you and the long anticipated blessing will arrive when you L expect it my power

will unfold within you you need only to embrace it and claim it for this is my

desire for you be assured I always keep my promises and when I say you will receive Abundant

Blessings and achieve great things trust that it will happen yet you must start

thinking like a conqueror be brave steadfast hardworking humble and

maintain pure intentions continue to pray my child for in those moments of

prayer I will whisper to your heart about the Wonders I plan to unfold in

you and the blessings coming your way do not lose hope the moment for your

breakthrough is near no matter the challenges or the trials of this life

I’m about to do something miraculous in you I have prepared incredible things for you wonders unseen and unheard hand

over all your fears worries and restlessness to me trust me entirely and

I will rejuvenate every part of you I will mend what is broken and Revitalize

what is weary within you my grace and mercy will overflow in your life your

life will never be the same for I will perform Great and Mighty Works within

you press forward my child do not falter my daughter and if you stumble rise

again do not think that I am angry with you when you falter nor that I will turn

my back on you each time you air for I’m not scrutinizing your mistakes nor am I

waiting for you to fail in order to hide my face from you quite the contrary in

me you will find loyalty understanding Fidelity friendship and love for you are

my son my daughter and I placed you in this world I chose you before you were

born to bless you and prosper you in all your ways I will never leave you I will

never forsake you let there be no doubt about that stand up now my child and

face every challenge knowing you’re never alone do not fear the world or its fleeting rulers be steadfast and brave I

am always by your side through every trial and test my power will be your

Sanctuary giving you the strength to conquer every difficulty and obstacle be

patient and wait for what I’ve promised you’ll witness how bit by bit the

gateways to your aspirations swing wide open unveiling a path I’ve laid out just

for you Laden with blessings and chances don’t waver in your belief no matter how

arduous the weight understand that I’m continually acting in your best interest

just trust and let patience be your steadfast Ally as you welcome your

blessings know that in me you are more than just a Survivor you are triumphant

hold on to a mindset of Victory imbued with faith and assurance that your endeavors will be

successful remember your thoughts plant the future so cultivate them carefully

to harvest Prosperity Forge ahead my child stay rooted in my teachings and steadfast in

prayer for through prayer you connect deeply with me it’s in this communion that you’ll

find Solace Direction and insight into my designs for

you so keep advancing don’t pause in uncertainty should you stumble rise

again no knowing I’m supporting you for I will never abandon you remember that your Victory is

assured and with each step you take on this Earth You are accompanied by my

grace my favor and mercy go forth my son

go forth my daughter Advance with certainty and determination knowing that I will

perform great and extraordinary works in your life doubt not and trust with all

your being you will see that the promises I made to you will be fulfilled believe for it will be so do

not lose your faith there is always a powerful blessing behind every trial today I write these words to

remind you that I am with you when you feel overwhelmed desperate sad or even

lost in all these things I’m always with you for there is always a way out for

every problem and a blessing behind every trial in times when challenges seem

overwhelming and it feels like the world is aligning against you remember you are

not alone I’m here with you watching over and guiding you as your father I

Stand By Your Side shielding you from the adversities thrown your way hold on

to your Faith and Hope for they are your beacons during tough times they illuminate your path through the darkest

hours embrace the guidance of my teachings believe in what I’ve promised

and you will surmount every hurdle and trial consider life’s hardships as

chances for growth and learning often the greatest lessons are learned not during easy times but through trials

these challenges Forge your character teaching you courage patience and the

resolve to face and overcome any adversity you’re never alone in your

struggles I’m always with you every effort you make is a testament to your

commitment and perseverance each positive step no matter how small propels you forward the

rewards for your efforts might not be immediate but rest assured there is

always a blessing waiting after every trial that is why my son and daughter I

urge you never to give up life is a journey full of ups and

downs the difficulties you face today can turn into blessings tomorrow

remember that every time you overcome a challenge you become stronger and

wiser every time you fall you learn to rise and move forward every effort you

make is a seed you plant to reap a beautiful blessing in the future so no matter what problem you are facing at

this moment trust in me and keep moving forward for for if you trust in me you

will find the way out of all your problems and a great blessing behind every trial persevere and keep your

faith for if you believe you will be able to ask for the desires of your

heart and I will grant them I know that life can present itself as a path full

of challenges but in every step I Am with You guiding you towards the

fullness of my love and the countless blessings that await on your path I want you to understand that every

experience whether of Joy or sadness is part of this life fear not the traces of

challenges for You Are Not Alone on this journey my love envelops you and my

grace sustains you when you confront adversity remember that behind every

dark cloud the sun still shines awaiting to illuminate your path never grow weary

of believing in my promises or in the potential I have bestowed upon you have faith in me and I shall transmute

difficulties into growth your sorrow into joy and scarcity into

abundance forget not that you’re strong and brave Forge ahead towards your

dreams bear in mind with each step you take my love envelops you like a

protective mantle as you navigate through life’s ups and downs hold on to

the knowledge that you’re meant to win don’t lose heart or feel overwhelmed by

the challenges that seem as imposing as vast mountains hand over your concerns

and fears to me I’m here to listen and lighten your load carry on Bravely fueling the fire

of faith and optimism within you never forget I am by your side offering you

Endless Love even when the journey feels tough and the path ahead isn’t clear

have faith that my love and direction will guide you toward fulfilling your true purpose step forward

confidently don’t hesitate to call on me for help for I’m always ready to hear and answer you though life’s journey is

full of twists and turns with my love as your beacon you’ll have the power to

surmount any hurdle I cherish you immensely my child

more than words can express march on with faith and anticipation knowing that

wonderful blessings and joyous rewards await you

amen my beloved child in every moment of your life remember I’m infinitely close

to you nothing absolutely nothing is too great for me to handle your trust in my

promises is the foundation upon which you can stand firm even when facing life’s colossal

challenges you might find yourself in countless battles feeling nearly

overwhelmed at times but know this my spirit is within you infusing you with

an unshakable strength your faith therefore will not waver persist in your journey for I Am

by your side you’ve shared your longing for peace with me and I hear you let not

your heart be troubled when obstacles appear my word to you is

unbreakable the trials of each day cannot strip away your joy or weaken your spirit the Shadows cast by life’s

trials cannot darken your thoughts nor can the unexpected turns of Life disrupt

your inner calm hear these words for they are imbued with a Divine Purpose to fortify

your spirit bolster your mind and steady your heart recognize now that your destiny is

not enslaved to Mere emotions you are endowed with the sacred choice to shape

your path I bestow upon you the gift of self-discipline let not Temptation sway

you let your missteps not weaken your resolve nor your errors cast Shadows on

your journey your imperfections are but Stepping Stones to your growth not

chains that bind you place your trust in my eternal promise for I assure you

should you stumble I am there to lift you not just seven but countless times

even before you knew me when Shadows of sin lingered in your life my love and

forgiveness reached out to you how much more then will I be present to deliver

you from despair now that you walk in my light I vow to Dray your tears cleanse

you of any guilt and mend the a cheese within your soul my presence in your life is unweaving for I see your efforts

to rise above your falings and and the harsh Whispers of adversaries I urge you to view yourself

with the dignity you rightfully deserve for you are mine a precious being of

immeasurable worth yet you find yourself amidst those who are estranged from Joy by their own

skeptical Minds seeking their approval may lead you astray eroding your faith and

dimming the radiance of the future I’ve planned for you their negativity could seed bitterness

within you and over time you might find yourself questioning me attributing your

hardships to my silence but remember I am speaking to

you now reaching out with an abundance of Love ready to envelop you in my

grace now the choice rests firmly in your hands will you embrace the light of

my promises or linger in the darkness of worry are you ready to step into an era

of Triumph and Joy or will you remain Shackled by emotional

despair do you trust in the truth of my word or will you lean on the confused

and negative voices around you will you seek approval from those who bring Strife or will you aim to please your

creator who has woven dreams into the very fabric of your being the moment to decide is

now I extend you an invitation to dwell in my sacred presence learn to trust in

my assurances to wait with patience for my guidance allow time to unfold

nurturing your hopes and watching as your aspirations gently Bloom resist the world’s clamor for

immediate results and fleeting gratifications observe how some bloated

with arrogance expect life’s riches to be handed to them without a shred of gratitude their hearts puff up with

vanity they lose sight of thankfulness and in their conceit they trample upon the meek

casting judgment and exalting themselves as blameless while quick to condemn

others they claim Purity yet their words breed Discord and deceit know that I am

not found in hearts that Harbor malice my favor does not rest on those

who parade false virtue and humility instead my spirit abides with

those who are Meek in spirit who approach me aware of their imperfections and who would never dream of wielding

their Words As Weapons of hurt or falsehood I have set my gaze upon you I

want you to decide to follow me to accept this gift of eternal life to receive your spiritual inheritance I

know you well and I know you may make mistakes but you no longer think like

the others you know there is an omnipotent God who loves you forgives you helps you

rise and will continue to give you strength to move forward until victory is yours once again I urge you do not

turn away from this chance for you your loved ones or your community I yearn for

all of you to thrive under my care enveloped in my affection shielded Beneath My Wings basking in Serenity and

joy my dear child I cherish you profoundly I’ve witnessed each struggle every

moment of your anguish every instance of your Frailty and Falls those times of sorrow and weeping when you felt utterly

overwhelmed yet I was there I embraced you raised you up and endowed you with

the Vigor to persevere reflect on your journey thus far despite its hardships despite the

numerous setbacks you’ve consistently risen stronger each time time now you

stand resilient having transcended the agony you know your

path seek Refuge In My Embrace when your strength waines when your steps falter

when fatigue clouds your vision making you question the worth of pressing

on but remember my love fortifies you my spirit invigorates you and my blessings

reach you I observe how even amidst your achievement ments and triumphs you

sometimes feel vulnerable fragile and perturbed you doubt your capacity to

Prevail you wonder if I’m observant I am here to reaffirm my boundless love for

you to banish those doubts your life’s narrative is inscribed in my eternal

book Victory is your ordained Legacy I Am Your Divine protector your omnipotent

Creator infusing you with vitality and courage I am your provider conceiving

magnificent plans for your path ahead as you Heed These utterances

unlock your heart and embibe hope for I shall never cease to shower blessings

upon you doubt may assail you daily and despondency May seek to challenge and

enervate your mind yet my grace and love shall unfailingly envelop you surrender

yourself holy to me heart and soul for I yearn to reveal wond sights yet unseen

to share Myriad dreams waiting to be sown within you I’m your progenitor your

caretaker your profound love your steadfast companion whenever you pray and Converse

with me I’m close at hand one day I shall wipe away every

tear from your eyes banishing all the pain you have borne I impart these assurances unto you

so that you may never forget the V how I have made and how earnestly I desire your Wellness Felicity completeness and

blessing at this very moment continue to place your trust in me shunning all

doubt fear or thoughts of defeat for if you persevere and stand

steadfast upon my precepts the best shall befall you arriving

swifter then you anticipate I love you and I shall never forsake you I stand at

the threshold of your heart will you admit me allow me entry let me unfold

you in love I have awaited this tender moment to commune with you embrace my affection with confidence I have not

come to reproach you for your frailties or to castigate you for past errors you

sought forgiveness and I have granted it when I forgive I also forget your

transgressions Fade Into the annals of lessons learned I trust you shall not stray

again into the path of error will you allow me to guide you with this light I

now Kindle within you will you heed my gentle Whispers And heed my guidance a

new you shall Thrive and be blessed this is the fruit of your wise decision

today by opening the doors of your heart to me you invite countless blessings and

marvelous gifts which I am eager to bes Stow upon you I wish to be everpresent

in your life to hold the highest honor in your home while also seeking your

adherence to my guidance my words are meant to comfort your spirit my directives are healing

for your very essence it is my deepest desire to provide you with a life free

from overwhelming burdens when I ask you to take action it’s for your benefit when I urge you to

Halt it’s to secure your Everlasting well-being I yearn to be an integral

part of your household grant me the esteemed position I

seek inform your family members about who safeguards them always aware of the

plentiful blessings they receive they must remember their deliverance and

remain steadfast in their Devotion to me their faith should be solid aware that

they are under my protective Embrace there’s no need to search Elsewhere for happiness peace or joy in

my company they will find everything they need my love for you and your family is

unwavering even when I seem invisible I am overseeing your

welfare even when my presence isn’t palpable I am holding you close even amid doubts I stand beside you though my

answers may appear tardy and you’re awaited Mir Miracle seems on the horizon I am nurturing your faith assuring you

that all lies within my capability my words reaching you now is no coincidence your soul needs my

presence you might feel overwhelmed by circumstances yet right now I am here to

instill calm and peace within you embrace the Tranquility I offer you a

symbol of My Affection affirming my vow to guide you from one Triumph to another

leading you into the Sanctified domain of your blessings while the world around you

might shift and crumble my word stands unshakable my commitments to you

unbreakable the bond of Salvation we share is a promise I vow to keep no matter the forces arrayed against you

reflect on this do you hold fast to belief are you prepared for the

transformative journey I plan for you I am ready to cast aside those who inflict pain upon you to silence the

voices that bring you distress acknowledge the reality of the struggle stay alert to the adversaries

that surround engage in Earnest prayer encompassing all in your household even

those from whom you feel distant offer forgiveness and withhold judgment

intercede for them as I aim to extend my blessings through you you making you a

Beacon of Hope in their turmoil in this era brimming with trials

you are chosen to be a conduit of my grace I am your bullwark your unyielding

support even as calamities abound you shall stand untouched when I affirm your

blessing trust in its truth embrace my Assurance that all things will conspire

for your benefit in future for I am a god of Truth not

deceit even in times of hardship when you feel you can bear no more my dear

child you shall rise filled with joy and strength the days of Sorrow Shall Pass

prepare yourself for the abundance of blessings that shall rain down upon your

life I love you I speak to you with love hear me out until the very end these

words I impart may not fully resonate now but keep them close for they are

spoken with love I Harbor no resentment towards you you have been awaiting my

guidance yet face silence I allowed you the Liberty to

make your own choices in life to venture into Uncharted territories without

seeking my wisdom or laying your journey at my feet you took the helm steering

your course without me and now amid the storm you question my absence

remember my dear one I once implored offer me your heart keep your Gaze on the path I lay before you commit every

plan to me find sustenance in my teachings you embraced this guidance yet

there came a moment when fatigue set in and curiosity LED you

astray you stood up emboldened by a false sense of strength and wandered off

in search of Greater fortunes believe you lacked enough in your haste you overlooked the

treasures around you chasing after fleeting illusions of wealth neglecting

the genuine Joy I offered I called to you in your dreams at night I spoke to you in many ways

during the day yet you did not heed my call out of love for you I had to

intervene in your life you went out to battle alone and due to your stubbornness you hit rock bottom falling

into a deep pit in The Quiet Moments of your remorse

I witness the sincerity of your tears as genuine as any child’s I accepted your

repentance reached out my hand and rescued your spirit from the brink my

dear one I address your very essence with tenderness for the joy you seek the

only path is Unity with me now and forever there lies no alternative to

grasp victory in your existence you must dwell in harmony with my spirit forever

purified and safeguarded by My Sacrifice enveloped in my affection

approach me now return to where you belong open yourself to the sustenance I

offer the bread of life that transforms your very core abide with me for wandering from my

side brings no Solace or Joy I’m touching your burdened heart mending your spirit with my healing Embrace

gently I soothe your weary emotions inscribing my promises deep within you

eradicating Frailty and endowing you with Vigor and belief from my realm

flows The Living Water soothing the parched areas of your soul you approached me today Laden with

burdens yet I assure you I will hold you steadfastly you shall not stumble or

perish my voice like thunder Echoes In Your Consciousness my Divine might

restoring your soul eternally I speak now to you who seek me

earnestly who approach me in your thirst and weariness overwhelmed by life’s

trials so desperate that you would kneel until my power unfolds in your life to

you I say be calm I indeed respond to those who seek me in faith therefore

with your own eyes you you will see great wonders and miracles this Majestic power that set

the stars in motion toward Infinity can also bring about radical changes in your

life if you give your heart to me humbly and believe sincerely in my love for you

and in this immense affection my blessing is for those who love me and yearn for me with faith who feed on my

word and leave all negativity behind my presence dwell dwells with

them as they confidently await my timely response to end all their enemies and

station my warrior Angels at the Four Corners of their home your faith brings

me immense joy and it resonates through the heavens sparking Jubilation and

songs of praise from the celestial beings the cosmos itself feels the shift

when you choose to Embrace Life a new bolstered by faith ready to face

challenges like like a valiant Warrior eager for the victories and blessings

I’m poised to Grant you now is the moment for your blessing and your heart

filled with thankfulness will find rest each new day will awaken fresh hopes

within you you are liberated I have mended your spirit emotional chains no

longer bind you embrace my support lean on me I promise to Hold Your Hand

steadfastly you are cherished deeply these words are not random they

are meant for you with me by your side defeat and failure are not in your

future together we will navigate the hard times in your battles I will envelop you

with care and fortify Your Heart with words of love your well-being and circumstances

matter deeply to me for you reside in a realm where suffering is prevalent ENT

but remember I have triumphed over it all through my sacrifice and Resurrection this victory is yours to

share I desire for you to experience this life-giving spring within erasing

your pain cleansing your wounds and invigorating your tired

Soul crave my company seek me in every moment be it morning or night in Joy or

sorrow in abundance or want you are not defeated defeat is not your

fate stand firm hold on to the blessings you’ve gathered along your path after

the Tempest Tranquility will return the tumultuous waves will hush at my

command just as you listen to me now embrace the Tranquility I offer you it’s

a token of my love accept it wholeheartedly don’t dismiss this tender gesture feeling undeserving of such

love you are are aware that a daily battle ensues in the spiritual realm the

adversary seeks to shake and shatter you like a wheat stalk but fear not for you

are not alone I Stand By Your Side all I ask for is a modum of your

faith make the decision now to believe to embrace this eternal love that

follows you wherever you go shielding and safeguarding you when the enemy

strikes it’s nor normal for life to change in a mere moment you have the right to shed tears and feel sorrow it’s

beneficial for your soul to release what lies within and thus be spiritually restored however never believe that you

will be trapped in pain forever or that the sorrow engulfing you will never cease or that your destiny is to live in

Perpetual defeat your opponents and those who pretend to be your friends might try to

demoralize you to keep you from from standing tall and fighting back yet I’m

here to breathe life into you to urge you to look upward and grasp my

hand my goal is to fill you with immense joy and steadfast bravery I know your

struggles you might have felt at times that continuing the fight seems futle

that surrendering to defeat and awaiting the end might appear e here however my love for you is deep I

have a significant purpose for you and your loved ones you mustn’t surrender

don’t relinquish your blessings don’t retreat to a place of

hopelessness this isn’t what I desire for you I’ve come to bestow upon you a

life filled with abundance and divine Vigor your worth isn’t tied to fleeting

emotions or the judgments of others if today you’re confronted with

challenges and disregard listen to my message message my love for you is

steadfast and even when grave trials emerge unexpectedly it’s crucial you

understand that my love remains unchanged these words are etched upon your heart to be recalled daily

regardless of circumstances my affection for you grows with every moment when

hurtful feelings arise resist the urge to isolate yourself believing your solitary in your journey unnoticed or

with and who am I yes I am speaking directly to you not an illusion but a

presence you can sense you perceive these words each imbued with care

mending your spirit who am I in your eyes share with me I am eager to listen

if you don’t see me as your ally or if you wish for me to leave you to your Solitude muster the courage to say so

now regardless of what what you think I will not distance myself even if you

cast me out of your life I will not leave I open my arms to you even as you turn away even if you reject me I

promise you I am not like the others I truly love you and I will not

forsake you my faithfulness is eternal and unyielding my decision to love you

remains unchanged even if you tell me I should go I will still be here speaking

to you daily with this tender affection until you can feel it deep within your

heart and I know that today you are already feeling it come let me embrace

you with Holy Love and help you navigate through this situation you’re facing

spare a moment of your time for me find a secluded Place away from the noise and listen to these words filled with love

and affection that I will give you today do not ignore this heartfelt

message I send it to you with love because I see how hard you’re striving and how you’re fighting to move forward

in your life this word is for you I am your father and I love you

unconditionally every day I come to meet you Illuminating you with the sunlight embracing you with love protecting you

from the cold and quenching your thirst amidst the heat I’m addressing your tender heart which has been hurt

undervalued wounded humiliated and has felt alone abandoned confused without a

reason to live and without Direction I understand that there are

countless details in your life that may go unnoticed because the burdens you carry are so immense that they stifle

your desire to pray or seek my presence yet know that I hold no resentment

toward you I empathize with your struggles My Sacrifice was profound and

my commitment to you you is unwavering I have chosen this day to bestow blessings upon you to lift the

veil of Sorrow That clouds your being I aim to alleviate the emotional

load you bear The Haunting memories and the feelings that occasionally plunge you back into

Gloom I’ve listened to your laments about feeling underappreciated and

misunderstood weary from dispensing love without receiving a modum of empathy or

regard in return recall my own ordeal how I was affixed to the cross and

offered vinegar in my thirst you too seek mere kindness yet

sometimes face disregard Hollow friendships and disappointments remember I endured

betrayal and suffering yet I triumphed over it all to spare you from enduring

Perpetual pain feel my presence today engage with my work words you are never

isolated I cherish you deeply it’s okay to weep but let your tears be of relief

and happiness for this is the affirmation you’ve longed for as you go forth engrave this in your heart despite

the tumults despite your trials and errors even when all seems Bleak never forget that you are cherished I am with

you I love you all will be well your kind heart is known to me and I pledge

to nurture and expand every seed of goodness within you to you who are going

to the doctor today and are afraid I have not left you I have not abandoned you I have the final word and I still

have the power to work miracles it is my will to fill you with health and

vitality to alleviate your worries and to fill you with my peace to you who do

not know how you will feed your children today believe and cling to this word I am

preparing a table full of provision for you and your family to enjoy my

blessings to you who cannot pay your debts and obligations I tell you believe

in my power Thou shalt receive a revelation that shall wholly transform the

circumstance thou presently endur to thee who seeketh Noble employment it

shall be found despair not be not disheartened cease not thy

Quest my Celestial Guardian shall guide thee in all paths that thy foot may not

stumble bestowing Grace upon thee in thy interactions and revealing unto thee the

doors thou ought to knock Thou shalt settle thy debts with joy and even Aid those in need I have a

great multitude dwelling among thee unto many of them I shall appeal that they

may move in thy favor bringing thee companionship camaraderie and

labor therefore remember the words I impart unto thee I am thy Shepherd and

not shall be lacking unto thee treat whosoever thou encounter with nobility and humility wearing upon thy

countenance a mighty smile in the midst of your deep sorrow and overwhelming urge to cry know that I

have endowed you with hidden gifts and talents waiting just beneath the surface for their moment to shine now is the

time to reveal the full extent of my grace that has been your silent

companion your happiness and Faith are not just beacons for yourself but also

lights that will guide others to you and you to them creating ripples of Hope

remember my child sometimes your simplest smile can be the Catalyst for

change in someone’s life turning their Darkness into light I am ever present

with you making today a day you’ll always remember continue to engage with my words embrace them and let them guide

you a profound Joy awaits you as you witness the unfolding of the blessings I

have in store find your calm Embrace Serenity and let your eyes gently close

let go of your concerns release them to the skies where they’ll vanish in the vastness above Feel My Hope Holy Spirit

within you as I Breathe Into You life and everlasting peace your heavy burdens

are now lifted your worries dissolved cast into the ocean’s

depths stay here in this moment feel my unending love intertwining with your

heart ensuring that its warmth and comfort are with you at all times this

love will be your anchor calming the storms within you dispelling the fear that your anguish is is

unending my words are not mere sounds but a bomb for your soul a promise from

a father who cherishes your every moment I’m here to offer you a life brimming

with joy liberating you from the shadows of Despair reconnecting you with the

vibrant reality I have designed for you behold Thou Art surrounded by Myriad

blessings foremost among them thou Hast life a precious gift

though thou Hast suffered thy situation is changing for thou Hast approached with simple and innocent faith

beseeching for mercy and love behold how many are ens snared in the false belief that they shall never

be liberated from their bondage go forth and tell those who suffer that I do not desire their loss but love them so

fervently that I have done and shall do all that is possible in this universe to

bring them freedom and salvation you are liberated at this very moment you are no

longer bound by any harmful habit despite the hurdles and trials you

will encounter I will Empower you the destructive patterns that once brought

you pain and suffering will no longer besiege you you are a person of a wonderful and

Splendid heart brimming with assurance and resolve you share a bond with me I’m not

merely an entity confined to the pages of a book you’ve tucked away in a

drawer through hearing my voice you are affirming that I am genuine and actively

influencing your life that book is more than just text it is my Dynamic word

poised to unleash profound changes within you I express my deep

appreciation to you my cherished one for your thankful heart and your faith in me

this day I have communicated with you revealing that numerous blessings lie ahead when you call out to me I’m

compelled to respond to your heartfelt please in times of Despair and grief

when existence seems empty hold fast I am intimately acquainted with your

thoughts and feelings therefore I have chosen to address you directly listen to

my guidance so you can ReDiscover peace and joy you are here to accomplish

a grand purpose you are and will continue to be a source of inspiration to many while

you might question this now these comforting words are meant to transform your perspective you will feel that

profound courage once again the same Vigor that filled you with excitement

when you first dared to dream you had many goals but your journey was hindered

and you face deceitful adversaries you believe their lies they hurt you

attacking your faith but today marks the beginning of your renewal I forgive thy sins thy past

shall never be held against thee strive and be courageous in believing in me and

dream once more I have many things to entrust unto thee I shall bless thee abundantly filling thy storehouses with

Provisions yet I reiterate thou must nourish thyself with my word and truly

believeth me doubt not to seek me through prayer for I shall Grant Thee

the Solace and all the love thou needest each time thou prayest I am

there to listen I am intimately acquainted with all thou Hast endured

and I have realized how faithful thou Hast been to me amidst

adversity all thy doubts fears and uncertainties shall be taken into

account in your moments of turmoil and and uncertainty when the weight of the

world seems unbearable know that I am here to offer you Solace and solutions the troubles

that haunt you the anxieties that besiege your peace none will stand against my will

for your well-being I will dismantle the barriers before you or equip you with the

strength to surmount them your devotion and constant search for me in every

aspect of life bring me immense Joy I have celebrated your victories

Stood Beside You through trials and even when you felt alone I was there clearing

your path easing your journey I have been your healer your Shield against Peril my unwavering vow

is to be by your side through every challenge every seemingly insurmountable hurdle turn to me in prayer I’m ever

ready to hear and answer you hold fast to Hope never doubting my presence

know that I wield the ultimate power to shape and reshape to mend what is

broken even when chaos appears to rign believe in my active support in your

life cast aside The Dread of judgment or criticism and stand firm in your

faith no adversary shall overpower you no voice shall instill fear for my words

imbue you with Faith’s strength and the insight to advance advance confidently to towards

your goals do not look back look ahead for I am before you clearing

paths remember all that I have said keep it in your heart and put it into practice for I your God will never

forsake you regardless of the hour the day or the moment you can speak to me whenever

you wish let no one tell you otherwise I will always be waiting for you to come

to me I understand the hardships you’re encountering Ing and the struggle to

maintain composure amidst these trials it’s crucial not to let

adversaries Lead You astray into wrongdoing hence I urge you to Lay Your Troubles at my feet daily my purpose is

to lighten your load I aim to support you and Grant you Serenity I’ll handle

all concerns Your Role is to walk Faithfully beside me placing your trust

in Your Divine father while the future might seem uncertain to

you rest assured I have meticulously planned it and I am intimately acquainted with every detail your

current turmoil might Cloud your understanding of my words but know this

the intensity of your sorrow will be matched and surpassed by the joy and blessings to come I have observed your

disheartened moments during dreary mornings yet I am here to offer my support to be your

Refuge allowing you to unload your burdens onto me abandon your doubts and

embrace the certainty that I possess the authority to resolve your predicaments and compel those who’ve wronged you to

acknowledge the strength I’ve placed in you in your most troubled nights I will

be your Solace infusing peace into your soul with the dawn your tear streak eyes

will witness the fruition of your perseverance the dissipation of your

grief your blessing is imminent trust in this Truth for I am ever

faithful [Music]


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