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my beloved your season of barrenness is behind you now ahead lies a time of

plentiful joy and blessings accept these words in faith

and stand for many tasks await you my joy overflows when I see your fervor

your Assurance each day brings warmth to my heart the way you trust in my presence fills me with boundless love

your humble heart evidenced by each prayerful kneel moves me deeply you

stand resilient like a mighty warrior yet your spirit is calm patient treating

all with respect and kindness your ways Inspire many your

choices your victories your blessings and the manner in which you share these with

others it is through your graciousness that many will find healing and

support my spirit empowers you in your hands you wield the sword of spirit in

your heart the courage on your lips the Divine words that break every chain

remember it is not by your strength alone but by my grace that you

succeed stay humble for I give no title or rank without purpose those who came

before you bearing this message sought neither a claim nor worldly gain through

them my power was made manifest I yearned to achieve remarkable Deeds with you within your life and

amidst your family yet I urge you to dress your heart in humility and Trust

shun the pursuit of popularity and the hollow Acclaim of worldly titles through

your hands I intend to work miracles hitherto unseen the Reigns that restore your land

are already descending streams of Living Water are revitalizing your Fields breathing new

life into your dreams be steadfast and courageous my child you are on the cusp of witnessing

with your own eyes the heavens opening their doors and windows over you I know you grasp my

words cherish this divine revelation deep within your soul my love for you is boundless you

know the joy I find in our communion and your heart swells with gladness each

time you declare your love for me my love is proven words of healing

have flowed from my lips shielding you from Peril and sickness rescuing you from the brink of

death I am the god of strength the fulfiller of promises I uplift the

downtrodden fortify the weak and bring smiles to sorrowful hearts

I fling wide the Gates of Heaven for those who devote themselves wholly to me loving me with all their heart and mind

these are my children pledged to dwell in my presence to walk this path

steadfastly unwavering looking neither to the left nor the right you are my beloved

daughter my cherished son and my words echo in your thoughts

etched upon your heart you shall not forget these words

they Harbor the strength to surmount every conflict to defeat every foe to resist every

Temptation my heart swells with joy observing how earnestly you’ve embraced your relationship with me how

fearlessly you’re growing I’m delighted and am set to expand your spiritual

vision allowing you to perceive the breath of blessed lands I intend to bestow upon you be aware there’s a

battle for your life within the spiritual realm the enemy schemes against you and your family but their

efforts are in vain they do not possess the strength to harm you as the power of

my blood Shields and protects you Safeguard your paths Shield your

eyes and utter only words of kindness do not be provoked nor react impulsively to

challenges no matter what unfolds you and your family rest securely in my care

should adversity arise choose not to react with anger or escalation instead respond with

gentleness and peace my peace will dominate your home

you will witness Miracles and receive unexpected blessings and joys your faith will deepen you and your family will be

enveloped in immense Joy once again I will manifest my love

for you ensuring my presence remains ever with you I’m accelerating time for

you to grasp your blessings and to receive the answers you’ve long

awaited all that surrounds you is designed for your benefit ready your

heart and mind open your Home’s Doors wide and allow my presence to fill and

reside within your dwelling just as you hear me today hear

This Promise your life will transform I know what you need even

before you realize it yourself but I ask for clarity in your prayers understand your needs your

desires your dreams be sure of what you ask from me know precisely what you want and where

you aim to go if you seek Triumph it comes at a cost true Faith fervent prayer dedicated

work and significant personal sacrifice I will be bestow upon you success that endures eternally for you

and your family I will never Grant you anything that would bring sorrow or distance you from me I do not wish for

your family to suffer from your absence my desire is for you to shine as

a beacon of light in the world yet ensure that when you return home you bring only light not Darkness remember

those you love do not let the pressures of Life consume you or jeopardize your

health I always desire the best for you genuine peace true Faith Tranquility in

your life free from Material concerns The Riches of this world are

temporary you arrived empty-handed and you will leave in the same way however the love and care you plant

in those who love you the faith you share the assistance you offer to those in need and your steadfast faithful

these are the Deeds that will yield true spiritual rewards this is my promise to

you come my beloved daughter my beloved Son you have been faithful in the small

things and thus I have bestowed upon you a great blessing one day you will receive a crown upon your head I will

place it there myself I hold the power to change times and Seasons to transform Hearts I am

arranging all things so that you may Revel in my blessings and leave your suffering behind I stand at the door

calling open to me now I decide to dwell in your home to

fill every member of your family with my wonderful peace very soon you will witness my power manifested over you and

your family a season of peace heling and blessings is on the

horizon I have seen your faith I hear your prayers your attitude pleases me me

the sincerity of your heart moves me your faith is vibrant you diligently seek my presence each day your spiritual

life is of utmost importance to you you do not neglect Mo as others do who visit

only sporadically and do not commit their paths or plans to me I urg you to

teach your family and all those you love to emulate your example your positive

demeanor let them continue to see the fruits of your faith as it grows and

strengthens along with your spirit mind and soul keep your eyes open for a

significant opportunity is approaching many turn away from the blessings I send because they feel

unworthy along your journey you will encounter many who suffer and weep

unable to grasp that someone truly loves them forgives them and Promises a future

free from Pain and despair if only they could shed their

disbelief and allow me the chance to shower my love upon their lives but you you will bear abundant

fruit like the sturdy tree you are when you grow strong enough and your arms are

robust enough to hold the blessings I will bestow great Miracles will occur for you and your family remember it is

not by your strength but by mine it is my power that will bring about the

Miracles you wish to see in your family your finances your health and your

life you must be courageous and diligent I do not want you to become

disheartened trying to change with your own efforts what is humanly impossible for me as you well know

everything is possible I will act in my timing and according to my will any

things that you urgently need and are praying for I will grant them I assure

you that these things will come to pass but you must be patient and wait just as a seed falls to the ground

and later Sprouts grows and blooms into a beautiful Majestic flower so too will

many of the seeds you have planted flourish they will transform into wonderful Miracles that will bolster

your faith and leave you astounded I I ask for your patience I

ask you to wait and to obey me do not fear do not grow weary continue

steadfastly but also Rest in Me and await the miraculous works I will perform in your

life when the time arrives you will indeed see it as the day draws near you

will be aware you will sense my presence and initially you will notice subtle shifts

then quite unexpectedly at the moment you least anticipate you will be taken

by surprise Joy will burst forth from your lips laughter will fill your mouth and

within you a peace a supernatural Joy will swell saturating your being and

there right before your eyes in a remarkable way the miracle you have awaited will

unfold your health restored your finances transformed a change in the

hearts of those you love finally you will receive what you have needed and long for my beloved

child nourish yourself with my word therein lies your strength and your

hope seek me daily dedicate moments alone with me in your room in the quiet

for praying is also persevering prayer is Warfare a battle a

demanding task for those who seek miracle miracles in their lives and for the lives of those they cherish you must

continue to pray I will envelop you with my presence embrace you tenderly and

continue to manifest my love remember my words well

I will come and perform that great miracle for you patiently wait I am here

to help you rise above your troubles to conquer discouragement to focus on the future and to persist without losing

your faith so that you may Triumph and prosper trust in me for I am your

heavenly father feel free to speak with me and share your needs for I also

desire for you to see and feel me as a close friend I wish to extend my hand to you

and assure you that I’m always attentive always listening sit down to talk to me express

your thoughts the plans you Harbor in your heart and your emotions with your own words conversing with me is

beneficial it heals your soul and calms your mind speaking out what you feel

activates your faith and from there Miracles begin to unfold today is the day for you to share

everything you wish to tell me but also to listen as I speak to

you I am not here to judge I’m not scolding you or reminding you of past

failures listen my beloved daughter my beloved Son hear what my spirit gently Whispers

to your ear I love you deeply and each morning I eagerly wait for you to wake

and tell me with your thoughts that you need me and love me your words of Love

Rise Like The Morning Sun to my Throne filling your life your family and your

home with my protective love remember no matter what troubles you face I am here

to help you I won’t withhold any good thing from you whatever you ask that will bless you I

will quickly answer and send it wrapped in my love keep this in your heart I your God am stronger than all your

problems and pains Cast Away fear and Tackle your challenges with

bravery I know you’re facing tough times and I’ve heard you when you’ve Cried Out

quietly telling me you’re tired and losing the will to go on but I urge you

to listen carefully and make that lifechanging decision choose to seek me to trust in me and to

stand strong in your decisions follow me and obey me it’s not too hard and it

won’t weigh you down I promise that obeying me will bring you peace your faith will yield patience and

calm if you cling to my words and live out my Commandments no one can put you

to shame your enemies will turn back and flee when they they see how I’ve sheltered you they’ll stop speaking ill

of you and spreading lies my presence will guard you from

deceivers day and night therefore I urge you to cast all doubt from your mind and

concentrate on following my Commandments my word will strengthen your soul and

heal your body Bid Farewell to stress tension nervousness and all your

fears my power is sufficient my love for you is boundless in this new phase of your life

you will be liberated from all those emotions that once tormented you and nothing will drag you down into

depression it fills me with immense joy to know how your life will abound in

peace and happiness I love you and through this

you can be assured of my presence I have come today to speak to you and touch your heart at a time when

you need me most my love for you is unconditional genuine and

everlasting nothing can separate you from the great love I have for you not your sins nor your mistakes even when

you were distant from me my loving hand reached out to save you from the bonds that stole your will to

live when you call on me I’m here when you cry out in desperation I open the

doors of my heart do you when I see you kneel my eyes regard you

with tenderness my grace envelopes you thus I want you to trust in my promises

and believe that everything I do is for your benefit I am always with you this

knowledge should bring you great joy you are privileged while Others May

dwell in distress you have peace and serenity if life presents challenges I

will give you the strength to overcome them I will clear paths open doors and soften Hearts I will place incredible

opportunities before you you will travel to distant lands visit many nations and

spread my love across the globe because I have chosen you for this purpose come with me take my hand follow

only me and no one else I will place in your hands Seeds of Love and words of

healing that you will sow in many remember nothing is impossible for me

the Miracles I am performing in your life will astonish you tell me that you

believe me I have something very important to share with you so listen closely now do not disregard this

message Embrace every word I’m about to give you and let me know your thoughts

on this matter I wish to discuss with you I am here to assure you that I will

not cease to tell you daily how much I love you I will find Sweet and beautiful ways

to make you feel enveloped safeguarded and perpetually blessed by this great

love I hold for you my feelings remain steadfast my Covenant of Love with You

is inscribed in my word signed with my own blood and sealed by the presence of

my Holy Spirit which Lives in Your Heart Like a flame burning away impurities

Like A Mighty Wind uprooting all painful memories infusing you with tranquility

and tenderness you will receive a steadfast strength Divine peace that solidifies

your footing aiding you to stand up to rise again to advocate for life to

devote more love and time to your family this great power I offer you is

enveloped in eternal love I came to rescue you and to secure you a wonderful

and special place in heaven you will be with me there one day but while you

tread this Earth I want you to recall these words every night as you close

your eyes especially when they weep rest your head on your pillow set aside your

fears extend your hands and receive this Divine oil that heals both body and soul

you will sleep peacefully free from disturbances and in the morning when you

arew Walkin you will feel this refreshing Spirit instead of warries I will keep

insisting you need to hear every minute how much I love you appreciate you and

value you I’m actively working to clear your path and ensure that everything goes smoothly for you your family will

live in harmony your children will grow in wisdom your house will lack nothing

you will be free from debts and all the anguish in your soul will cease

you will hear me you will feel me I will continue to embrace you with tenderness

and sweetly tell you of my eternal wonderful Supernatural love for you tell

me that you love me if I assure you that everything will be all right please

believe me if you continue to worry about those things you have already entrusted to me you will exhaust your

strength you have given me your hand let me Lead You peacefully to Green

Pastures I want you to lack nothing I desire to satisfy your soul with Divine

love and holy tenderness do not fear the adversities that may come you will stand firm and I

will be with you I will not let you falter I

understand you have felt weak which is why I’m speaking directly to your heart I am here with you instead of

getting caught in confusion and Desperation sit here with me take a moment to rest do

not fret about the future or be troubled by the state of the world focus on what

is essential your family your spiritual life nourishing your life with my

word praying doing good and showing Mercy to those who have offended you

even if everyone around you trembles with fear at the signs they see neither

you nor your family should fear I will never leave you nor forsake you be

prepared While others are consumed with fear you will witness great Miracles the trumpets are sounding the time of your

Liberation is near but today pray believe strive live do not be afraid of

what might come trust in my word nothing is impossible for me I love you tell me

that you love me it Delights me to hear it from you my love heals you calms you

holds you guides you and lifts you up my presence envelops you and my Holy Spirit

fills you so fully that you are immersed in a river of pure crystalline Waters

feeling utterly joyful it’s been a long time since you

felt this happy or so protected and loved you’ve been through a period of

struggle and loneliness feeling abandoned and forgotten but that’s all behind you now you will forget it from

today onwards my promises will always be on your lips you will speak of them and

remember them if you ever feel alone again just call out and I will be with

you every day if you feel tired and weighed down by warries come to me to

find the rest your heart needs always remember that I am your Shepherd you will want

for nothing I have the perfect provision in my hands so that you will lack nothing I am your path to

Salvation my divine presence eliminates all fear from your life I’m establishing

your roots beside a river of Living Waters and your fruit will be a blessing for your family and many

others if you are searching for something true and everlasting if you

need someone to truly love you here I am on day days when you feel like crying

without reason come and find solace in my love you have no other option many

will offer you love but they always want something in return constantly demanding more from

you they show patience and friendship they promise happiness but they leave

you when you have nothing more to give there is no one in this world who can offer you what I give love peace healing

steadfast loyalty come and receive this blessing now it’s yours freely given I’m

not selling it I don’t need your money I want your heart your faith your loyalty

and your commitment your unwavering decision to leave behind the past and start a new

chapter with me stretch your faith toward a new future wait with confidence

be patient tell me with your own words that you accept my presence

my dear God I commit to believing in your word with all my heart I respond to

you receiving your faith prepare yourself now for a

wonderful downpour of blessings that I will pour out upon you I come to comfort

you I want to give you the strength you need today take some time to seek me with all

your soul you need to rest and recover you have been through so much and I

don’t want you to continue feeling sad or open the door to despair know that this is not a

coincidence it is true and you will receive these words in your heart as you

read them give me your hand stand up I will give you the strength to continue

in this stage of your life your faith must be renewed and maintained keep your

spiritual life active do not let the flame of new Joy be extinguish

it do not accept the darkness that seeks to bring down your life if you want to

advance and rise to a better level you must believe me when I tell you that I love you and want to fill you with my

love receive it do not make excuses do not give me the list of your

mistakes or hide behind them I chose you to bless you because in doing so I chose

to love you and that’s what I am doing I’m not playing with your feelings or

offering you empty promises open your eyes and see I am

placing before you the greatest gift in the universe my love my forgiveness my

grace and my salvation tell me that you believe me that you accept me that you give me your

life and that you open your heart to me look around you value all the blessings

I give you take care of them they are yours you say you love me and I know

it’s true then show appreciation for what I do for you that’s how you show

your love and your faithfulness come and listen to my word

every day pay close attention to me hear me and open your heart to understand and

obey me my will is to love and bless you you must believe me my blessing for you

does not depend on your own strength or your Perfection it depends on my power

and my love if I want to do great things with you I will do them if I want your

life to be filled with goodness and mercy that is how I will bless you I will provide everything you need

and I will give you even more but in return I ask for your life and your

heart I know with all your soul that you love me and you will give them to me

seek me and receive the peace your soul yearns for come and cry out to me day and night

without tiring maintaining an attitude of Faith and Hope come to me fully

believing that I’m real and I will respond to you things might not have turned out as

you expected but you must trust me again with all your soul I’m arranging things

so that blessings will flow to your family and your home if you think you have lost something material reflect

deeply your life is in my hands and I desire your well-being your growth the

firmness of your faith and your strengthening I will restore those things to you but they will be greater

and more beautiful than before give me your heart now I want to provide you with the peace that you long

for but you must also find rest in body and soul Place those worries and thoughts

that that steal your sleep into my hands believe me your future is not

uncertain I hear you when you cry at night wondering how you will manage to move forward in the midst of this crisis

today I tell you that you will progress through your faith you have grown much

stronger your faith is deepened align yourself with me your

faith and my promises are enough for you to walk on water and for miracles to occur in your life

so do not fear anything or anyone each morning when you wake up fill yourself

with courage and strength you are very brave your faith is sufficient today I place this

resplendant sword in your hands feel its power this is my word in which you have

placed so much trust use it from today onwards when you have to face

difficulties I will also be with you fighting by your side I love you the

destiny I have set for you is one of blessing Victory and prosperity you are anxious about the

days ahead and unsure of what to do you feel as though you lack the resources to tackle the upcoming

challenges but here I am once again embracing you with my love and easing

your anxieties I know you cannot see me but I am here working in your favor with my

infinite power I am creating a spring of Living Water that will satisfy your soul and

provide you with the peace and strength you need it has never been my will for you

to suffer or live in distress let the transformative power of

my love flood your being and guide you out of all your troubles just believe in me and you will

see how I calm the fiercest storms in your life remember I am the god of the impossible

the one who brings good into your life and delivers you from evil I’m the one

who crowns you with favor and mercy your lord your provider even though you may walk

through Dark Places and valleys shadowed by death fear no evil for I am with

you trust with all your heart my son I will strengthen you in weakness raise

you up in adversity and support you in the storm do not fear for in me you will

find strength and the comfort you need I am your firm rock your protective

shield and your secure salvation trust in my love and in this

promise you will see that with me by your side you can Traverse the deepest

valleys and scale the highest mountains please listen to my voice and cling to

this promise shut out the voice of the enemy do not heed his lies he seeks to

lead you into a corridor of fear to confuse you so that you do not seek my

light he wants you to succumb to your fears and Fall Into Darkness be strong

and courageous recall my words when I declared you are my son one of my

Victorious and brave warriors I will cause Springs of Living Water to burst forth from within you

even in dry lands Springs that will quench your thirst and shield you from the Sun as you cross the

desert beloved Son dismiss doubts Proclaim my word to receive healing

provision and protection remember there are many blessings in heaven that I long to

bestow upon you you only need to believe and everything you ask of me will be

granted to you remember that nothing is impossible for me so do not fear the

evil one when he tries to stop you with false walls of iron do not be afraid or

give up when you face his deceptions let your gaze not show Fear

stand firm in your faith and Advance with the certainty that I am by your

side behold I give you authority to tear down strongholds and thwart every work of evil that rises against you my

son this evening close your eyes and let me envelop you you in my arms of Love

listen to my voice telling you that I love you that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you and

that you are more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus do not heed the world’s comments

or Satan’s lies believe in my word believe in my

promises you will see how your sadness turns into Joy your tears into laughter

and your lack into a full and Abundant Life believe my son

believe with all your heart and you will see how everything I tell you today

becomes reality it’s time for you to stop belittling yourself and feeling guilty

for sins I have already forgiven I am a god of Mercy love and

forgiveness you don’t have to live tied to the Past stop tormenting

yourself don’t let them make you feel worthless or that there is no opportunity for you

I’m the one who died for you I shed my blood so that you may now live in

forgiveness and with your head held high you are not what people say you are you

are what I say you are through my word you are my son my warrior my most

precious treasure do not be influenced by those voices that condemn you and seek the worst for you you were created

to win battles and Conquer victories I chose you to be blessed and live a life

of abundance my son today I give you victory over every

problem that afflicts your life over every disease over every poverty and

scarcity I give you power and authority to undo every work of evil so rise up and shine rise up and

shine with the light of my love remember that you are my perfect creation formed

with love and care in every detail you are a winner a conqueror an

heir of my eternal Kingdom so walk with your head held high knowing that I am with you and that your destiny is secure

in my hands listen my son to your father’s teachings Embrace these

Proverbs to grow wiser pay close attention and strive to understand I

offer you valuable knowledge so never abandon my teachings I too was once a

son tenderly loved by my mother and taught by my father he said to me grasp my words with all

your heart follow my commands and you will have a fulfilling life seek wisdom

and understanding above all do not forget or turn away from these words if

you cherish wisdom she will protect and watch over you wisdom is Paramount so

pursue it even if it costs you everything honor her and she will Elevate you Embrace her and she will

bring you honor honor she will Adorn your head with Grace and bestow a

glorious Crown upon you listen to me my son accept my words

and you will enjoy a long life I guide you on the path of wisdom and lead you

on straight roads your journey will be smooth when you walk you won’t be

hindered when you run you won’t stumble hold tightly to instruction never let it

go it is your life avoid the path of the wicked do not follow the ways of

evildoers steer clear of it continue on your way evildoers cannot rest until they do

harm they can’t sleep until they’ve caused someone to fall they thrive on

wickedness and violence the path of the righteous is like the first light of dawn shining ever brighter until the

full light of day but the of the wicked is like total darkness they falter not

knowing what causes them to stumble listen carefully my son to my

advice keep your focus on my words never lose sight of them keep them in your

heart they are the key to life for those who grasp them and they bring Health to

the whole body Above All Else guard your heart for it influences all that you do keep your

speech honest and avoid corrupt communication look straight ahead Focus

your gaze directly in front of you carefully consider the path for your feet and stay steadfast in all your ways

do not Veer off course keep your feet from Evil heed my words my son and lend

your ear to my teachings do not let them Escape your sight hold them close to

your heart they are the source of life to those who find them and they bring Health to ones in entire being the

verses you’ve shared reflect the Timeless wisdom of Proverbs highlighting the vital importance of wisdom in our

lives this biblical text urges us to guard our hearts diligently for it influences all aspects of Our

Lives it advises us to speak truthfully and avoid deceit and to maintain Focus

avoiding distractions that lead you sast Proverbs exalts the Excellence and

Eternity of wisdom wisdom herself calls out to humanity offering guidance and

insight at the crossroads and entryways of life’s decisions she appeals to everyone in

coring the simple to go Prudence in the foolish to seek understanding her

promises are compelling she speaks only truth and offers advice that is Juiced and uprite wisdom is portray yet as more

valuable than silver gold or rubies emphasizing that no earthly treasure can

compare to her worth wisdom according to these verses is not just a personal

guide but also a foundational principle for good governance she claims to empower Kings

rulers and all who govern to enact just decrees those who love wisdom and seek

her diligently are promised riches honor enduring wealth and

prosperity her fruits are said to surpass the finest gold and silver and she walks in the paths of righteousness

and Justice providing a rich inheritance to her followers furthermore wisdom is

described as the first of God’s creations existing from the beginning

and involved in the formation of the Earth this personification of wisdom as

a Divine companion emphasizes her importance and the foundational role

she plays in living a life aligned with div principles overall these verses from

Proverbs serve as a powerful reminder of the importance of wisdom in leading a righteous and fulfilling life

underscoring the need to prioritize spiritual and moral growth over material

gains before the watery depths existed I was born before the Springs brimming

with water before the mountains were placed before the hills I came into being before he made the world its

Fields or any of the Dust of the earth I was there when he set the

heavens in place when he drew the Horizon on the face of the deep when he

established the clouds above and anchored The Fountains of the deep when he set the boundaries for the sea so the

waters would not defy his command and when he laid the foundations

of the Earth I was constantly at his side I was filled with delight day after day

rejoicing always in his presence rejoicing in his whole world and delighting in

mankind now then my children listen to me blessed are those who follow my ways

hear my instruction and be wise do not ignore it blessed are those who listen

to me who watch Daily at my doors waiting at my doorway for for those who find me find

life and receive favor from the Lord but those who fail to find me harm themselves all who hate me love death do

not lose faith for The Best Is Yet To Come at this moment you may feel that

your strength is waning and that you cannot continue you have tried in many ways to escape the maze in which you

find yourself but it seems every step you take leads you further from the

exit but today I want to remind you that you are not alone I I am with you in

every moment of your life in every tear and in every laugh it is I who sustains

you when the storm rages and when calm arrives I am always by your side I will

always be there when you need me therefore on this day I ask you not

to lose Faith to keep hope alive within you to continue without faltering

trusting that the promises I have given you will be fulfilled do not give up or

faint simply trust in me for The Best Is Yet To

Come you may be going through difficult times and it may be easy for you to fall into pessimism you may even have come to

think that things will not improve but I want you to know that you’re mistaken because the desire of my

will is to bless you transform your life and help you overcome any obstacle trial

or challenge that arises in your life no matter how dark the path may seem how

Fierce the storm or how heavy the burden you carry my love for you is unconditional and my hand is always

extended toward you ready to lift you up and bring you to places of peace and

hope so do not fear for in the midst of the storm I will be your calm in the

darkness I will be your light and in your weakness I will be the strength of your

life believe in me and I assure you that there will be no burden you cannot bear

or obstacle you cannot overcome remember life is a journey

filled with highs and lows but every challenge you conquer will make you

stronger every tear you shed will teach you and help you grow and every smile will remind you of

the beautiful F things in life worth fighting for so believe in me trust that things

will get better for The Best Is Yet To Come you may be facing tough times and

it may be easy to fall into despair you might even think that things will never

get better but I want you to know that such thoughts are mistaken because it is my

will to bless you to transform your life and to help you overcome any challenge

that comes your way no matter how dark the path how strong the storm or how

heavy the burden my love for you remains unwavering and my hand is always ready

to guide and uplift you to places of peace and hope so do not fear for I will be your

peace in the storm your light in the darkness and your strength in weakness

trust in me and I assure you that there is no burden too heavy nor obstacle too

great that you cannot overcome remember life’s journey is

replete with ups and downs but each obstacle you surmount strengthens you

every tear you shed is a lesson for growth and every smile is a reminder of

the joys in life worth striving for so believe in me trust that the

situation will improve for truly The Best Is Yet To Come do not fear

progressing and do not hesitate to seek my help when needed for I will place people in your life who will cherish you

and be willing to assist you at any moment and under any circumstance simply believe in me and in

my power to transform any adverse situation into an opportunity for growth

and strength remember that after the darkest night a bright and resplendent Dawn will

always follow and after the fiercest storm the sun will inevitably shine again despite appearances suggesting All

Is Lost there’s always hope be brave and persistent for after

every challenge a great reward awaits remember your destiny is not dictated by

the world or its circumstances but by your faith and determination to move

forward you have the power power to shape your own story to overcome challenges and to realize your grandest

dreams do not let fear or uncertainty paralyze you trust in me and in the

abilities I have instilled within you to face any adversity remember that each step

forward brings you closer to your goals and to the person you are meant to

become do not waver in the face of difficulties tackle them with skill

using them as stepping stones to LEAP toward a bright and blessed future you have a unique and special

purpose in this world do not stop but proceed with determination never lose Faith keep hope

alive in your heart walk with the assurance that you are not alone I Am with You Believe in Me and my promises

and you will see obstacles move and paths clear before you remember the

problems of this world do not determine your destiny your destiny is written in the palm of

my hand filled with great and beautiful blessings therefore go forth with

courage for Grand things await you in your life just believe and persevere and I

assure you the path ahead will be illuminated with light love and prosperity fear not simply believe in my

promises and you will witness wonders in your life beloved child you know well

that all my promises are secure and true and everything I declare in my word is

the truth therefore do not hesitate to believe in

them nor doubt their effectiveness trust in them and the Affliction you feel will disipar your

sorrow will fade away and nothing and no one will be able to topple you I will be

with you ready to Aid you in all that you ask of me you need not worry about

facing battle alone for my presence will go before you and my mighty hand will uphold you in every moment amidst

adversity in the darkness of night and in the fiercest storms I will be your

steadfast rock your unyielding Foundation do not fear when doubt and

fear attempt to undermine your faith maintain your confidence in me and in

the promises I have bestowed upon you also do not let the circumstances of

this life divert you from the truth of my word remember that I am a faithful God

and every promise I have made to you is backed by my unwavering Fidelity and

love my child I implore you to trust in me with all your heart and to trust in

the power of my word I am your father I assure you I will not fail you you know

that my love for you knows no bounds even when the winds blow Fier fely and

the waves threaten to engulf you keep your Gaze on me for I will be your peace

and your Swift Aid amid the storm therefore my child do not grow

weary press on no matter how harsh or difficult life may seem know that I will

be with you no matter how overwhelming the challenges you may face know that you can rely on me for I’m here to help

you to guide you in strength strengthen you regardless of how far you may have

strayed from me in the past or if you feel lost confused and hopeless do not

worry my child for I will always be here ready to forgive and embrace you in

my arms of love and mercy please do not let fear and despair

overwhelm you trust in me for I have the power to calm the fiercest storms and to

bring peace to your troubled heart remember in every challenge in every

pain and in every tear I am with you holding you with my mighty hand and renewing your

strength so rise courageously and hold fast to my promises knowing that in me

you will find the strength to overcome and the hope to move forward do not be afraid to believe in

my word or doubt what I am telling you trust in me and keep faith I will grant

you true happiness where there is no room for fear or distress for I your

father am working in your favor to bring Grace and blessings into your life my child just believe with all your

strength with all your mind and with all your heart and you will experience the transformative power of my love in your

life you will witness wonders and Marvels that exceed all your

expectations for in the midst of the storm you will find my peace in moments

of weakness you will discover my strength in every tear you will feel my

comfort and in loneliness you will recognize my everpresent presence that will never leave

you believe my child and experience the fullness of my love every day of your

life therefore do not fear and press on do not grow weary but keep your faith

strong in me for with every step you take and every situation you face I will be with you

silently working to manifest my love and power in your life my child do not

hesitate to seek my help at any time remember I’m listening to your prayers and attentive to all your needs I know

when you are sad and when you feel your strength fading therefore come to me at all times

and lay all your burdens and worries on on me I will give you the peace and strength you need to

advance remember with my help you can achieve all your goals and complete your

projects but if you ever find yourself on a dark path full of obstacles keep

hope alive in your heart and hold tightly to the truth of my

promises in my word you will find light to illuminate your path and strength to

continue toward your goals of success and happiness May these words reach your

heart and fill you with hope and strength do not doubt them or their

power to transform your life and all circumstances in your

favor also never hesitate to seek my Aid at any time for I’m always near

listening to your prayers and attentive to your needs today believe in my

promises and move forward with faith toward the future I have prepared for

you trust solely in me and experience the fullness of my love and grace every

day of your life be encouraged for I am actively working within you and I will not stop

until I bring you Prosperity things may not have unfolded as you envisioned and today you might

feel overwhelmed by all that you are experiencing but allow me to touch your

heart with my my words and assure you that nothing has the power to destroy you or take away what I’ve predestined

for you indeed these are challenging times but nothing will obstruct my plans

to prosper you or to carry out my mighty Works in you I know you have many plans

and dreams and you work toward them every day yet sometimes you might feel

that nothing will materialize that none of your dreams will come to fruition

but I’m telling you now I have great and wonderful things planned for you for I

chose you before the foundation of the world I formed you in your mother’s womb and I declared my child you are the one

in whom I am well pleased so do not lose heart continue to strive give your all

and I will ignite within you the desire to live and the passion to keep fighting

your mindset will shift and you will feel renewed and wrong any sense of defeat will be

overwhelmed by my power you will rise in my name and feel Victorious blessed and

loved your life will transform into a Living Testament of my power and

greatness you will shine like a beacon in the darkness guiding

many others will seek you out because they see in you the light of my love and

you will inspire those who long for a life of abundance I will send a Cascade of

blessings upon you that will not cease until your soul is satisfied therefore today I come to tell you that it is time

to rise up cast aside all fears and the deceptions that have kept you

bound listen to my voice and let my truth liberate you from every falsehood

of the evil one whose lies have only served to keep you stagnant in life

filled with fears and insecurities to the point of making you give up on everything you have fought for the time has come for you to Rise

And Take My Hand by my side you will dream again think big and your fears

will disappear allowing you to accomplish everything you set out to do

take my hand beloved I promise that nothing will ever be the same so do not

fear and come to me remember I will be with you to ensure

everything goes according to the plan I have for your life I will guide you to

the places you need to be to a place of prosperity where my love overflows and

my grace is more than enough I ask only that you trust in me and believe in the

words I speak to you today then I will direct your steps lead

you to Lush and Peaceful Pastures and show you the way to the gates of

blessing keep your eyes open so that when the door swings open and the

opportunity arises you are ready to seize the good things and the chances

that come your way making all your dreams goals and projects a reality so

believe in me hold on to my words and cling to my promises do not get

discouraged or lose hope do not give up when you do not see immediate results

take my hand and continue to trust I will be with you day and night quietly

working to bestow my blessings upon you remember that I never fail I’m never

too early or too late I always act at the perfect moment often when you least expect it do not heed or believe the

lies of the evil one who tells you that you cannot succeed or that you will not

achieve your goals I rebuke and resist him and he will flee

like a coward place all your trust in me and not in worldly things remember what the

world offers is fleeting and temporary but what I offer is Everlasting and true

so when challenges and Trials come do not try to avoid them confront them with Faith and

Hope do not view problems simply as obstacles but as opportunities to become

stronger wiser and brave braver remember I created you in my image and likeness I

made you my children I made you courageous I have endowed you with the power to overcome every force of evil so

do not fear what may come trust and allow me to enact my will in your

life I will fortify you I will grant you the courage and wisdom needed for everything to thrive in this

life remember if you walk with me I will lead you along Ong Paths of Peace Grace

and blessing ensuring that all your endeavors succeed the time to receive your

blessing has come from my throne in heaven I have heard you my beloved Son

my beloved daughter listen carefully to my words and let them sink deep into your soul

for I assure you that none of your efforts are in vain the challenges and

trials you have faced have only proven your bravery conviction and steadfast strength that is why today

I declare to you that your time has come a time when you will harvest what you have deeply longed

for so prepare yourself to receive Grand and beautiful blessings in your life for

the moment when the fruits of your labor and dedication will manifest has arrived

this is your time when I will fulfill the desires of

your heart and you will witness things things you never imagined in your most ambitious

dreams you are about to witness the manifestation of a glorious Harvest I

know the journey here has not been easy as you’ve encountered numerous trials and

tribulations at times doubts and fears may have clouded your heart but even

through those Shadows you managed to maintain your faith in my promise

working tearless toward the goals and dreams deeply embedded within you

therefore today I bring you a message of Hope and Faith to remind you that anyone

who trusts in me will not be put to shame but will experience the

manifestation of my love and divine power sculpting their reality into a

beautiful future do not Harbor any doubts about what you are about to receive for I am

constantly working in your favor my presence is the the beacon that lights

up your life I will lead you to new opportunities that will Blossom on your

path to success and prosperity simply trust in me the doors

that have been shut for so long will now swing open ushering in wondrous blessings you never thought possible but

through it all it is essential that you maintain your trust in

me every accomplishment you achieve will be the fruit of your your seeds of prayer faith and perseverance a

testament to your bravery and commitment that is why I implore you to

keep my word and cherish it in your heart it will Empower you to surmount

any challenge you encounter in it you will find the chance to rise to grow in

wisdom ensuring each step you take draws you nearer to your

purpose always remember that tough times are opportunities to strengthen in you they will make you a Living testament to

perseverance never forget that those who sow in tears will reap with

joy therefore do not fear moving forward proceed with resolve and unwavering

faith for the reward you will receive will exceed your expectations and fill

you with happiness prepare yourself for a future brimming with opportunities and

blessings where you will shine like the morning sun and your life will become an inspiration to all around

you now that you know your blessing is imminent I urge you to always stay

vigilant do not give up when challenges arise nor lose faith when things don’t

proceed as planned keep advancing with determination for it is in those

challenging moments that you must actively put your faith to work

surrendering everything to me only then will I manage your troubles and meet your needs doing what is best for

you always remember that I love you and the faith you have placed in me will be

rewarded abundantly I will always be with you working for your favor and

well-being you can trust me at all times even when you do not understand the

events unfolding around you remember all things work together for good for those

who love me be loved trust me with all your heart for the blessings about to

enter your life are greater and Beyond what you can imagine therefore prepare yourself for

the faith you have sown in my name will bear good and abundant

fruits in this moment of Victory keep your faith ignited as it is key to

continue harvesting the blessings do not falter in the face of adversity be diligent and courageous

always believing in me then you will see how my love and care envelop you

bringing protection peace and prosperity into your life I love you today I bless

you and declare you prosperous blessed and Victorious trust in me I promise to

bless you and make the work of your hands flourish beloved child today I

urge you to listen to these words with an open and receptive heart

pay attention for these words will soothe your spirit and guide your life

know that I am your God and Heavenly Father the creator of the universe and the

guardian of your soul my love for you is boundless and my

commitment to you is eternal and steadfast at this stage in your life I

want you to know that you do not have to carry that heavy burden alone grappl with numerous problems and

worries without support facing these challenges alone will only exhaust you

causing frustration stress and weakness that’s why I invite you to lay

everything in my hands there is no need to conceal anything from me for I know your deepest

thoughts and truest desires trust me completely for I am

your God and provider I’m the one who cares for you even when when you are

unaware let me guide your life and Grant you wisdom to manage the resources I

will provide for my desire is to bless you and prosper you in every aspect of your

life when you place your trust in me beloved child the doors of blessing

swing wide open in your life the windows of Heaven part to shower upon you

spiritual riches that will saturate your soul with joy and peace trust in me I

will bless your efforts your projects and your dreams my blessing will be with

you at every step even amidst difficulties trust in me and you will see how I increase your prosperity in

everything you undertake it is my desire to see you

thrive and make your life shine brightly like the dawn growing brighter and brighter until the full light of

day I understand that life in this world can be tough and filled with

uncertainties and challenges May test your faith but remember as you face all

these things I will never leave you trust in my plans for you for I will

always be with you working for your good and the good of all those who love me do

not fret about tomorrow or be anxious about today for with me your future is

secure I have destined you for victory not for defeat simply I trust in me and

I will direct your paths I want to remind you that true prosperity and

success are not found solely in material wealth do not obsess over Earthly riches

instead prioritize seeking my kingdom and my righteousness cherish my word and love

it with all your heart I assure you all else will be added unto you I will

fulfill every desire of your heart I will make all that you have dreamed and

longed for come to fruition as the reward of your labor bestowing your blessing is my wish

I want you to be a conduit of blessings to others sharing what you have received by grace and being generous at all times

therefore beloved child Come Into My Embrace rest in me I will fortify you

make you wise and courageous do not hesitate to entrust everything to

me have faith in me I assure you that difficult times will not overcome you do

not lose heart when you see trials on the horizon for they will strengthen your faith and remind you that you

depend wholly on me so when you encounter struggles tests

or challenges call out to me and I will respond I will grant you wisdom and

guidance to conquer any adversity I will open doors that

appeared shut and lead you to opportunities that will enrich your life in surprising ways once more I urge you

surrender everything to me place your finances your dreams and your desires in my hands and watch How I bless your

endeavors and everything you undertake remember I am the true owner

of all things and my provision is intended to bless and to prosper you in

all areas of your life I will ensure that all goes well for you there will be

Harmony in your family relationships you will enjoy health and emotional well-being and you will love and be

loved for I will be with you at all times reminding you of my complete and

encompassing love for you trusting me and let me LED you beloved aill I will

guide you along Paths of righteousness and bring you to places of abundance I

will never forsake you for you are my most cherish trure the apple of my

eye do not fear what the future holds for I have wonderful plans for you walk

with me in faith and obedience and witness how I transform your life and fill it with extraordinary blessings I

am your God your father and your provider trust in me and you will thrive

on on your journey let these words touch your heart and strengthen your faith my beloved

child may you witness my love manifesting through the blessings that will flow into your life never doubt me

or my words believe in them and hold them dear in your heart always keep a spirit of gratitude

for what you have and for what is Yet to Come gratitude will open your eyes to

the abundance already present in your life and will pave the way for more

blessings to come continue to move forward trusting

in my promises working diligently and wisely above all do not let any

circumstances sway you from my path and resist the distractions of the world use

your gifts and talents to advance in your career and business demonstrate

integrity and generosity in everything you do spare a few minutes for me what I have

to say will alter the trajectory of your life sometimes you may feel overwhelmed

by your responsibilities your days filled with worldly worries today take a

moment to step back from your daily tasks and listen to what I have to say

for there is a message I want to place deep within your heart within the core of your

being listen and let my words resonate within you like a gentle whisper that

soothes your soul do not be distracted listen not just with your ears but with

an open heart for the message I bring will draw you closer to the purpose and blessings I aim to bestow upon your

life just give me a few minutes of your time and I promise you will experience a

peace that will ease your tensions no matter the situation my

child in this moment of quiet let the gentle Whisper Of My Voice quiet the

noise of the world allowing truth to resonate within you listen and let the

purpose of my will become clear for you are meant to walk a unique and special

path a path filled with love joy and countless blessings hold firmly to my

words for they will lead you to the prosperity and success you are destined to achieve this is why you need to

understand my will to know deep within what I hold in my heart for you because

I desire to prosper you in all things stop listening to the world and

entertaining thoughts that suggest otherwise dismiss all Notions that try

to implant poverty within you it is time to embrace that the desire of my will is

good pleasing and perfect I aim to bless bless you in every aspect of your life

and let abundance flow through you in such a way that your dreams come true

your projects flourish and your efforts are richly rewarded I know you will face challenges

each day but remember that Within These challenges lie opportunities for growth and strengthening I will grant you the

courage to overcome any obstacle and fill you with unwavering confidence to withstand all life storms

in every facet of your life you will experience my grace and favor in your

career you will find Limitless opportunities for growth in your

relationships you will be surrounded by genuine and loyal people who will support you on your journey your health

will be revitalized and your body will become a temple of Vitality and

wellness peace will stabilize your spirit connecting you with the Divine

and allowing you to experience a close intimacy with me trust in my promises my child they

are solid and true hold them dear and let them refresh your soul do not

hesitate to embrace these words what I tell you today is authentic and

sincere believe in my words with all your heart and I will reveal to you the

path I have set a path filled with with hope purpose and

abundance remember nothing the world says about you can change the fact that you deserve my

love no matter how far you’ve straight or how Bleak your life may seem my grace

is enough to cover your faults and my Mercy is always ready to embrace you

there’s nothing you can do that would make me stop loving you with my unconditional love today my beloved

child walk with the knowledge that you have a Divine Purpose on this Earth

don’t underestimate your youth or your destiny remember that you are my child

created in my image with a unique and special purpose if you ever feel tired or

discouraged remember these words speak them over yourself with power and authority and I will fill you with

strength and guide you to the place of blessing and greatness for which you have been called

so continue moving forward even when the winds are against you and the circumstances look tough I’m always with

you encouraging and strengthening you ready to reward your hard work and dedication fulfilling your dreams and

opening doors that once seemed firmly shut thank you beloved child for taking

a few minutes to listen to these words now go forward and walk

confidently do not fear what may come nor be dismayed for I am acting in your

favor even though the path may be challenging and the goal far away

remember that my grace and power are greater than any obstacle you might

face keep advancing my child walk in faith and resolve and never forget that

you are dearly loved and valued by me amen

[Music] my beloved child I am the light shining

brilliantly to dispel your Darkness as the light of the world I am

both with you and within you guiding your steps in this world Darkness May

surround you and it may find a dwelling in your heart but remember I have

overcome the world and I offer you a choice to focus on hurtful wrong things

or to fix your Gaze on me the brilliant Overcomer walk with me along the path of

peace I understand the many distractions that pull at your Consciousness and the real

responsibilities that fill your life yet I am training you to turn your

thoughts to me more and more finding solace in my presence during tough times and rejoicing in my

love during good times you won’t achieve perfection but bit by bit you can make

progress as you fix your attention on me I will push back the darkness with my

Invincible light this is how you walk in the way of Peace this is how I turn your Darkness

into light you belong to me I have chosen you

calling you out of Darkness into my Marvelous Light this connection with me serves as the Firm Foundation of your

life in a world world of constant change you need not feel cut off or a drift for

you are never alone you are mine before the world’s creation I chose you to be a

permanent member of my royal family once you walked in spiritual Darkness but

when you trusted me as Savior I personally brought you into my light your testimony now proclaims my praises

and it is both a delightful privilege and a sacred responsibility I have entrusted you with

the task of sharing my awe inspiring qualities with others to fulfill this calling dive deep into the riches of my

word and delight yourself in me the joy of my presence will radiate from your

face as you share my love with others grateful are my heart and soul

for your devotion and belief your life holds immense purpose and I cherish you beyond measure trust in my promises and

hope will Spring Eternal within you remember I am the light that turns your

Darkness into light guiding you towards Everlasting Joy your faith in me is a

Beacon of Hope to the world and through you others shall find the path to Salvation in the Embrace of my love find

peace and strength my Divine Light will never fade leading you through every challenge trust in my plan for you and

together we shall overcome all adversity your life my child is a

testament to my grace and power with a heart full of gratitude I bless you with my endless love may you walk confidently

knowing that I am by your side always let my light shine through you Illuminating the world with Hope and

Faith amen my child in the loving presence of the almighty anxiety finds

no place to take root embracing communication with me becomes your Shield against worry

allowing positivity to flourish within your mind mind remember to engage in a heartfelt

dialogue with me listening as well as speaking when thoughts of the future

beckon keep these guiding principles close one avoid dwelling in the

uncertainty of what lies ahead for anxiety Sprout like mushrooms in such

wanderings two embrace the Assurance of my constant companionship picturing me

beside you in every scenario though challenging this mental discipline is worth it as my real presence outshines

any fantasy in placing your trust in me you

find a safe Refuge trusting me goes beyond mere words it requires the strength of your

will throughout your day you may encounter things that trigger anxiety even in your

thoughts stay vigilant for anxious feelings can slip in unnoticed leaving you wondering why you

suddenly feel disheart Garten rather than ignoring or numbing these feelings be alert to catch the

worry thoughts before they take hold of you I encourage you to Be watchful as in

doing so you can seek refuge in me whenever anxiety comes knocking I am eager to be your safe

haven ever present to provide help relief and Escape make the conscious choice to turn

to me showing your trust in me and you shall find true happiness Happ and

peace worry anxiety and Care hold no positive sway over our lives they fail

to bring Solutions or promote good health hindering our spiritual growth Satan seeks to Rob us of the word

of God through these cares but we can resist by casting them upon God through

prayer we were never meant to carry our burdens alone but rather to depend on

God for help and guidance keeping our cares is a manifestation of Pride indicating that we believe we can

handle everything without the Lord’s assistance instead let us show humility

by leaning on God and offering our worries in prayer remember pray about

everything and worry about nothing Embrace a life free from the burden of

anxiety and you shall find true Joy imagine worry as a rocking chair

constantly moving yet going nowhere choose to step away from the feudal

cycle of worry and instead find solace in the comforting Embrace of divine love and protection may your heart be at ease

knowing that God’s Loving Care is ever present to guide you through life’s

challenges my beloved child I am the Beacon of Hope as people journey through

life facing challenges and darkness I am here shining brightly to guide and

comfort them each one of you who follows me can become a source of light radiating the

love and compassion of the Holy Spirit from within ask my spirit to work

through you as you walk through this day with joyful trust knowing that I am always by your side my radiant presence

illuminates your path so let it shine and brighten the World by reflecting who I

am my followers shall walk in the light despite the shadows and

uncertainties of this world world you can always find me you are never alone in complete

darkness though the future may seem obscure know that I am enough for you I

go before you illuminating your way your task is to trust me and follow the light

I provide no matter how faint it may seem it will be enough for your journey

today someday you will be in my heavenly presence and there you will experience

against the glory of my light Darkness will be banished and Clarity will rain in that Eternal realm

you will not need the light of a lamp or the Sun for I will give you a radiant light Beyond Your Wildest

imagination live closely with me and you will have the light of life when your sins weigh heavy on your

heart turn to me confess your wrongdoings and know that I have already

seen them in the light of my presence you will find forgiveness cleansing and

healing I have clothed you in my righteousness and nothing can separate

you from my love whenever you stumble or fall I am there to lift you

up human nature leads you to hide from your sins seeking refuge in darkness

where self-pity and blame take hold but I am the light of the world and my

illumination eradicates Darkness come close to me and my light will

envelop you dispelling darkness and filling you with peace in closeness to me you are safe

and revitalized in the intimacy of my presence you will feel a sense of

belonging no matter where you are in the world since the beginning I intended for

you to experience a deep connection with your creator just like the days in the

garden with Adam and Eve I ch cherish the communion we share in the garden of your

heart as you draw near to me we work together to push back the darkness for I

am the light of the world embrace me and you shall find peace and purpose beyond

measure if this message has resonated with your heart we kindly ask for your

support by expressing your appreciation through likes comments and subscribing

to our Channel please share this video with your loved ones and Friends spreading the message of Love far and

wide your actions can make a significant impact in spreading this meaningful message thank you for being a part of

this journey with us my precious child I your heavenly father chose you even

before the world’s Foundation was laid from the very beginning I had a

unique and beautiful path designed specifically for you to walk with me

instead of trying to figure out all the details on your own focus on staying in step with

me can you trust that I have plans to prosper you and not to harm you if you

do you can find peace and joy in the present moment knowing that I am always

with you remember your hope and future are rooted in heaven where Everlasting

happiness and joy await you nothing can take away the incredible blessings and

abundance I have in store for you sometimes times I offer you glimpses of the Glorious future I have prepared

for you to encourage and inspire you but the key is to keep your focus on staying

close to me for I know what you need and have a purpose for your life know this

you belong to me I have personally Chosen and called you out of Darkness into my Marvelous Light this truth

provides a solid foundation for your life in a world of constant change you

need not feel lost or disconnected for you are forever mine you are a cherished

member of my royal family and I hold you close to my heart once you walked in spiritual

darkness before you trusted me as your savior but I lovingly brought you out of that Darkness into the Brilliance of my

light now I have entrusted you with a delightful privilege and responsibility to Proclaim my praises

and share the good news of my love and grace with others to do this effectively

immerse yourself in my word and find joy in me as you Delight in my presence the

radiance of My Love Will Shine from your face and others will be drawn to me through you take comfort in the

knowledge that you are never alone I am always here guiding you and loving you

every step of the way embrace the unique purpose I have for you and let your

heart overflow with hope knowing that I hold your future in my hands trust in me

and I will lead you to a life of fulfillment joy and eternal Bliss my child place your trust in me

and you will find my unwavering love embracing you some of my beloved have lost their

hope along the way burdened by disappointments that deter them from taking risks

again they move forward mechanically without the spark of hope in their hearts others seek hope in world worldly

Solutions like Medical Treatments the stock market or even the lottery yet I invite you to place your

hope entirely in me regardless of what challenges you face in your life right now your story

has a glorious and joyful ending though the path ahead may seem dim there is an eternal light awaiting

you at the end of your Earthly journey through my completed work on the

cross this heaven only hope is yours and it is certain embracing this assurance can

fill your present Journey with exuberant Joy the more you invest your hope in me

the brighter my love light will shine upon you illuminating your

days I the creator of the universe am with you and for you what more could you

possibly need when you sense a void within it’s because you haven’t connected with me deeply

enough I I offer you Abundant Life all I ask is for you to trust me completely

and banish worries from your mind it is not the adversities

themselves that cause anxiety but rather your thoughts about them your mind becomes entangled in a

Relentless pursuit to control the situation and shape the desired outcome in doing so you lose sight of

the fact that I am in charge of your life the remedy lies in shifting your

focus from the problem to my everpresent presence cease all striving and witness

the Wonders I shall unfold remember I am always by your side

and I am the very essence of hope my child set your priorities

according to my will you won’t be able to do everything you want to or everything others would like you to do

setting priorities helps you make wise decisions about what should be done and what should not your time and energy are

limited so you may only accomplish a small portion of what you desire or feel you should do therefore seek my guidance

and purpose as you assess the possibilities ahead of you let biblical principles and Promises guide you in

determining what holds the utmost importance being intentional in this manner will help you make the best use

of your time and energy it will also Shield you from feeling anxious or guilty about about all the things you’re

not doing to do something well find peace in the knowledge that you’ve aligned your priorities with my will

allowing you to focus on what I deem significant as you Endeavor to please me

above all else you will progressively grow into the Masterpiece I created you to

be problems are a part of life they are unavoidable woven into the very fabric

of this Fallen World you tend to default into problemsolving mode acting as if

you possess the capacity to fix everything this response has become so habitual that it bypasses your conscious

thinking not only does this habit frustrate you but it also creates distance between

us don’t let fixing things be your top priority you are limited in your ability

to correct all that is wrong in the world around you don’t burden yourself with responsibilities that aren’t yours

to Bear instead make your relationship with me your primary concern talk to me

about whatever is on your mind seeking my perspective on the situation rather than trying to fix

everything that comes to your attention ask me to show you what truly matters remember that you are on your

way to heaven and let your problems fade in the light of Eternity [Music]

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