God’s Message For you Today || Don’t Skip or You will go to hell

Embrace this Divine message

today it’s time for a bag

check evaluate your relationships

perspectives and

attitudes shed the negativity because it

can’t accompany you to the incredible

places I’m leading

you you’re ascending to new heights and

I’ve empowered you to endure challenges

even when you didn’t recognize my

strength within you

in the midst of storms you not only

endured but also

grew you weren’t made to fit in you were

created to stand

out get ready for blessings unimaginable

levels and victories you never thought

possible start affirming your healing

happiness wholeness blessings and

prosperity don’t focus on on the size of

your mountains speak to your challenges

about the greatness of your

God God will restore what was taken from

you you’ll recover and experience better


ahead Rejoice for something incredible


unfolding believe in this by typing

our God is

Unstoppable no matter what you face case

if you remain calm God will fight your

battles and pave the way even when you

can’t see

it a new chapter is beginning for you

one of healing success abundance and

joy you’ll become a beacon of wisdom and

blessings believe in this transformation

by typing

from October th to th expect

blessings healing protection and

provision this week is your Miracle fill

Journey with blessings every

day what they said couldn’t happen will

manifest God will make

away thank you for

watching please like share and subscribe

for more uplifting


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