God’s Message for You: The Choice That Will Change Your Life Forever

my child You are not alone in this hard

time I am always with you protecting you

and loving you I have a special gift for

you that no one can take away you are my

chosen one and I will make you shine you

have been through a lot of pain and

trouble you have been hurt by people who

don’t care about you you have been

tempted by the evil one who wants to

destroy you you have been lied to and

cheated on by those you trusted but you

did not give up you did not lose hope

you stayed strong and brave you kept

your faith in me you are amazing and I

am proud of you don’t be afraid of

anything I have a plan for your good and

I will make it happen I will turn your

sorrow into joy and your enemies into

friends I Will Bless You More than you

can imagine and show everyone how great

you are just hold on to me and trust me

I am your God and I love you more than

anything but there is something I need

you to do for me something that will

test your love and loyalty something

that will change your life forever are

you ready to hear it are you ready to

obey me are you ready to follow me

wherever I lead you if you are then

listen carefully to what I am about to

say this is the most important message

you will ever hear I want you too I want

you to follow me on a new adventure I

want you to let go the things that hold

you back your attachments your comfort

zone your

expectations and your fears I want you

to embrace a new way of living a way

that is only for me and you I know this

sounds challenging but trust me it is

rewarding I have a better place for you

a place where you will be happy and free

a place where you will be with me

forever but you have to make a choice

you have to choose between me and the

world you have to choose between life

and death you have to choose between

love and hate you have to choose now

what will you do my child will you

follow me or will you stay behind let me

know in the comment below

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