god’s message for me today

my beloved child am so glad to have you

with me today you are not here by

accident you are here by Divine

appointment God has something amazing in

store for you he wants to speak to your

heart and lift your spirit he wants to

show you his favor and his goodness you

may be facing some challenges right now

some situations that seem impossible to

overcome you may feel like you are alone

like nobody cares like you have no hope

but I’m here to tell you that you’re not

alone God cares and you have a hope that

is greater than anything you can imagine

God is with you my child he is closer

than the air you breathe he knows your

name he knows your pain he knows your

dreams he has a plan and a purpose for

your life he has no not forgotten you he

has not forsaken you he has not given up

on you he is working behind the scenes

orchestrating things in your favor

making a way where there seems to be no

way you may not see it right now but God

is doing a new thing in your life he is

opening doors that no man can shut he is

closing doors that no man can open he is

making crooked places straight he is is

turning your mourning into dancing he is

turning your sorrow into Joy he is

turning your ashes into Beauty God is on

your side my child he is fighting your

battles he is Defending Your cause he is

vindicating your name he is restoring

your losses he is healing your wounds he

is filling your cup he is crowning you

with favor God is for you my child he is

not against you he is not angry with you

he is not disappointed in you he loves

you with an everlasting love he accepts

you as you are he forgives you of all

your sins he covers you with his grace

he empowers you with his Spirit He

blesses you with his gifts he honors you

with his presence so don’t be

discouraged Don’t Be Afraid not be

ashamed don’t be depressed be in en

courage be confident be bold be joyful

be strong in the Lord and in the power

of His might be faithful in the little

and he will make you ruler over much be

grateful for what you have and he will

give you more than enough be generous

with what you have and he will multiply

it back to you have faith in God my

child trust in his promises rely on his

power lean on his wisdom rest in his

peace abide in his love he will never

let you down he will never leave you nor

forsake you he will never fail you nor

forsake you he will do exceedingly

abundantly above all that you ask or

think according to the power that works

in you type how man if you believe in

God if you receive his word if you

expect his miracles if you declare his

victory if you praise His name amen amen

and amen let me pray for you dear God we

thank you for this day that you have

made for this opportunity that you have

given us to hear your word and to

receive your blessings we thank you for

your love your grace your mercy and your

power that are at work in our lives we

ask you Lord to touch every person who

is listening to this message right now

we pray that you would fill them with

your peace your joy your hope and your

faith we pray that you would heal their

bodies their minds their emotions and

their relationships we pray that you

would provide for their needs their

desires their dreams and their goals we

pray Lord that you would protect them

from every harm every danger

every evil and every attack we pray that

you would deliver them from every fear

every worry every anxiety and every

doubt we pray that you would break every

chain every bondage every stronghold and

Every curse that is holding them back we

pray Lord that you would Empower them to

overcome every obstacle every challenge

every Tri Tri and every Temptation we

pray that you would enable them to

fulfill their Destiny their purpose

their calling and their mission we pray

that you would use them to make a

difference to be a blessing to be a

light and to be a witness we pray Lord

that you would draw them closer to you

to your word to your will and to your

ways we pray that you would increase

their hunger their thirst their passion

and their love for you we pray that you

would reveal yourself to them speak to

them guide them and lead them we pray

Lord that you would bless them

abundantly exceedingly immeasurably and

beyond measure we pray that you would do

more than they can ask think imagine or

dream we pray that you would do a new

thing a great thing a mighty thing and a

miraculous thing in their lives we pray

all these things in the name of Jesus

our lord and savior our healer and

provider our Defender and deliverer our

friend and King amen amen and amen

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