god’s message for me today bible verse

you will never have the chance to hug me

in heaven if you miss this message hello

my beloved child I have an important

message for you today and I hope you

will listen carefully this video could

change your life and your Eternal

Destiny you see not everyone who calls

out to me Lord Lord will enter the

Kingdom of Heaven only those who

actually do the will of my father in

heaven will enter on Judgment Day many

will say to me Lord Lord we prophesied

in your name and cast out demons in your

name and performed miracles in your name

but I will reply I never knew you get

away from me you who break God’s laws

these people stood up to the Lord with

confidence and were shocked and they

were rejected they thought they were

doing good things in my name but they

were actually disobey my commands and

living in sin they did not have a

personal relationship with me they did

not have the presence of God within them

my child I don’t want you to be one of

those people I want you to be with me in

heaven where you will experience joy and

peace forever I want you to hug me and

hear me say Well done good and faithful

servant but you can only do that if you

follow me and obey me you can only do

that if you have the presence of God in

your heart how can you have the presence

of God In Your Heart by repenting of

your sins and trusting in me as your

Lord and Savior by inviting me to come

into your life and fill you with my Holy

Spirit by reading my word and praying to

me every day by by loving me and loving

others as yourself by doing the will of

my Father in Heaven my child this is the

most important decision you will ever

make don’t skip this video don’t ignore

this message don’t delay this moment

today is the day of salvation now is the

time to accept my offer of grace and

mercy now is the time to receive my love

and forgiveness now is the time to have

the presence of God in your heart if you

are ready to do that please repeat this

prayer after me Lord Jesus I confess

that I am a sinner and I need your

salvation I believe that you died on the

cross for my sins and rose again from

the dead I ask you to forgive me and

cleanse me from all unrighteousness I

invite you to come into my heart heart

and be my Lord and Savior I Surrender my

life to you and I commit to follow you

and Obey you I thank you for your grace

and mercy I thank you for your love and

forgiveness I thank you for your

presence and power I thank you for your

gift of eternal life amen if you prayed

that prayer sincerely

congratulations you have just made the

best decision of your life you have just

become a child of God you have just

received the presence of God in your

heart you have just secured your place

in heaven but that’s not the end of the

story that’s just the beginning now you

need to grow in your faith and walk with

me every day you need to find a good

church where you can worship me and

learn from my word you need to share

your Tes testimony with others and

invite them to know me too you need to

live a life that honors me and glorifies

me my child I am so proud of you and I

am so happy for you I love you with an

everlasting love and I will never leave

you nor forsake you I will be with you

always even to the end of the age I will

guide you and protect you I will bless

you and use you I will comfort you and

heal you I will fulfill your dreams and

desires I will give you hope and joy I

will make you more than a conqueror I

will make you a masterpiece my child you

are my beloved and I am yours nothing

can separate you from my love nothing

can snatch you from my hand nothing can

stop my plan for your life nothing can

prevent my return for for you I am

coming soon to take you home with me I

am coming soon to hug you in heaven are

you ready for that day my child are you

excited for that day my child are you

longing for that day my child if you are

please type Amen in the comments below

let me know that you have the presence

of God in your heart let me know that

you are looking forward to seeing me

face to face let be know that you are my

beloved child and please share this

video with your friends and family help

me spread the good news of my love and

salvation help me reach more people with

my message of Hope and Grace help me

bring more souls into my kingdom thank

you my child for watching this video

thank you my child

for listening to my voice thank you my

child for responding to my call I love

you my child I bless you my child I am

with you my child until we meet again my

child until we hug in heaven my child

your lord and savior

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