God’s Love Letter to You: A Powerful and Inspiring Video🙏

my dear child you are never by yourself

for I am with you every moment of this

day I want you to know that I keep you

safe even when you don’t see the bad

things I stop from hurting you you are

going on the way I have made for you and

I am always there before you getting

things ready for you it makes me happy

to show you to help you through the

tough times ahead to be all always with

you all I want from you is to look at me

not at the world that tries to take your

attention away trust me and do what I

want for I know what is good for you

better than you do when you are not sure

remember that I am the light that makes

your way bright getting rid of all

darkness when you feel alone remember

that I am your true friend always with

you even when others leave you when you

are sad remember that I am your helper

drying the tears from your eyes I want

you to feel me in every part of your

life when you are happy I am happy with

you when you do well I am proud of you

when you have trouble I hold your hand

and move you forward I am your shelter

your power and your safe place never

forget my child child that you have a

reason to be in this world trust in my

plan for you for it is perfect and full

of love give me your fears and worries

for I take care of everything that

bothers you now I ask you to do

something open your heart to me and at

my peace and love look for me with

strong faith and total giving up and you

will see amazing things happening in

your life don’t be scared for I am with

you in every moment let me be your guide

your power and your motivation so my

loved child I want to see you grow in

trust meeting challenges and being the

best you can be trust in my words and

you will show my kindness and love in

this world always remember I am here and

I always will be just give up to me and

believe believe in your heart that I am

your father your God and that I will

never forget you choose to trust me and

you will see Miracles happening I love

you so much and my love for you is

forever typ our man if you believe

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