God’s Daily Encouragement: Finding Hope in Tough Times | God’s Message Today

God’s message for you

today life can be tough sometimes you

might feel lost like no bodies listening

to you like things will never get better

but trust me I’m always here caring

about what you’re going

through when I say I’m coming for you I

mean I’m actively working in your life

even if you can’t see it

I’m there in your good times and your

tough times making sure everything fits

into a bigger picture of love and

purpose my coming isn’t a one-time thing

it’s ongoing showing you more about who

I am and how much I care about you each

day if you want to feel my presence try

opening your heart to love and letting

me guide you look for signs of my love

around you like kind words from a friend

or a moment of Peace in a tough

situation it’s important to spend time

with me through prayer thinking and

reading about what I’ve have said that

way you can stay connected to me and see

how I’m working in your

life even when things seem slow trust

that I’m always working for your best

and for my

glory so if you believe in what I’ve

said just come and I take it

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