God’s Angels will stop protecting you if you skip this God Message for You

God is saying to you this month is a

month of Miracles if you don’t want his

Blessing you can leave now if you watch

this video till the end you will learn

how to receive God’s blessings this

month my child I know you are busy so I

will keep this short first of all I want

to tell you that I love you and your

family very much you are my precious

children and I have a wonderful plan for

your lives I know that sometimes you may

feel overburdened by the challenges and

difficulties that you face in this world

you may wonder why I allow these things

to happen and if I really care about you

but I want you to know that I am always

with you and I am working all things

together for your good I have not

forgotten you nor have I abandoned you I

am always watching over you and

listening to your prayers secondly I

want to tell you that this month will be

a special time for you and your family I

have prepared many benefits

opportunities and abundance for you to

enjoy I want to bless you in every area

of your life your health your finances

your relationships your career your

ministry and your spiritual growth grow

I want to give you more than what you

ask or think according to my power that

is at work within you I want to surprise

you with my goodness and Grace and show

you how much I favor you thirdly I want

to tell you how you can receive these

benefits opportunities and abundance

that I have for you you do not have to

earn them or deserve them by your own

efforts or merits you only have to

believe in me and trust in my promises

you only have to follow my guidance and

obey my commands you only have to seek

me first and love me with all your heart

you only have to thank me for what I

have done and praise me for what I will

do finally I want to tell you that I am

going to help you go from being

overburdened to being overflowing I am

going to change your story from one of

sadness struggle and lack to one of

Happiness Miracles and good fortune I am

going to open the doors of benefits in

your life this week I am going to hear

your prayers and guide you to finding

solutions to all the issues you are now

experiencing I am going to do

exceedingly abundantly above all that

you can ask or imagine my child are you

still listening to me most people have

already lost their patience with me at

this point I am happy you are still

listening thank you for listening to me

surrender your worries and desires to me

in the comment below I will bless you

and your family abundantly this month

and always amen

2 thoughts on “God’s Angels will stop protecting you if you skip this God Message for You”

  1. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for the blessings that I have received from you always and all my life. Praise God , Hallelujah.


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