as your doting father I am the one who guides You Like a Shepherd as you go through life you are going to experience

a genuine and loving hug that is unlike any other when you are in my arms you

should know that I am always right here with you I want to tell you that with a

great deal of affection I am your treasured kid when you are sleeping I am

also there watching over you gently caressing your hair and speaking

soothing words that will heal your heart and prepare you for whatever is

ahead other you are really important to me and I am most grateful for the chance

to safeguard you and shower you with my love from the we hours of the morning till the we hours of the night I want to

tell you what is going to happen next and to fill you with a spirit that is Serene and joyful so that you may start

each new day with faith and confidence be brave dear heart and be sure not to

allow the emotions of Doubt or worry that you are experiencing upset you keep

in mind that there is no obstacle that is too difficult you are mine and I

promise to protect you no matter what comes your way when you are with me that evil has

no power over you because you are mine your faith should be maintained you

should go confidently in This Magnificent life that that I have given you and you should embrace the Delights

without looking back the wounds you caused in the past have been buried deep inside my

heart here you stand in my presence hearing these words of love that will be

inscribed upon your heart here you stand before me the water and remove the grief

that had been dragging you down replacing it with a holy joy and power that elevates your soul here you stand

before me to despite the fact that there may be moments when you feel like a child or a weakling I will be The

Guiding Light that takes you on the path that leads to your blessings on the other hand you must

never forget that you have a safe haven on whom you can always rely you will be accompanied by my Holy Spirit and my

love in every action that you do and every decision that you make on the other hand if you find

yourself going through periods of hopelessness you should take solace in the knowledge that I am here for

you despite the fact that you are a compassionate Shepherd I am always at

your side guiding you forward keep in mind that I am here for you even on the most difficult of days

put your faith in my word and in the boundless love that I have for you for both of these things will give you the

peace and the strength that you need in order to persevere I want you to remember how

much I love you with a love that is whole and genuine I want you to remember our

journey within my embrace you are safeguarded and you will never be without a secure place to retreat

to in actuality I am the one who walks ahead of you and Smooths out your path

but I want to witness your confidence and bravery I want you to pay attention to me now because the moment has come

and you should be ready to receive an abundance of blessings I promise you that I have

selected you to do great things that you were unable to accomplish in the past I

can’t wait to have you by my side as we take pleasure in the many benefits overcome challenges triumph over

adversaries and make progress toward achieving our goals meant for

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