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my beloved

child imagine for a moment the

unimaginable the divine presence the

source of all love peace and strength

leaving your side a void where once

there was warmth a silence where once

there was a comforting

voice it’s a thought that can send

shivers down your spine isn’t it now

let’s take a breath deep down you know

that the divine presence the infinite

source of all love an understanding

could never abandon you the divine

presence is not a fleeting companion who

comes and goes it is a constant and

eternal presence that is there with you

in every moment in Every Breath You Take

but what if you feel disconnected what

if the weight of the world has dimmed

that Divine connection making it feel as

if you’ve been left alone to navigate

life’s stormy sees it’s a feeling that

many of us have experienced at some

point in our lives and it’s a Feeling

feeling that can make us question our

faith our beliefs and even our

worthiness but here’s the truth dear one

the divine presence does not disconnect

from us we disconnect from it we allow

fear doubt and despair to Cloud our view

to create a barrier between us and the

Divine love that is always there always

ready to guide us support us and lift us

up so how do we reconnect how do we

remove that barrier and once again feel

the divine presence in our lives Liv the

answer is simple yet profound we

reconnect through faith through trust

through Opening Our Hearts to the Divine

love that is always there waiting for us

to reach out and grasp it you see the

divine presence is not a distant entity

watching from afar it is a part of you a

part of your very being and just as a

shadow cannot exist without light you

cannot exist without the divine presence

it is is there within you

always so fear not my beloved child fear

not for the divine presence is always

with you as long as you remain open to


it the power of faith my beloved child

is a beacon that draws the divine

presence closer to your heart imagine a

lighthouse amidst a stormy sea its light

cutting through the darkness guiding the

Lost back to safety that is Faith it’s

not just about believing in the Unseen

but about trusting in the Divine love

that Embraces you even in your darkest

hours Faith dear one is the bridge that

connects your heart to the Divine it is

the silent prayer whispered in the quiet

of night the hopeful thought during

trying times the quiet Assurance in the

face of uncertainty it is the light that

keeps the Darkness at Bay the warmth

that melts the coldest heart in your

journey you may stumble you may may fall

but fear not the divine presence does

not seek Perfection only a heart that is

willing to believe to hope to love when

you falter faith will be your strength

when doubts Cloud your mind faith will

be your Clarity When The World Turns its

back faith will be your companion and as

you nurture your faith you will find

that Divine love is not a distant star

but a comforting presence that walks

with you guides you and lifts you up so

hold on to your faith nurture it let it

grow for faith is the key that unlocks

divine grace the compass that points

towards Divine love remember the divine

presence is drawn to the light of your

faith and your faith alone can keep it

by your side in sharing these Divine

messages you become a beacon of light

guiding others towards the path of

divine love and guidance you are more

than a listener you are a vessel of

divine wisdom a carrier of God’s love

yeah when you subscribe to this channel

you’re not just clicking a button you’re

making a

commitment a commitment to carry these

messages forward to spread the light of

divine love and guidance just imagine

the ripple effect one message can have

imagine the lives that can be touched

the hearts that can be healed the souls

that can be

uplifted by subscribing you’re not just

joining a community you’re joining a


a mission to spread God’s profound love

to every corner of the world so let’s

make a difference together let’s touch

lives and heal Hearts let’s spread

Divine love and guidance by subscribing

you become a part of this Divine Mission

helping to spread the light of divine

love and guidance to

others there is more to this Divine

Journey more messages more wisdom to

uncover as we part ways today remember

this is not goodbye but a mirouse in our

spiritual dialy the path to

Enlightenment is paved with patience and

unwavering Faith your journey doesn’t

end here click on the next video and

continue this Divine Journey fear not

for the divine presence will always be

with you guiding you every step of the

way you

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