hello and welcome do you ever feel like

life throws too much your way well guess

what God’s got the ultimate fix for all

your problems he’s like your personal

life Guru seeing and knowing everything

even the future imagine having someone

who understands every angle of your life

knows the best solution to your problems

when I worry I’m basically saying I’m

afraid life won’t turn out the way I

want but when I trust God’s got the best

solution it’s like telling him God I

believe you’ve got the perfect plan even

if it’s not what I had in mind and get

this if we follow God and trust him he’s

got our back every step of the way he

can turn our challenges into something

wonderful and beautiful imagine having

someone so loving and strong with the

best Solutions what’s there to worry

about in a world where worry seems to be

a common companion stealing our joy and

distracting us from what truly matters

it’s essential to recognize that it

doesn’t have to be this way despite the

challenges we Face we are not powerless

in fact we are in control with the

guidance and support of a loving God who

is always ready to help us navigate

life’s ups and downs worry and Trust

cannot coexist when we choose to trust

God and surrender our problems our lives

and our futures into his hands we find

relief from the burden of anxiety the

Real Enemy an orphan Spirit feeds on

fear worry and anxiety making us feel

alone and overwhelmed but we have the

assurance that we are not alone we have

the best father in the universe who is

always ready to help us through every

challenge big or small life is meant to

be enjoyed and God desires for us to

experience his love and presence fully

instead of getting caught up in

overthinking and worry we can choose to

focus on our relationship with God and

the blessings he has given us when we

trust God with everything we open

ourselves up to his his Solutions and

guidance even in the face of challenges

trusting God means we don’t have to

figure everything out on our own we can

lean on him and let go of the pressure

to solve every problem ourselves by

surrendering to God and acknowledging

his sovereignty we find peace and rest

in his care as we embark on this journey

of trusting God more fully we can take

comfort in the words of Jesus who

reminds us not to worry about tomorrow

but to seek first God’s kingdom and

righteousness through prayer petition

and Thanksgiving we can present our

concerns to God and experience his peace

that surpasses all understanding so let

us choose Faith over worry knowing that

God is with us every step of the way as

we surrender our fears and anxieties to

him we can rest assured that he will

never leave us or forsake us with God’s

help we can overcome worry and live a

life filled with his peace and joy

here’s the deal worry isn’t normal it’s

just common but it doesn’t have to be

part of our Lives it’s stealing our joy

distracting us from God and the people

we love and guess what we’re in control

God wouldn’t tell us to do something we

can’t handle worry and Trust can’t

coexist so choose to trust God put all

your problems your life and your future

in his hands let him carry it all worry

and anxiety that’s just the devil trying

to mess with your focus don’t let it Rob

you of worship and love for the people

you care about here’s the Real Enemy an

orphan spirit it’s the root of fear

worry and anxiety making you feel like

you’re on your own but hey you’ve got

the best father in the universe stop

grieving what you didn’t have and start

celebrating that you’ve got him he loves

helping you process anything in your

life big or small nothing’s too much for

him life’s meant to be enjoyed right

God’s just cruising through it relishing

the relationship with you while we’re

stuck overthinking missing out on the

good stuff the connection guess what God

sees your problems and genuinely wants

to help his love for you is massive so

you can bring anything and everything to

him no need to let worry anxiety and

fear define your life sure challenges

might pop up maybe even with some

justification but Jesus said don’t worry

about it he’s not just some Divine

figure he’s your provider protector and

promoter in every relationship he’s the

missing piece the place you call home

think of him as your professor revealing

beautiful new things life can be tough

and we all feel stressed and worried at

times but remember God doesn’t want you

to face it alone he’s here to guide you

through every step of the way it’s not

just about God providing solutions to

your problems he wants to be everything

you need in every situation when you

decide to trust God in everything

something am amazing happens problems

start finding Solutions trusting God

means you don’t have to figure

everything out on your own you can lean

on him and take off the pressure you

don’t have to keep trying to change

things that have frustrated you

countless times before trusting God

means saying God I’m giving this to you

if I can’t change it maybe it doesn’t

need changing to stop worrying and

trying to figure everything out

sometimes you need to try it your way

long enough to get worn out it’s about

surrendering and saying okay God you

know everything about me I surrender all

my flaws faults weaknesses and strengths

can you confidently put your problems

and worries in God’s hands knowing he

can handle everything worry is like

expecting the worst but as your faith in

God grows worry diminishes worry is the

opposite of Faith don’t let worry Define

you you don’t want Jesus to look at you

and say Here’s a person of little faith

do you you want to be a person of Faith

worry often implies doubting whether God

can handle a situation but the truth is

God can add years to your life when you

let go of worry and trust in him the

secret to peace isn’t solving every

problem it’s finding rest in who God is

when you let go and let God take control

here’s the beautiful promise he’ll never

leave or forsake you peace is waiting

for you on that path God doesn’t want

you drowning in worry and problems his

desire is that you’re overwhelmed with

his love you might be thinking you don’t

get it my problems are endless well

God’s got an answer give it all to me

problems worries failures sins

Brokenness I can handle it in fact I’m

the only one who can in Matthew Jesus

gives a clear message about worry he

says do not worry about your life he

means don’t stress about the basics what

to eat drink or we worrying won’t add a

single hour to your life why stress

about clothes that just shows little

faith instead focus on seeking God’s

kingdom and righteousness first and

everything else will fall into place

don’t fret about tomorrow each day has

enough challenges of its own and then in

Philippians the message is reinforced

don’t be anxious about anything instead

through prayer petition and Thanksgiving

present your requests to God the result

God’s peace Beyond understanding will

guard your hearts and Minds in Christ

Jesus Jesus repeats this advice about

not worrying very plainly and

repetitively if Jesus tells us not to

worry it’s not to limit us but because

he genuinely cares about our well-being

somehow we’ve allowed destructive

thoughts and emotions to flourish

contrary to Jesus’s guidance in our

struggles we often forget that we have a

Heavenly Father ready to help all we

need to do is acknowledge that we want

his help and trust that he can handle

what needs to be done if you’re relying

solely on yourself to solve every

problem it’s no wonder you’re stressed

regardless of strength wisdom Charisma

wealth or influence you’re not designed

to handle everything carrying the

responsibility of everything means

trying to do it all you have to find

Solutions choose the right direction

power through problems plan for the

future and make adjustments all at the

speed of life it’s a recipe for stress

and worry but God doesn’t want you to go

It Alone he’s there to lead guide and

provide every resource you need it’s not

just about solving your problems he

wants to be what you need in every

situation the moment you decide to trust

God problems start finding Solutions

trusting God means you don’t have to

figure everything out you lean on him

taking the pressure off yourself stop

trying to change things a million times

and getting frustrated trust God with

your worries if you can’t change it

maybe it doesn’t need changing learning

to stop worrying involves trying it your

way long enough to get worn out and

finally saying okay God I Surrender you

know the beginning the end and

everything in between in moments of

emotional roller coasters when thoughts

consume you day and night God offers to

take care of your emotions and thinking

through Christ Jesus Peter seven

encourages is casting all your cares on

God because he cares for you it means

taking your problems and worries and

placing them in God’s hands trusting him

to handle the outcome worry is the

anticipation of the negative and there’s

an inverse relationship between faith

and worry as Faith flourishes worry

diminishes worry is the negative

expression of faith in God so instead of

worrying let’s have faith that God can

handle it all in conclusion consider

what God might be prompting you to do in

your life right now has he placed a

specific Ministry idea on your heart is

he calling you into a deeper connection

with him perhaps he’s urging you to

serve or get more involved in your

church Community take a moment to

observe the needs around you and reflect

on how God might be asking you to

address them even if you feel like you

lack the necessary resources remember

that when God calls you to something he

equips you for it don’t focus on the

obstacles instead concentrate on the

task at hand bring whatever resources

you do have to Jesus and watch how he

can work wonders with them With God all

things are possible trust in him give

your concerns to God and let him do his

transformative work in and through you

my sisters and brothers in Christ I want

you to listen carefully to this message

from Jesus Christ he said you don’t have

to worry about impossible tasks because

I will take care of them

just as the winds and storms obey my

command so the storms of Doubt will find

peace in your heart come to me now and I

will bring you the rest you seek I want

peace in your days and serenity in your

nights you are blessed beyond measure

but sometimes you overlook those

blessings giving more importance to

fears that will never happen or to

people who have no real power over you I

urge you to remain calm and not pay

attention to the news gossip or threats

of others others as I am the one who

holds your fate in my hands even if

thousands rise up against you and even

if you face the consequences of your

mistakes do not be afraid you are my

beloved child and I will protect you

from harm even in the midst of chaos

when those around you lose hope be

strong and brave because I will never

abandon you this is a profound testimony

of my love for you I am speaking to you

now entering into your heart and healing

the doubts that have troubled your mind

for so long I love you and I’m showing

it to you at this very moment I remove

the scars that others have left on you

and the pain you have endured at their

hands but know this everything you’ve

been through was not in vain today you

have the strength wisdom and maturity to

listen and stand up for those you love

your time for Liberation has come and

you are now ready to be a vessel of my

love carrying my light to those living

in darkness

however your enemies are aware of your

potential which is why they seek to

cause trouble and steal your peace if

you allow them to disturb your sleep or

lose your faith anxiety May overwhelm

you again but remember this truth my

love for you is immeasurable my Mercy is

Limitless and my holy spirit will not

allow you to be harmed believe that even

if you stumble and fall I will lift you

up and do not think for a moment that I

have turned my attention from you if you

stumble into the snares of your enemies

I will rescue you if your faith falters

and your heart is filled with negativity

I will continue to fight for you and

purify your soul with my word I will not

let anyone keep you away from my love

now I encourage you to pray this prayer

just open your heart to pray with me

Lord Jesus I come before you in prayer

seeking your presence during the tough

times in my life just as Shadrach mhach

and Abednego were in the fiery furnace

but un harmed because they were close to

you I ask that you be in close proximity

to me as long as I am in your presence

no fire can destroy me I believe that

being close to you means I am protected

and set free from the chains that were

intended to bind me to the Flames father

just as the three Hebrew boys had no

power to overcome the heat but their

strong belief in you meant that no harm

came to them I pray for a similar

miracle in my life may there be no

evidence that I have been in a fire

because you have delivered me I pray

that there will be no sign or trace of

my struggle for whom the sun sets free

is free

indeed according to Ephesians I

take up the shield of Faith to

extinguish all the Flaming darts of the

evil one Lord Jesus as I lift my faith I

ask that you extinguish all the fiery

darts that the enemy has sent my way

deliver me from the darts intended to

rob me of my joy destroy my marriage or

family strip away my finances or destroy

my peace in jesus’ name I pray that you

take all these attacks meant for evil

and turn them into good heavenly father

I humbly bow before you acknowledging

you as The Great I Am I believe that

King Jesus can still perform miracles on

this Earth today I pray that the Holy

Spirit would teach us to change our

perspective guiding us to walk by faith

and not by sight open our spiritual Eyes

Lord and transform the way we see things

remove the scales from our eyes and

grant us A Renewed mind fill us with the

Holy Spirit infusing us with boldness

and courage help us become believers who

instead of asking when things will turn

around for our good Faithfully wait on

you may we be the kind of believers who

inquire about what you want us to learn

in the midst of Storms and tough

situations remind us that although the

afflictions of the righteous are many

you are a God who delivers us from them

all Lord redirect our Focus From the

negative and help us cultivate a mind

that meditates on the good things

promised in the bible let us hold on to

promises such as Psalm

which declares that when the

righteous Cry for Help the Lord hears

and delivers them out of all their

troubles let’s make a conscious decision

to break free from the grip of worry and

anxiety remember worry isn’t normal it’s

just common but it doesn’t have to be a

part part of our Lives by choosing to

trust in God we can relinquish control

and find peace amidst life’s challenges

let’s embrace the truth that we have the

best father in the universe who is

always ready to help us navigate through

any situation so let’s cast our cares

upon Him surrendering our fears and

worries and allow his love to overwhelm

us with God by our side we can face each

day with confidence knowing that he is

faithful to provide protect and guide

guide us every step of the way we praise

you Lord Jesus knowing that in this

fight you are in our Corner fighting the

Battle For Us in Jesus name I pray amen

thanks for watching

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