God Wants You To See This Right Now | God Message Today | Jesus Message


you may be facing a situation today that

looks impossible but be

encouraged the faith of God is at work

in your

life there are moments of favor God has

already established in your

future you might not see it now but

everything is

changing you will soon look back and

finally understand why the battle was so


you’ll be staring at the blessing in

front of you and you’ll know why it was

all necessary and one day soon you will

realize that it was worth it in the

end you will see that God loved you too

much to let you stay where you

were he loved you too much to let you

settle he loved you too much to give you

the right thing at the wrong

time you will see that he loved you

enough to give you his absolute

best you don’t understand it now but you


soon child of God there is a reward for

the faith you’ve poured into this


Journey the father has watched as you

have persevered under

trial he watched you cry out to him when

the world was

Slumber and he wants you to know that he

has not forsaken

you he has a marvelous reward for your

faith like if you believe

God bless


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