God Wants You To Know This Before You Date Anyone

so today I want to focus on all you

singles out there they will never choose

you if you do not Choose Yourself first

let me say that one more time they will

never choose you and think that you’re

the prize if you’ve not chosen yourself

because you know you’re the prize this

is where I want to dive into a few

things today that you must choose first

in order for you to find the on that God

truly has for you you must choose to

honor yourself you must choose to

respect yourself you must choose to be a

person who is honest with yourself and

you must choose to put yourself first

y’all know what I’m talking about you

must choose yourself first and

understand your worth and your value and

understand that you’re the next best

thing and no one’s ever going to be able

to replicate what is perfect and there

is only one for you to ever believe and

to feel and to treat you in a way that

you deserve to be treated that you want

to be treated and they will never ever

ever treat you the way your heart

desires to tend to your heart and your

needs if you do not Choose Yourself

first to me honoring yourself first

starts with your body you must choose to

honor yourself first before they will

ever honor you this is the one place

that you must understand that as you

give yourself to this person and that

person you are not honoring yourself and

you are definitely not acting like you

are a PR

you’re acting as if anyone can get you

no matter who they are and that it’s

free and anyone can walk up and claim

you this is not the way God designed you

he says you’re precious you’re valuable

he loves you so much that he sent his

son to die for you see he doesn’t have

everybody for you they not one person

that he has created for you but some of

us have a hard time honoring ourselves

because we want to give ourselves to

that person so so that they will be with

us some of us even give ourselves to

others because we’re scared of losing

them and I want to tell you right now

that if you’ve got to give yourself to

someone in order to keep them I’m going

to sit here and ask you is what you’re

fighting for worth having you want

someone who honors you so much that

they’re even willing to wait for it if

they need to they’re willing to say you

know what I’m not leaving because I know

how good you are and that the honor of

yourself is what also gets them to know

that you must be something if you’re not

just giving it to everybody who comes

around the corner you must first choose

to honor yourself in order for them to

honor you because here comes the truth

if you were able to give it out to them

so quickly then there’s no need for them

to Value anything else about you so to

me you want someone who wants to know

your mind you want someone who wants to

know your thoughts you want someone who

wants to know what your favorite color

is or how you like your coffee in the

morning you want someone that feels like

that part is the love making it’s

getting to know every single thing about

who you are what makes you tick what

makes you smile what makes you cry they

can’t even think about not studying you

and even have an opinion on paper

because they want to know it all you

want someone who is so much about the

value of your heart and your mind who

you are that even when it comes to your

body they feel like they’ve already won

so many of us are not honoring ourselves

because we’re so desperate to have them

and to get them that we put ourselves in

situations just to keep them and this

shouldn’t be about what you have to do

to keep them or they’re going to run off

to somebody else this should be about

the fact that they know the value that

you have and they can’t imagine doing

anything to lose you see God says you’re

the prize God says you’re the one God

says that a good person is a good person

when they find a partner see to me

you’ve got to stop looking at dating as

just dating if you’ve got to look at

dating as your pursuit to find the one

and to find the one that’s going to

honor you respect you take care of you

and protect you and can’t even imagine

doing something to hurt you or they will

hurt themselves I can tell you almost

% people are willing to give up their

dreams or willing to give up who they

heir in order to submit to make sure the

other person feels okay that they’re

taken care of and then they pursue their

dream I’m going to sit here and tell you

that the person that God has for you you

should be about helping each other

achieve your dreams it should be about

you helping them and they helping you

you must take a step back and ask

yourself are you honoring who you are

and who God has designed you to be are

you honoring your selfworth are you

honoring your dreams are you honoring

what God has called you to do because

the person that God has for you will

come and step next to you and say baby I

want to help you achieve that baby I

need you to sacrifice for some of us we

get ourselves in situations where we

submit because they don’t like that

they’re intimidated by it they don’t

like you talking to your friends because

they’re probably building you up they

want you all to themselves they

I’m going to sit here and tell you that

the person that God has for you

understands that God has never made you

just for them God has made you to do

great things for other people they don’t

even match you must choose trust you

must choose honesty in yourself and you

must expect it and command it from the

person that you are with the moment that

trust is lost the moment that lies

happen it is like a glass that is broken

no matter how much you try to sweep up

the glass no matter how many pieces you

try to pick up from the floor and no

matter what super glue you’ve got with

the latest technology it cannot put that

glass back together for it to hold water

the water will leak so this is one of

the biggest things to me of all besides

honoring yourself is that you must

expect and demand honesty because let me

tell you when people lie to you if they

do it once they’ll do it again don’t get

me wrong people may lie to you and you

are to forgive them and give them

another opportunity but if you find that

you are with someone and don’t think

that lying means that they’ve told you a

lie to me not being honest means

something they should have told you that

they held from you something they should

have said to you that they kept from you

I need you to hear me I need you to feel

me this is that if you do not demand and

command honesty and you do not stand in

the fire and get them to know that you

ain’t playing and that you’re willing to

walk away if you don’t have that then

you will teach them a lesson that

they’ll never leave me and they’ll never

leave a life of honoring you because

you’ll never feel the risk of losing you

you are a prize you are unique you are

wonderfully and beautifully made I hope

you hear me single folks I hope you feel

me and I hope you’re getting this

message because you are worth far more

than rubies or gold God says and it is

who you are that gives value to a person

to make them glorify in the town or the

city according to Proverbs


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