God Wants To Make You New | Daily Message From God | God’s Daily Message

my friend when God puts a dream or a

promise on the inside of you he deposits

within you everything you need to

accomplish it he wouldn’t give you the

desire to do something without giving

you the ability to fulfill it in fact

the scripture tells us that God gives us

the desires of our heart in other words

he puts the desire inside of us and then

works with us to bring it to pass often

times people set out to accomplish their

dreams but they face a setback or

disappoint o m and then they feel like

their time has passed but know this no

matter where you’ve come from no matter

what’s happened in your past God wants

to make you new he wants to give you a

fresh start if you feel like you’ve

missed opportunities in your life if you

feel like your time has passed remember

today is a new day you are a new person

and God has new opportunities in store

for you a prayer for today Father God I

come humbly before you today I give you

my past present and future knowing that

you will redeem my life I release those

who have hurt me I choose forgiveness so

I can be free to move forward in the new

route you have for me in Jesus name amen

like if you believe in


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