an angel from heaven has been trying to

reach you since last days because very

soon on this coming

Tuesday something very

Supernatural is going to happen in your

life are you trying to mock God’s signs

if not then stay here until the very end

because your angels are urg ently

commanding your attention toward this


matter child of

God your guardian angels has sent this

message to you because they were aware

what is about to happen with you and

they wanted you to be prepared for

it there is nothing that can be hidden

from the magical sight of God

and from his mighty

Angels God is aware of your past he is

aware of your present and he knows how

your actions will lead you into your

future this is the reason your angels

has been trying to reach you since last

days because you have unknowingly

received something that is satanic

they have issued a warning this time

specifically for the

individuals who have strong faith in God

all over the

world your angels are

saying dear beloved children of Earth we

the Angels come to you with

urgency bearing a message of warning and

guidance today

as Celestial

Messengers it is a solemn duty to

illuminate the path to the truth and

righteousness and to protect you from

the snares of

deception that threatens your

souls hear our words heed our conso and

awaken to the reality of the challenges

that we set

you dear

children let us remind you that Saturn

is at work and is trying to Blind your

eyes from seeing the

truth recently you have received some of

the mainstream news regarding God and

the things happening in the

world remember Satan seeks to Blind your


from seeing the reality of God’s

presence and the unfolding events in the

world as Celestial beings it Grieves us

to witness the persuasive influence of

falsehood and

manipulation in the media

landscape you may have encountered

mainstream news stories that touch upon

matters of faith and the


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