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God is saying to you

today my beloved child in Christ I

recognize your heart is broken I

comprehend it’s hard to transport on but

recognize I am close to the

Brokenhearted I will bind and protect

your wounds so that you can heal the

healing technique will take time however

as you come into my presence each day

you may have the power to rise up and

stroll into the affection benefits and

distin Even Heaven shop for you Matthew

– come to me all you who are

weary and careworn and I will give you

rest take my yoke upon you and learn

from me for I am gentle and humble in

heart and you may locate relaxation on


souls if you desire Miracles watch this

video through to the end my dear toddler

you have asked me for salvation and

deliverance for yourself and others who

do not recognize me about I need you to

recognize that I have already furnished

the manner if you want to be saved and

brought from sin and loss of life I sent

my son Jesus Christ to die at the move

on your sins and to Upward push again at


. day he is the best way the fact and

the life no you can still come to me

except through him if you agree within

him you’ve got eternal life you are

forgiven cleansed and followed into my

own family you have a brand new identity

a new purpose and and a new

desire you have the Holy Spirit living

in you guiding you empowering you and

comforting you you have get admission to

to my throne of grace in which you can

locate mercy and help in time of want

you have a glorious inheritance a

Heavenly domestic and a crown of life

but no longer each person knows this

desirable information there are many who

are nevertheless lost blind and dead in

their sins they want to hear the gospel

the power of God for

salvation they need to look the mild of

Christ the radiance of my glory they

need to feel the love of God the best of


presence that is why I even have called

you to be my witness my

Ambassador and my co-employee you have


a Ministry and a message you are to

enter all the global and Make Disciples

of all

countries you are to preach the phrase

in season and out of season you are to

like your neighbor as yourself and your

enemy is your

pal Lord claims bless someone’s Day by

sharing this faithful

video God claims when many things appear

to be going incorrect trust me when your

Lifestyles feels an increasing number of

out of control thank me these are

Supernatural responses and they are able

to carry you above your

occasions if you do what comes naturally

in the face of problems you may

additionally fall prey to

negativism even some court cases can set

you on a path that may be a downward

spiral through darkening your

perspective and thought set with this

mind set controlling you lawsuits float

increasingly simply from your mouth each

one movements you steadily down the

slippery spiral the lower you move the

quicker you slide but it smilees

nonethless possible to apply

brakes cry out to me in my name airm you

consider in me regardless of how you

feel thank me for the whole thing Ethan

though this seems unnatural even

irrational gradually you may begin to

ascend improving your misplaced floor

when you’re back on ground level you

could face your occasions from a humble

attitude if you pick Supernatural

responses this time trusting and and

thanking me you will experience my

unbeatable not available

peace every time something THS your

plans or dreams use that as a reminder

to communicate with me this exercise as

numerous Ben edits the first is a parent

talking with me blesses and strengthens


relationship another benefit is that

disappointments in place of dragging you

down are converted into possibilities

for appropriate this transformation

removes the staying from difficult

circumstances making it viable to be

pleased within the midst of

adversity Again by way of practicing

this subject in all of the little

disappointments of day byday Lifestyles

it is frequently these minor setbacks

that draw you away from my

presence when you reframe setbacks as

possibilities you discover what you

Advantage much greater than you’ve got

lost it is handiest after much schooling

that you may accept predominant losses

in this positive way but it miles

possible to attain the perspective of

the Apostle Paul who wrote as compared

to the surpassing greatness of standing

Christ Jesus I recollect the whole thing

I as soon as treasure to be as

insignificant as

rubbish typ PS if you think God is my

savior listen carefully dropping into

encourage a person to take that step of

Faith you recognize you need to take

you’ve been waiting for everything to

line up however maintained hitting one

obstacle after the

opposite you’ve come to be paralyzed by

using worry due to the fact there are so

many unknowns and so much uncertainty in

advance in order to do what God has

known as you to do you must determine to

make what you do know about God larger

than what you don’t know about the

destiny over time I’ve observed religion

relies on accept as true with no longer

information you may not continually like

or be capable of recognized God’s

methods or timing but you may usually

accept as true with him to trustworthy

it’s a good deal tougher toast it out of

the will of God than you ass Su if you

are a slightly off Direction he’s

powerful sufficient to get you a guide

heading in the right direction don’t

freak out sometimes you absolutely have

to step out in order to find out if it

is God or no longer dot go for it if you

are concurred typ on men Lord speak to

you Lam making all things new you are

the apple of my eye and the Delight of

any neared am working all matters

collectively for usable I even have not

forgotten you or forsaken you I inward

your prayers keep your eyes in me refuse

to entertain enemy’s force of

discouragement doour breakthrough is

just round the Nook cold shifting

forward for years you have got waited

for this step

forward sometimes it appeared as though

it wouldn’t take place however I stored

it alive when all appeared misplaced you

by no means gave up your faith never

wavered there isn’t anyone that surely

knows how great deal you’ve persisted

your time is coming the breakthrough

will come quickly it can also take a

little longer but it won’t be not

possible it become tough for you but you

hung on I gave you power to bear and of

tenure had been unaware I turned into

doing it many left you how your scenario

modify and also you were written off via

them but you failed to just bear the

storm you flourished in it that makes

you specific I did not create you to

matchine with others instead El designed

you to stand out you are about to embark

on a journey you and no why hav imag

imine Bible receive it in my

name watch this entire video and the end

of you believe Lord

blessings for God so cherished the

sector that he gave his one and handiest

Son that whoever believes in him shall

not perish but have eternal Lifestyles


attention listener join this prayer

with me and say it with me oh Heavenly

Lord Here I Am To Your Presence I am

your faithful servant you stored my

Lifestyles and so all the time with your

love I’ll invoke your Holy Spirit oh

Lord in the name of my savior Jesus I

name out to the father rise up oh Lord

rise up give me energy and Clarity in

Christ May theblood of the Lamb def

defend me my own familion my network

send your robust Spirit to drive the

enemy far into the abyss unify your

church oh Lord one body one blood reach

out to us remodel us may we testify to

Christ resurrected from whom all

desirable matters come pour out your

considerable Grace to move forward to

renew and save heal the wounded free the

slaves do let them flavor of your

goodness May many come and kneel on the

throne of the Son of God to offer him

glory honor and praise all consistent

with your holy will in jesus’ name

amen I appreciate you if you are still

watching our goal is to bring happiness

in your life and take your life to a

state of progress and remember you can

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through super thanks

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