said fast and

closer welcome back to Lord H’s Ministry

the only place where you feel more

connected with God through the words of

the holy

spirit that speaks to us in his infinite

wisdom and

care this time the Holy Spirit has

revealed a serious work God is about to


in the lives of his faithful

children the holy spirit is speaking to

this video and you are chosen to hear

this because this is going to impact

your life as well with many others in


nation this is what God is

speaking Children of the

light it is I you your Lord God is

speaking to you telling you to stand

firm in your faith because things are

happening so fast and the Miracles are

much closer than you are

thinking listen

carefully you are on the wge of a Divine

manifestation where the Unseen World

meets your everyday reality

so believe in miracles your unwavering

faith is the

key know this the oil of anointment is

coming from heaven for all my faithful

children that will turn thing back into

work that weren’t working for a very

long it will heal everything that is

broken in your life

it is carrying

restoration Redemption and

renewal you will see this oil flowing

not just an external blessing but an


transformation it’s not limited by time

or space it HS past ons and paves the

way for a glorious

future as it touches your mind it brings

clarity as it curses your heart it

soothes pain and as it descends on your

hands it consecrates you for divine

work I am sending you this message

filled with love and care that I am here

knocking at your door ready to enter

your home and Shout you with boundless

love and

abundance protect you and your family

from all harm and evil spirits if you

believe in what I am seeing like this

video and share this message with your


ones I’m the god of abundance and I’m

eager to bless you beyond your wildest

Rams by the end of this month you’ll

receive a financial

blessing the Divine oil of anointment is

coming in your life bringing so many


changes don’t doubt my ability to

provide for you because I’m the source

of all wealth and abundance

always remember I’m a God filled with

love and mercy

and I love you no matter what I’m here

for you waiting to bring Miracles into

every part of your

life have faith in me I’ll bless you and

your family and heal all your

pain I’m The God Who restores and

redeems and nothing is too difficult for

me your joy will overflow and you’ll

experience the fullness of life that I

have promised you because I love

you you will be saved believe believe in

your heart to be justified and confess

with your mouth to be

saved know that soon your health


finances everything will improve trust

me me because I am actively working to

bring you the breakthroughs you

need just have faith in me and let my

blessings come into your life without

resistance I want you to be happy and


successful keep trusting me keep walking

on the path I have shown

you keep hoping for the good things

keep dreaming about the things you wish

to chase in your life for your

breakthrough is coming fast and it’s

much closer than you

think never forget that I love you soir

your faith in me by speaking and typing

I believe and claim the anointment that

is coming from heaven for all those who


be blessed in my

name dear child of God this message is

not just a revelation it’s a promise

from the almighty

himself the Lord is poised to bring

forth a series of miracles in your life

things will unfold rapidly one after

another in such shift succession that it

may feel

overwhelming like a worldwind of black

blessings according to the Lord’s

message the pace will be so brisk that

keeping up will be a

challenge everything will transpire

simultaneously the intentional delay

preceding this Swift succession was

strategic as it marks the culmination of

numerous favorable developments and

bring your

life expect an abundance of blessings

akin to a powerful

Fiel propelling you

forward you are about to receive

Revelation about your

calling you’re about to get direction on

which way you’re supposed to be

walking many of you have been just


aimlessly baren not knowing what to

do you have given a lot to this journey

making sacrifices and paying the prices

but now the waiting period is becoming a

bit too

much let me emphasize what the Lord is

saying you are not late you haven’t

missed anything and you have heard his


correctly it’s just this you have come a


early the season of waiting is about to

end God is always on time never late

never too early he arrives exactly when

needed now for all who seek a lord Jesus

may you all be given aund fold of

blessings and miracles that you have

prayed from your hearts and souls to

love and

kindness now let’s pray to our Lord and

thank him for the things he has planned

for our

life let’s

begin father my Lord you are the

greatest you are the author and the

finisher of my

destiny there’s nothing which is

impossible to

you father I want to thank you for the

intricate plans you have for for my

life Your Design is perfect and I trust

in Your Divine

wisdom Lord I acknowledge that every

step in my journey is Guided by your

hand you have orchestrated the details

of my life with

precision and I’m grateful for your


intervention your plans are filled with


prosperity and a future that exceeds my

understanding I thank you for the

challenges I have

faced as they have shaped me into the

person I am

today each trial has been a stepping

stone leading me closure to the

Fulfillment of your purpose for my

life I trust that even in moments of


you’re working

everything together for my

good father I’m thankful for your

unwavering love and

faithfulness your promises are my anchor

providing strength and Assurance in

times of need I lean on your promises

knowing that you are a God who never

fails as I reflect on your goodness I am

overwhelmed by your grace Your Grace has

been a constant companion covering me in

times of weakness and lifting me up when


Stumble I am grateful for the unmerited

fever you sh upon me

daily Lord I Thank you for the people

you have placed in my life family

friends mentors and even those I may

have considered

adversaries each person has played a

role in a divine plan contributing to my

growth and molding me into the person

you have destined me to

be I express my gratitude for the

lessons learned through both triumphs


tribulations I Surrender my desires and

Ambitions to your perfect will may your

purpose Prevail in every every aspect of

my life thank you for the assurance that

your plans are for my welfare and not

for evil to give me a future and a hope

in Jesus name I pray

amen now if this message has inspired

you to keep your faith alive in the

Christ consider subscribing to this

channel for God is watching you and he

will not fall short from blessing

his faithful

children may God bless you amen

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