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my dear child I your living God stand

before you with exuberant Vitality

Beyond Compare surpassing even the most

vibrant individuals you may know the

human physique though exquisitly crafted

Bears the weight of gravity and succumbs

to the inevitable effects of Aging even

the most exceptional athlete cannot

escape the passing of time but fear not

for an enduring and bountiful life can

only be found in the Embrace of my

divine presence in your moments of rest

you will find refreshment and renewal my

presence is a Wellspring of life and in

it you will discover the peace and

strength you need to face each day trust

in me and you will find rest for your

soul Ammon do not fret over the Frailty

of your mortal form instead regard it as

a mere Prelude to my infusion of

Boundless Energy into your very essence

as you you align more fully with me our

lives become inseparably intertwined

while the outward aging process May

persist inwardly you grow stronger with

each passing year those who dwell

closely with me acquire an inner

Vitality that defies the years rendering

them seemingly youthful despite the sand

of time allow my life force to course

through your veins as we walk together

in the brilliant light behold my

unfailing love never wains and my

compassion knows no end they are renewed

with each Dawn I understand the

desperate longing within you to believe

in this truth and I acknowledge the

struggles you face in doing so it may

seem that your problems and pains are

unending but rest assured I am tenderly

present ever ready to guide you safely

through this day Embrace this reality

and it shall be the pivotal difference

between merely coping and falling into

despair type Amen in the comments and

get blessed


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