God Says, You’ve Ignored Me Now I Will Also Ignore You |

as you lay your head down to sleep trust

the night to me remember I do not

Slumber I am the god who never sleeps

Watching Over You guarding you loving

you let not a challenges you face

distract you from my everpresent help

and should you find yourself in a valley

of Shadow and uncertainty fear not I am

the Good Shepherd present in the dark

guiding and comforting you with my rod


staff know that I Rejoice with you in

your moments of Celebration I am the

father who Delights in the joy of his

children dance and I dance with you

laugh and my heart sings every good gift

comes from me so let your gratitude rise

like incense pleasing and


sweet remember your journey is not a

solitary one I have given you fellow

Travelers brothers and sisters to walk

with you share your burdens share your

jaws live in community for it is in

loving one another that you experience

the fullness of my

love as you continue to walk the path I

have laid before you look for me talk to

me lean on me I am here always ready

always willing to show you the depth of

my love the power of my might and the

tenderness of my care you are mine and

my heart is for you now and forever


more Rejoice for I have made this day

for you vessel of potential a Channel of

blessings waiting to be discovered and

joy and poured out into the lives of

others let us walk this day together

with hearts attuned to the symphony of

creation eyes open to the beauty I have

laid before you and Spirits willing to

be moved by the Grandeur of my

love and as you navigate this life I am

your guide your strength your wisdom and

your peace I am the friend who will

never turn away who will never grow

weary of your company who will never

fail you my promises are sure my

presence is constant and my love is

unchanging lean into this truth into

this trust and find rest for your will

weary Soul come to me in prayer not as a

ritual steep in formality but as a child

coming home eager to share every aspect

of their day knowing they are loved and

welcomed just as they


are share with me not just in times of

need but in times of gladness as well

let our relationship be dynamic vibr

and lifegiving remember the call to

trust is not a call to understand all

the mysteries of the universe nor to

have foresight into all that will come

to pass it is a call to know the one who

understands all things who holds time in

his hands who is the same yesterday

today and


forever take heart in the truth of daily

manifestation to to which tells of

the grace of our Lord who though he was

rich yet for your sake he became poor so

that you through his poverty might

become rich this richness is not of the

world it is the richness of an Abundant

Life filled with my presence my peace

and my love

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