God Says, You’re The Chosen One For The Miracle Today! | God message jesus |

in the quietness of this moment hear my

voice of voice that spoke creation into

existence yet Whispers intimately to

your heart the truth I impart to you is

not merely a concept but a reality as

close as your very

breath you are not your own for you were

bought with a price the most precious

commodity of Heaven my very Life In The

Garden of Gethsemane I prayed for you on

the road to Calvary I carried your name

upon my heart and in the cry from the

cross I proclaimed your

freedom this gift of Salvation this

outpouring of divine love is not a

reward for the righteous but a treasure

for the repentant a sanctuary for The

Sinner a Beacon of Hope for the lost it

is my hand extended to those who realize

their desperate need for a


savior my invitation Echoes through time

and space come to me all you who are

weary and burdened and I will give you

rest the weight of sin as a burden were

never meant to carry which is why I bore

it for you My Sacrifice was the key to

your unshackling the dawn of your

Redemption as you awaken to the new

mercies of each morning let your first

breath be one of remembrance remember

the price paid for your freedom the

depth of my love for you walk this day

with me your guide your strength your

wisdom and your peace

super thanks for embracing this

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and deeper connection together let’s

continue this journey of faith and

Discovery to love it child in those

tranquil moments when the world beckons

for nose resist the urge instead let us

share in the Serene Stillness together

it’s in these quiet spaces that my

gentle loving Whispers can guide you

through life’s complexities when the

clamor of the day demand your attention

invite me into your

tasks whether you’re tapping away at

your keyboard crafting with your hands

or planning for the future seek my

wisdom it’s in the ordinary the simple

acts of daily living that you can

encounter the extraordinary presence of


spirit I understand the weight of

responsibilities that sometimes press

upon your shoulders yet remember I am

the one who lifted the burdens of sin

and death trust that I can carry the we

of your worries and cares cast them on

to me for I am infinitely strong and


tender when you’re faced with a mountain

of tasks and the peak seem shrouded in

clouds of Doubt speak to me say be with

me Lord and I will clear the fog showing

you the way forward even as you read

these words know that I am with you my

presence envelops you like a warm

comforting blanket you are never alone

my watchful ey and loving heart are

always upon

you take this knowledge into the quiet

corners of your life whether you’re

washing dishes walking the dog or

sipping your coffee whisper to me I will

turn the mundane into moments of divine



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