God Says: You’re Not Seeing This by ACCIDENT | god message for you today | God’s message Today

God’s special message is only for you

don’t make the mistake of leaving it God

wants to solve all your problems in the

last seconds God will answer all your

questions my beloved child in this

tumultuous sea of Life storms will

inevitably arise threatening to engulf

you in their tempestuous

Embrace yet fear not for I am your

unwavering anchor guiding you through

the treacherous Waters restoring you

after the storm and empowering you to

rebuild your life in me the storms of

life may come in various guises a sudden

loss an unexpected illness a shattered

relationship a financial crisis or a


pandemic these trials May shake you to

your core leaving you feeling lost

broken and

desolate but know this my child that

even in the darkest night I am with you

I am the lighthouse in your Storm

Casting a radiant beam of Hope

Illuminating the path to

safety I am the steady rock against

which the waves of adversity crash

unwavering and unyielding I am your

Shelter From the Raging winds a

sanctuary of peace and Solace amidst the

chaos though the storm may have battered

you and left you feeling battered and

bruised do not despair type Amen in the

comments and don’t forget to share this

message with up to three people so that

God can help you for I am the Divine

healer the balm for your

wounds I mend your broken heart Peace by

peace until it is whole again I Breathe

new life into your weary Soul restoring

your Vigor and

strength I lift you from the depths of

Despair and set your feet upon a solid

foundation the unshakable rock of my

love the storm may have swept away your

sense of security leaving you feeling

vulnerable and

exposed but I am your Refuge your

Fortress your impregnable

Shield I surround you with my protective

Embrace guarding you from harm I am your


companion walking beside you every step

of the way guiding you through the

treacherous terrain of Life the storm

may have shattered your dreams leaving

you feeling disillusioned and

directionless but I am your hope the

beacon of light that pierces through the

darkness Illuminating the path to a


future I renew your vision filling your

heart with fresh dreams and

aspirations I inspire you to soar High

to chase after your god-given purpose to

make a meaningful impact on the world

the storm may have uprooted you from

your familiar surroundings leaving you

feeling disoriented and a drift but I am

your home the place where your soul

finds true belonging in me you will find

a sense of peace and contentment that

transcends the storms of

life I am your constant your unwavering

Foundation the anchor that keeps you

grounded even when the Winds of Change

are howling around you beloved child I

know the pain you have endured I have

felt your tears heard your

cries and witnessed your

struggles but I also know the incredible

resilience that lies within you the

strength the courage if you believe that

God will help you please subscribe to

the channel if you do not believe feel

free to leave the determination to rise

above your circumstances and rebuild

your life in me for I am the god of

restoration I take the broken pieces of

your life and mold them into something

beautiful and new I turn your ashes into

Beauty your mourning into dancing your

dispair bear into hope I am the master

Craftsman the Divine artist who

specializes in transforming lives so my

child do not be afraid embrace the

storms of life as opportunities for

growth and

transformation for it is in The Crucible

of adversity that your faith is refined

your character is strengthened and your

testimony is forged let go of the past

release the pain and step into the

newness that I have for you allow me to

rebuild your life to restore what was

lost to heal your wounds and to fill you

with joy and peace that surpasses all

understanding for I am the Alpha and the

Omega the beginning and the end I am the

first and the

last I am the one who holds the keys to

life and death I am the one who can turn

your mourning into dancing your sorrow

into joy and your despair into

hope so come to me

my precious

child let me restore you after the storm

let me rebuild your life in me for I am

the god of restoration and I am waiting

with open arms to welcome you home amen

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