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love child I know everything about you your secrets your wishes and what you really

need I understand all that you say and deeply want to give you what you’re looking

for in return I ask for your true devotion keep loving me and serving me

no matter what comes your way even when you’re happy and have plenty don’t forget how much I care for

you you’re always safe with me don’t let the things happening in the world scare you the problems in enemies you face

might seem tough but with my spirit you’ll get through my spirit gives you wisdom and

strength not through force or fighting but with gentle guidance that helps you

grow stronger every day Let My Words of Peace fill you up and give you fresh

hope and energy let me put it simply you’re meant to have a lot of blessings so you can be a

blessing to others too nothing can stop you remember your life with me forever

is incredibly valuable never forget that I’ll do anything to make sure you win

staying strong and never backing down always remember who you are don’t

be swayed by what others think live by the truth I’ve put in your heart you’re not just a sinner my

powerful love has made you clean refreshed by my spirit I’ve removed all bad urges from

you you won’t feel like hurting or speaking badly of others anymore your words will now lift people up and your

kindness will spread happiness around you tell your family and friends about

me don’t hide our connection say out loud that I am Jesus the one who gave

himself up for your sins trust and know this nothing in this world can defeat you you

are cherished and blessed surrounded by love all the time you’re not a lost

cause your mind isn’t filled with negative thoughts right now my holy spirit is

Rene your thoughts surrounding you with universal love I’m speaking clearly

today so you can grasp and embrace this open your heart to what I want for

you decide to bless yourself show gratitude to those you care about

and forgive anyone who has hurt you I acknowledge your struggles and

understand your doubts but know that I have never forsaken you my word spoken

today is reshaping your mindset look at how you live now your

heart brims with courage and happiness you are stronger than you realize and

all that you have endured is forged strength and wisdom within you you many lack what you possess you now know me

intimately your soul is filled with faith and your loyalty is unwavering believe me when I say that

those who have harmed you will be humbled when they realize the depth of my love for you I’ve lifted you up

Stripped Away the garments of Shame and despair and clothed you in my love and

Glory believe and know this nothing and no one can beat you in this universe

you’re going to be blessed and see great success but always hold on to me listen to what I say every day take in my words

and if you really trust me stop focusing on what’s behind you and step forward

with faith into a new life full of blessings that you can touch and see right now I love you I’m with you and no

matter what happens promise me that you’ll always love and trust me you your name is written on the

blessing I’ve got for you made with care ready for you to receive

soon get ready and kneel down my angels are setting things up for your good feel

free to share your challenges with me don’t let fear grow in your mind and make you doubt keep up your courage and

excitement to welcome the blessing I’m saving for you understand this I see that you’re

not the type to give up because of a setback back God’s blessings will change your life and others might get

jealous some will try to block your way to these blessings some might even want

to take them from you you’re aware of what these people are like they’re fearless and don’t care

about their future they wait for someone else to work hard and then try to take advantage

and steal the fruits they lead sad lives taking advantage of skills they don’t have

kneel now prepare yourself in advance open your heart to be surrounded by love

raise your hands to the sky seek wisdom speak kindly to your family do not allow

any hidden sin to come between my spirit and your heart do not think that by hiding

something from me I will remain unaware of the struggles you are facing I will pour blessings upon you and your family

but do not be surprised if you face opposition fear no one I not blessing

you to burden you with problems quite the contrary all struggles are temporary and your enemies are already defeated if

you’re feeling weak or you’ve messed up just kneel down and ask for forgiveness

I promise you I will forgive you your soul will be cleaned and ready to take

on the new challenges I have in store for you I’m going to bless you a lot that’s a

sure thing I’ve already planned for your success so I ask you to be

brave when blessings come your way the enemy will try to bring new problems to shake you but you’re strong you don’t

get scared by threats you’ve never been a quitter you’re not one to just cry when times get tough forgetting about me

your heavenly father who can save you that’s why I talk to you every day know

how brave and strong you are even when you face many difficulties but you don’t give up you

keep going stay on your path keep growing in faith soak up my words and

you’ll see I’ll keep on blessing you just as your soul prospers my work

in your life is complete I pour my love and anointing upon you here on

Earth your enemies fear you and my angels defend you in the spiritual realm

in my presence I offer you eternal life and a crown of Victory to Adorn your

head you do not walk alone and even in those days when you hear bad news of

financial problems lies and betrayals my presence covers you I have made you

tougher than the strongest Diamond stronger than steel keep moving forward you can do it

because I live in your heart you can have a smile on your face in the midst of tribulation the king of the universe

is with you a thousand may fall at your side

, at your right hand but you are not shaken by the winds nor do dangers

cause you fear you’re not defeated by conflicts your emotions do not consume you while

multitudes are lost and suffering without finding a way out you have your refuge in your place of Prayer

I want to remind you not to forget these words listen to them again learn them speak them write them they are strength

for your soul I am giving you a beautiful gift you will have the demeanor of a

champion people will see you as a person of great Authority because your face

reflects the power of your heavenly father prepare yourself before going out

to receive your blessings pray in think about what you will say use the wisdom I

have given you do not be afraid to speak when you must fight and be silent when you must be

silent but never cower when it comes to safeguarding your blessings and defending those you love watch over your

family face any coward who seeks to destroy your home I want you to be happy to have

peace for your faith to strengthen for your heart not to fear

and to fear feel the assurance that I am always with you shout and right with joy

for I believe it rest my daughter my son I will answer your prayers it is my

desire and will to warmly embrace your heart I always remember you tenderly for

I paid a high price to rescue you I knew you would give me your life

that you would understand the importance of this salvation and indeed you value it seriously you do not play with with

my grace or my love so my response is certain I know well that you no longer

have trouble accepting my will I respond to those who love and respect me who

receive my answers without whims or complaints if I give you what you ask with joy you give thanks if I give you

something different something better your gratitude is greater your

submission to my designs is wonderful

even I’m amazed to see how you react when I don’t give you what you ask for yet there is such beautiful peace in

your soul because you know that I love you and will always give you what is best for you so you remain calm you are

no longer as you were before troubled and filled with fear at any

conflict see how you have changed by listening to me every day praying

reading my word and honestly expressing ressing everything you feel in your soul that’s why my presence accompanies

you you are my child my son we are also friends I take your hand

on the path but I carry you in my arms when you are shaken by the winds we spread our wings like eagles and fly

high very high to that beautiful place where you can renew your strength and dreams where you can rest and receive

patience and maturity to keep growing triumphing and overcoming I’m really happy when you

come to talk and listen to me it’s great that we can communicate so well that you ask for my advice and that you’re eager

to understand and learn more I’m proud of you because you’ve changed you don’t you don’t just believe

everything you hear anymore your understanding is growing and it fills me with joy I have so many amazing things

to share with you So Many Wonders to show you if you trust me now and incredible Miracles will

happen you’ll pray more dive into my teachings and follow them with love and trust you’ll receive Abundant Blessings

love and protection you’ll be truly joyful and that’s what I wish for you I love you feel free to ask me anything

I’m here to talk and provide answers to connect with me immerse yourself in my

words pray and tune your spirit to mine to grasp my guidance I reached out to

you first choosing you before before you even knew me so Finding Me is neither

hard nor impossible just call on me I’m listening reach out to me and I’ll

answer but be ready for what I’ll share because you’ll be amazed by what I plan to do for you and reveal the full extent

of my will I shall bless you beyond the limits of your imagination yet I implore

you to believe in me and refrain from speaking ill of yourself or demeaning your worth you are my beloved I have

ordained Your Existence in the perfect time and place though at times you have doubted

and felt you veered off the right path due to the trials obstacles and suffering you have faced at this moment

I ask something of you I do not wish for you to be distracted and then forget

give me your faith and trust despite all you endure You are not alone for I have

always shielded you upheld you and guided you with my holy hand you you are not to ignore me I’m

speaking to you and you feel it within you know that I desire your well-being

and the Improvement of your situation seek my presence and I will remove all

that displeases me all that impedes your journey to your destination if you have strayed even

slightly from your path kneel before me and I shall straighten your way shun the

company of wicked friends who seek to convince you of your inferiority who fail to appreciate your true Essence and

always strive to make you feel unworthy these toxic friendships do not benefit

you if you forsake them you will not miss them for I will bring beautiful

souls into your life gentle in spirit and with Noble intentions get ready for something

wonderful you’re about to receive amazing blessings I love you deeply and

from now on you’ll see more and more Miracles and blessings in your life I’m

looking after you so you won’t need anything you’re surrounded by love and

my help is always just a prayer away I want you to look for me every

morning so I can guide you to beautiful peaceful places where you can relax and feel at ease I’m inspiring you to

Embrace Life to keep pushing forward to hold on to your

dreams today you’ll take my words to Heart de down you’ll feel confident that

you can get through any Challenge and win even when things get tough you’ll find peace no matter what negative

things come your way you can do all this because I’m giving you strength building

up your determination and strengthening your faith so you don’t have to be scared of

any obstacles or discouragements that try to stop you from reaching a brighter future you have opened your heart to me

thus I shall be your God and Lord this is your most important

decision the enemy will try to thwart your plans but come to me in prayer before embarking on your endeavors entr

trust your life to me entirely and I shall not forsake you if you entrust

your Affairs to me I shall protect you and cause you to prosper in all good and productive Pursuits you choose to

undertake there are many things you didn’t do due to fear many dreams you didn’t reach because you

believed you could not achieve them but on this new day I grant you the wisdom

to organize your life and priorities I bestow upon you the power

to achieve lofty goals that even your own family members will Marvel at I’m

filling your mind with my word behold how your spirit and heart are

transformed have confidence in approaching me whenever you feel burdened doubtful

or in the midst of the darkest nights and most stressful moments my holy spirit is ever attentive

to your needs ready to respond if you accept my answer with faith and in

accordance with my will I shall lead you along the path of true abundance genuine peace and

prosperity confess with all your heart and soul that you believe in me surrender this day into my hands and

Trust doors shall open storm Shall Pass Victory shall come and your blessing

shall arrive do not give up now resist I grant

you the strength and wisdom necessary to overcome this period of struggle through which you are passing I shall hide you

under my wings where the enemy cannot reach you I shall lift you up and comfort you with my love when you feel

weary I am filling you with excitement and hope which shall envelop you with

courage and energy I desire and am capable of transforming

your life and that is precisely what I’m about to do listen closely to what I

have to say my child even if you don’t understand how or why you are in this

world know that it is for a valuable powerful and immensely significant

reason to fulfill the dreams I have bestowed upon you to accomplish wondrous

Deeds you are not a product of luck or chance it was my decision to create you

and place you in this world to be a source of blessing for yourself and

others enlarge your faith and lift your head high I want to see you smile right now

remember those moments when you feared you could not endure yet here you are

today more intelligent stronger and wiser I chose you my daughter my son

even though I know you make mistakes and sometimes forget that I’m always by your side I chose you because I want you to

be a person of success respected blessed and fulfilled I entrust you with the

gift of love of forgiveness the gift of helping others I want you to demonstrate

my love to people through your actions I want you to touch many lives

and hearts with your hands I enhance your faith now to a level previously

unfelt and and if I must come myself to remind you every day to keep your gaze upon me then so I shall come in manifold

ways I shall reveal my will and my word to you therefore do not fear for I’m here

to assist you do not be disheartened for I love you trust in me move forward for

I’m with you be filled with courage my beloved child how are you feeling I want you to

to start a new day free from all sorrow distress and confusion know that I am

willing to help calm you to heal you of all illness and to alleviate all your

pain I want this day to be tranquil for you spent in Greater Joy and contentment

knowing that many blessings are soon to come and you must prepare yourself for

your life will be renewed I promise to restore to you many

things lost and some of them will come multiplied I want to give you lots of

blessings spend some quiet time with me today kneeling down let’s talk about

what’s coming don’t stress about future Bills or the many things you need trust in what I say you mean a lot to me and

I’ll take care of what you need if you ever feel lost or unsure I

don’t want you to be hard on yourself or feel guilty I’m not upset with you when you get tired of what’s happening or

feel weak I gave up my life for you and you should remember this with the strength of my coming back

to life I will save you from giving up and feeling hopeless please don’t be scared don’t

shrink back when life seems threatening or hide away I have given you the

bravery and strength to face your troubles I see how loyal and hardworking you are you give your all and everything

you do get busy get ready and stand up for yourself look for more chances I want you to know

I’m really proud of you you are my dear child be sure of that you can see how my

help is with you in your life making things better so I assure you things will go well for you you won’t be

overcome by laziness you’ll be thorough in all you do you’ll be kind to others

and that will help you thrive stay humble and simple I’ll keep opening doors for you your heart is mine do not

give it away or offer it to someone who does not deserve it I do not want you to

continue being hurt because when you are hurt I also feel pain I have done much

for you and I wish for you to appreciate my

sacrifice it was significant and my resurrection was powerful so do not forget me or ignore me I understand that

lately you have felt much loneliness and your soul seeks someone to fill that

void but before you go searching you must accept believe and cling to the

true love that is worth it mine when you feel your inner being

filled with my affection and discover how many blessings I have for you you will change your way of thinking and you

will not be the same believe me I’m here with you when you speak

aloud I listen when you say your soul is weary and time is running out to achieve

your dreams and many loved ones have departed from your life and it seems

they have turned their backs on you remember I am the owner of your age your

time and your dreams I have nurtured with affection that fertile ground where

your desires are sown you’re waiting for someone to love you and come to your Aid well here I am

to give you all the love you need to strengthen you and support

you believe me you will not not live in solitude forever this has been a time of

Stillness for you to heal from past wounds and recover so that the energy

and happiness you need return to you trust me that moment is coming soon

when I will send new people into your life to care for you and I will do it

when you least expect it my timing is perfect wait

patiently I will provide everything you desire nothing will be lacking you will grow

and become stronger because all the negative experiences you’ve endured will serve as lessons for the future you will

seek me more you will kneel and pray whenever you have the opportunity I’m drawing near to you now

do the same come into my presence tell me what you are feeling and I also want

to speak with you you will emerge from all sadness loneliness will soon be

behind you you will soon be surrounded by Abundant happiness tell me you believe

in me dare to overcome the obstacles let your faith ignite fear not the threats

of anyone I will help you strengthen you and protect you do not flee from your

enemies do not be filled with fear lift your head high stand

firm I will fill your heart with courage I will be with you in battle I will

guard you in times of trouble you won’t need anything because I’m going to take care of you just like an eagle that

flies high in the sky so get ready to spread your wings and discover all that

you can do I’m preparing you to see amazing things happen in your life I’m

filling you with my spirit so that starting today you can live a life that’s beyond the ordinary believe in me

and remember what I promise always happens my words always accomplish what I intend I don’t

make false promises since the world began I chose you and made you part of my special

plans I picked you to give you blessings and success I’ve put great dreams in your

heart though sometimes you might face challenges from those who oppose what I want for you but don’t be scared or

anxious I’ve given you my spirit filled you with peace endurance and

courage you will get past any opposition and move towards your goals with strong

resolve this is my promise and my gift to you you won’t be beaten down as long

as you cling to my promises and the forgiveness I offer you come to my feet every day place your

plans and struggles before my Altar and feel me as I embrace you tightly see how

I remove all anxiety from your mind notice how every day I seek you out to

pour my love into you spend time with me today I wish to speak to you I desire

to give you words of encouragement to uplift you my desire is for you to

believe in me and dare to be a Victor I love you yesterday when I saw you

pondering your struggles and concerns I ask God to speak to you to bless your

life to remove any burdens that do do not belong to you and every weight that

drags your spirit into sorrow if there’s something you need to forgive forgive it bring that burden to

God I know you’re also concerned about finances how you’ll provide for your family his word says in Matthew

therefore I tell you do not worry about your life what you will eat or

drink or about your body what you will wear is not life more than food and the

body more than clothes look at the birds of the air they do not sew or reap or

store away in Barns and yet your heavenly father feeds them are you not much more valuable than

they and you know God is with you I know that neither sadness nor any depression

will make you give up you will rise and go out to fight to seek the

opportunities that God has for you you are in a battle indeed but your shield

and your defense are the promises of God and your battle attire today will be

your smile he will not leave you he will not forsake you look at what his word says in Isaiah

but now this is what the Lord says he who created you Jacob he who formed you

Israel do not fear for I have redeemed you I have summoned You by name you are

mine when you pass through the waters I will be with you and when you pass through

the rivers they will not sweep over you when you walk through the fire you

will not be burned the Flames will not set you Ablaze for I am the Lord your

God the Holy One of Israel your savior I give Egypt for your Ransom cush and Saba

in your stead since you are precious and honored in my sight and because I love

you I will give people in exchange for you nations in exchange for your

life do not be afraid for I am with you I will bring your children from the East

and gather you from the west but you must not lose Faith trust do not halt in

your struggle for great blessings are coming your way Let’s Make a Deal let’s make a pact

with God that every time you feel faint in your place you will will come before Jesus and say Lord take my burden I am

tired give me rest receive the blessing of the Almighty I am caressing your life

with tenderness with love I embrace you and with my holy mantle I protect you

from evil I really understand what you’re going through your challenges are

tough I see your struggles recognize your efforts and sense your desperation

now is the time I show you how reliable I am coming to me with your problems and

trusting me is the best thing you’ve done today I get that you can’t manage

everything on your own that’s why I’m here to help you support you and heal

you my plans for you are full of kindness peace and success my love for you is

endless because you mean so much to me I cherish you greatly I’ll stay by your

side continuing to talk to you just like I am now you started today feeling down both

in spirit and body it might seem like Joy is slipping away and no one nearby

offers you empathy or even a bit of affection but remember I’m right here with you I’m not too busy with other

things nor have I forgotten how much I love you and how much you matter to me I

don’t get distracted by temporary stuff I care about your forever ever happiness

your lasting joy and your complete well-being so after hearing from me

today don’t forget what I’ve said your heart will find new energy your strength

will grow and you’ll be infused with a fresh powerful Spirit you might not have

expected me to speak directly to you but here I am talking and the more you

listen the more you’ll find the strength to keep going now I want you to smile

and realize that I have not forgotten that you need me Seize Your moments to

speak with me and do not think that you are living in solitude you have me as God father and

friend you should be very grateful I will repeat it so that you hear it again

you are not alone I will pour out my spirit on you I will strengthen your soul I will give you wisdom I will fill

you with my love you will trust Triumph in everything look at your life how many

things you have had to face how many battles you have had to fight how many things you have had to endure and yet

today you are still standing How brave you are your attitude pleases me your

tenacity moves me I come to you through this message to remind you that you do

not have to worry do not let fear steal your dreams do not be afraid to dream

big and face the battle with the certainty that I can help you make your plans come

true take a moment to think you’ve shown real courage look back at the tough

spots you thought you couldn’t get through but you did ever since you let me guide your life you haven’t been

defeated in any fight since then so calm your heart and keep your trust in

me I know it’s hard to stay calm and keep faith when things things seem to fall apart and troubles try to swallow

you whole but in those tough times my child ignore the negative voices don’t

give in to fears intimidation just keep going and believe in what I’ve promised

you you were so precious to me I had amazing plans for you even before you

were born paying attention to every detail of your life always keeping you in my thoughts don’t let sadness take

over I’m filling your heart with happiness move forward seeing Through

The Eyes of Faith because winning is certain and what I’ve got in store for

you is beyond what you can even imagine I love you and will remind you every

single day when you wake up I’ll be there waiting at the break of

dawn you’ll sense my presence and you’ll hear me in your heart when you look for

me when you pray when you feel the urge to come and share your deepest thoughts

I will persist in speaking to you even when you are unwilling to listen when

you are weary and disheartened when you think that all your efforts are in vain and you no

longer desire to live or to continue fighting I will still be with you your

doubts cannot deter me I will not reject you because of your demeanor for I am

always faithful I cannot deny this Divine love for you it was created for

you it is my mission and purpose for you to believe it to feel it to Bow your

knees and to love me with all your might for this is how Miracles begin I will

perform great wonders and Marvels in your life if today with a sincere heart

you truly believe in me I love you for eternity today I will guide you along

paths of righteousness I do not want you to walk in darkness I want you to feel

loved and protected that is my will I’m really pleased with your faith

it’s like you’re praising me right in front of my Throne when you praise me you get filled with peace and strength

I’ll keep showing you the way just keep following me we’re in tough times but I’m here to

help you even when you’re feeling low when your faith isn’t strong and you

think you’ve lost your way I’ll still be right there with you I’m here to guide you I’ll hold your

hand when you need it or even carry you if necessary you’ve told me you love me

treated me like a friend and spent time with me and I’ve shown you my love in

return I won’t change I’ll always be the same when things get hard I won’t leave

you hanging when you feel weak I won’t back away and when you’re filled with

doubts and questions I’ll be there to give you answers don’t get knocked down by hard times or

scared of what’s ahead your all powerful God is telling you there’s nothing I can’t

do I’m about to do amazing things in your life my child listen to my voice

hear my words let peace and calm fill your heart I desire to bring steadiness

to your mind and joy and contentment to your life do not dwell on what you’ve

lost the time that’s passed or the people who’ve left

leaving you heartbroken and scarred there was a time when the enemy whispered that I didn’t love you that

your suffering meant I had forsaken you but today you feel my presence and you

trust in the truth I love you profoundly and I will never leave you my Holy

Spirit my Divine Splendor will envelop you blessing you

abundantly I cherish you greatly and know you’ll always always have faith

amen if you wish for others to experience the blessings you’ve received share this message with those you care

about and who need me in their lives join my mission of spreading the good news and together let’s continue to

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