God Says, Your One Of The Biggest Unexpected Wish Is

God is telling you

now my dearest kids of mine dot dot you

can’t say what next you cannot say what

why how the things will show up on the

very next second you can’t say with a

purpose to be the right way you need to

move in which might be the wrong manner

that you have to now not

cross you can’t say who will come into

your life stes and who will cross from

your life you cannot say when your pains

sufferings struggles will recover from

you cannot say anything about your

destiny you cannot say why will I

satisfy the promises that I had given

you but always recall I am your God I

will never exchange I recognize you

higher than you know yourself I will in

no way do anything while not having a

plan I am always with

you I will manual you I will hold you

close in the direction of my coronary

heart I will never go away to you you’re

my infant I love you

loads like this message if you believe


Jesus in the Bible verses Peter

— always said

humble yourselves therefore beneath

God’s powerful hand that he may

additionally Raise You Up In Due Time

cast all your anxiety on him because he

cares for

you heavenly father is saying stop

worrying long enough to listen my voice

I communicate softly to you inside the

depths of your

being ask my Spirit to quiet your

thoughts so that you assume my thoughts

this potential is an extraordinary benam

match of being my baby patterned after

my personal photo do you no longer be

deafened by using the nose of the sector

or that of your very own

thinking instead be converted by means

of the renewing of your mind sit quietly

in my presence letting my mind and

reprogram your

wandering right I love dearly you

father my child embrace the

inevitability of alternate my expensive

one for in every stop lies the seed of a

brand new starting let the promise of

hope manual you through the unknown like

a beacon Illuminating the direction

ahead just because the solar r Rises

after the darkest

nighttime trust in the Splendor of

Sunrise and the possibilities it

brings in the massive Symphony of

creation your aspiration resonate with

Celestial harmonies trust to your very

own resilience and the boundless

capability that lies within your

adventure although filled with twist and

turn is a part of a Divine

Design May the Winds of alternate carry

Whispers of encouragement and can the

canvas of your life be painted with

colors of

optimism remember my toddler that you

are the author of your destiny and with

every new starting you have got the

strength to shape a narrative adorned

with wish and promise let the universe

spread its wonders and embody the

advantages that come with each fresh

begin God says right yes if you trust

me sweet kids grow strong within the

light of my presence as my face shines

upon you you receive vitamins that

beautify your growth and Grace I

designed you to come mune with me face

to face and this interplace strengthens


soul such communion affords a tiny

glimpse of what awaits you in heaven in

which all obstacles between you and my

glory will be

eliminated this meditative time with me

blesses you

doubly you experience my presence right

here and now and you’re refreshed with

the aid of the hope of Heaven in which

you’ll know me in ECA IC

joy in the same manner that religion

opens the door for God to paintings in

our lives fear opens the door for the

enemy to work in our lives the Bible

says that fear brings torment fear has


mercy if you act on fear rather than

appearing on faith it will keep you

depressed depressing and lonely so many

many people nowadays are lacking out on

God’s pleasure peace and victory due to

the fact they hold giving into

worry they feed fear by what they watch

on TV or study and the news or on the

net don’t let that be you Romans tells

us that religion comes with the aid of

listening to the word of

God the greater you fill your heart and

mind with God’s word the more potent

your religion might be so that you can

stand towards the powers of Darkness

choose faith and preference to fear by

way of selecting God’s

word remember the power of this is in

you is greater than the power of worry

when thoughts come that say you’re not

able take religion by pronouncing hell

can do all matters through Christ

choose religion conquer worry and stay

the freedom God has in Saed for

you type how man if you believe in

God my kingdom is not of this world it’s

far indestructible and everlasting when

you spot shocking evil and mismanagement

all around you do now not

melancholy as I was being rested I

advised my disciples that I could call

on my father and he could chip more than

Legions of angels to rescue me

however this turned into not the plan we


selected it became necessary for me to

be crucified to save everybody who calls

on my name remember that you are part of

my kingdom of everlasting life and light

the darker your planet will become the

extra you want to hang to the hope you

have got in

me despite the manner things look I am

in manage and I’m engaging in my

purposes in ways you cannot recognize

though this Global is deeply Fallen it’s

feasible to live in it with joy and

peace in your coronary

heart as I advised my disciples so I I

say to you presently be of exact cheer I

even have overcome the arena because you

belong to my nation and me you may have

peace if you are prepared write yes and

send this video to six

people gratitude

affirmations one thank you for this new

day too I’m full of happiness and

gratitude do three I’m thankful for some

other threat to live my

existence four I’m grateful to

experience the air in my lungs and the

beating of my coronary

heart five I’m grateful definitely for

being alive six thankfulness

appreciation and sincere gratitude are

part who L

am seven I invite gratitude into my

coronary heart today I could have an

attitude of gratitude do thank you for

the blessings at the moment will

carry God says for any region in which

your soul is sick my word is the answer

to nourishing your minds into a balanced

and healthful state thoughts of fear can

be changed with mind of faith thoughts

of lack may be replaced with thoughts of

provision thoughts of failure and

Melancholy may be change with mind of

success and joy when worry and terrible

mind upward thrust on your thoughts

apprehend that they are not from me hand

through religion pick out to update them

with the tremendous preos permises of

mine God says typ as if you want to be a

light in the

darkness if we stay we live for the Lord

and if we die we die for the Lord so

whether or not we stay or die we belong

to the Lord Romans

– let us pray dear Lord I do not know

who or what will go my path these days

but I do understand that you are my Rock

and my Fortress you are my shield and my


tower help me to Anchor myself to you

nowadays teach me the way to stand

sturdy and you have choose most

effective your manner today help me walk

through your fact and now not my

emotions help me to embrace whatever

that comes my way as impossibility to

peer you a pain paintings and this

impossibility to factor others to you

thank you that you love me and not

anything can ever take that far from

me even if I fail nowadays and fall

brief you whisper your unconditional

love deep into my soul and job my memory

that your mercies are new every

morning that really Amazes Me Lord

thank you for assembly with me today

would you wake me once more the next day

with the identical candy Whisper of your

love I can’t wait to satisfy with you

once more in Jesus name

amen type love you Jesus if you believe

May Lord Jesus bless you all today your

life will uplift mentally spiritually

financially may you get success remember

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