God says:- Your Life is in Danger If You Skip | God Message Today | Jesus Says |

God has a special message only for you

he has been waiting to communicate with

you watch the entire video to receive

his hidden message my dearest child I

come to you with a heart heavy with

concern and love for I see the path you

tread upon and I see the dangers lurking

in the shadows Satan the deceiver the

tempter he seeks to ens snare you in his

web of dark

his whispers are subtle but his

intentions are malevolent he wishes to

lead you astray to distance you from the

light of my love and the truth of my

presence do not underestimate the

gravity of the situation for your very

soul is at stake Satan prows like a

roaring lion seeking someone to devour

and you my child are within his sights

but fear not for I am with you always

ready to extend my hand and pull you

back into the safety of My Embrace you

may feel his influence creeping into

your thoughts sewing seeds of doubt and

Temptation he may try to lure you away

with Promises of fleeting pleasures and

worldly desires but I implore you resist

his advances turn to me in prayer seek

solace in my word and find strength in

our relationship I know that life can be

challenging filled with trials and

tribulations that seem

insurmountable but remember I am the god

of all comfort the one who heals the

Brokenhearted and binds up their wounds

I am the rock upon which you can stand

firm even amidst the fiercest Storms

Come to Me My Child

with all your fears and burdens lay them

at my feet and let me carry them for you

trust in my unfailing love and

unwavering protection for in me you will

find Refuge from the schemes of the evil

one do not allow yourself to become

complacent or distant from me make time

for prayer for worship for communion

with my spirit let my presence per

permeate every aspect of your life

guiding your thoughts words and actions

I do not wish to see harm befall you but

know that the path of righteousness is

not always easy there will be challenges

and obstacles along the way but I

promise to walk beside you guiding you

with my light and empowering you with my

strength so heed my warning my dear

child and do not underestimate the

threat that Satan poses to your soul but

also take comfort in the knowledge that

Victory is already yours through me for

I have overcome the world and in me you

too shall overcome amen

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