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God says today if you love me then don’t

skip this video and watch this video

till the very end my dearest child I am ever watchful

over Those whom I hold dear guiding each

step with unwavering care know that

every obstacle in your path is but a

stepping stone leading you toward

greater blessings those who Harbor ill

intentions and seek to disrupt your

journey will find themselves distant

from my grace for they know not the Fate

that awaits them blinded by false

Notions of power they fail to recognize

the boundless love I hold for you my

cherished one stand firm in your faith undeterred

by the doubts and criticisms of others

Focus your heart and mind mind on the

abundance of blessings awaiting you for

I am your true Guardian endlessly

devoted to your well-being as each new

day Dawns anticipate our reunion with

eager Hearts knowing that my love

envelops you always let these words sink deep into

your soul feeling my presence as you

read them take a moment to Bow and

reverence allowing Stillness to wash over you

surrender to the Embrace of my love

letting tears cleanse away any lingering

despair rise my beloved casting off the

burdens of yesterday and reach towards

the heavens with joyful

exaltation your victories of the past

are but a Prelude to the triumphs yet to

come and try cross your life to me

surrendering to my Divine will with

unwavering trust know that you are

deeply cherished enveloped in the warmth

of My Affection with courage filling

your spirit declare your steadfast

belief in me igniting the bond that

unites us as you Journey forward remember the

lessons learned and the strength gained

from past triumphs your unwavering Faith

as a beacon guiding you through life’s

challenges share your experiences with

others spreading Solace and

encouragement to those in

need remember one cannot serve to

Masters let go of Earthly worries and

material Pursuits instead focusing on

the Treasures of the heart Embrace

humility and compassion for it is

through selflessness that true greatness

is achieved pray with conviction believing

that your deepest desires are already

fulfilled and in your prayers extend

forgiveness to others as I have forgiven

you share this message with those you

hold dear and subscribe to daily

manifestation for you to stay connect

with a guiding voice of love and

abundance to love child I am here ever

watchful over those I hold dear tending

to your needs with unwavering care every

trial that crosses your path shall be

transmuted into a Wellspring of

blessings for I am the orchestrator of

your destiny those who align themselves with

darkness and seek to thwart your path

will find themselves cast aside for they

underestimate the divine power that

guides your steps they are blinded by

their false sense of control unaware of

the Fate that awaits

them stand firm in your faith my child

and let not the doubts of others sway

you pay no heed to the naysayers and

detractors who seek to dim your light

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