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my most precious and beloved child it is

with a heart weighed down by the

profoundest sorrow that I come to you on

this grave day bearing Tidings so dire

so fraught with anguish that even the

celestial Realms tremble at their

utterance for the home that I have

labored over since before the dawn of

creation the hallowed Sanctuary I have

crafted with infinite care and Devotion

to be your Eternal dwelling place is in

grave and imminent Peril from the moment

I breathed life into the vast Cosmic

expanse setting the celestial spheres in

their Majestic motions with but a

whisper I have poured the boundless

depths of my love into fashioning for

you A Home of unparalleled Splendor and

Sublime Beauty a home where the radiant

light of my eternal presence would shine

perpetually bathing every corner every

Celestial chamber in the warmth of my


Embrace a home where the sublime

Symphonies of angelic choirs would

ReSound through the hallowed Halls

filling your soul with the Transcendent

harmonies of Heaven’s most exalted

Melodies it was to be a sanctum of

transcendent peace and unending Joy a

realm where every tear would be forever

banished every sorrow erased and the

boundless Wellspring of my love would

flow freely quenching the deepest

longings of your spirit a home where you

would bask in the resplendant glory of

my divine presence

reveling in the ineffable light that

radiates from the very core of my being

a light so brilliant so all-encompassing

that even the mightiest of celestial

beings must avert their gaze lest they

be consumed by its radiant Majesty yet

even as I poured the boundless depths of

my love and infinite wisdom into

crafting this Celestial Sanctuary a dark

and malevolent Force loomed ever closer

on the horizon a Sinister presence that

sought to unravel the very fabric of my

creation the adversary that ancient foe

whose envy and insatiable Pride knew no

bounds set his sights upon the sacred

home I had so lovingly prepared for you

determined to corrupt and defile its

hallowed Beauty with his vile

machinations with Serpentine cunning and

honeyed Whispers dripping with deception

he slithered his way into the hearts and

minds of those I had entrusted with the

sacred stewardship of this hallowed


like a malignant cancer his poisonous

influence spread tainting the once

pristine Realms with the Insidious

tendrils of sin and Rebellion defiling

the sacred ground upon which your

Eternal home was built and as the

darkness took root the celestial Halls

that were meant to ReSound with the

joyous anthems of praise and worship

became haunted by the discordant Echoes

of defiance and blasphemy the very

foundations of your Eternal home began

to tremble and Quake threatened by the

encroaching shadow of the adversaries

malice which sought to extinguish the

sacred flames of devotion that once

burned so brightly with a heart rent by

anguish I have borne witness as the

adversary’s influence has spread like an

Insidious blight corrupting the hearts

and minds of those who once walked in

the radiant light of my

love I have seen the once glorious

Celestial Realms become tarnished and


by the stain of sin their resplendant

beauty marred by the scars of rebellion


Disobedience and now as the darkness

continues to encroach upon the sacred

precincts of your Eternal home as the

adversaries foul Legions mass at the

gates seeking to breach the hallowed

walls and defile the sanctity of this


Abode I am compelled to sound the

Clarion call of warning for if this

Malignant Force is left unchecked

if the adversary’s influence is allowed

to fester and spread like an unchecked

contagion the very foundations of your

Celestial Sanctuary will

crumble and the home I have so lovingly

prepared for you will be lost to the

encroaching tide of Darkness swallowed

whole by the insatiable maw of the

adversary’s hatred but take heart my

beloved for though the Shadows may seem

to gather like ominous storm clouds on

the horizon though the adversary’s

malice May Loom like an eternal

Eclipse blotting out the radiant light

of my love I am not powerless in the

face of this existential threat for I am

the Lord of hosts The Sovereign of the

celestial Realms the Alpha and the Omega

the beginning and the end the Eternal

Wellspring of light and love from which

all creation flows and from which the

very concept of existence derives its

breath with a mere whisper from my lips

I can banish the darkness that seeks to

defile the sacred Halls of your Eternal

home shattering the Insidious tendrils

of the adversary’s influence like so

much brittle

glass with a single utterance resonating

with the power of a thousand

thunderclaps I can break aunder the

chains of sin and Rebellion that have

ens snared so many of my precious

children setting them free from the

adversary’s Insidious grasp and

restoring them to the radiant light of

my boundless love and so my

child I call upon you to stand firm in

the face of this encroaching danger to

be a Bull workk against the rising tide

of Darkness that threatens to consume

all that is good and holy cling to the

unwavering light of my love with every

fiber of your being and resist the

seductive Whispers of the adversary that

seek to lead you

astray for they are but empty promises

and Hollow

lies intended to seduce you into

surrendering the sacred ground upon

which your Eternal home stands join your

voice to the celestial chorus lifting up

anthems of praise and worship that will

ReSound through the hallowed Halls of

your Eternal home like a Clarion called

to Arms rallying the hosts of Heaven to

the sacred cause of defending this

Sanctified domain let the radiant light

of your love and obedience shine forth

like a beacon in the encroaching

night dispelling the Shadows that seek

to extinguish the sacred flames of

devotion that have burned since the

first Whispers of creation echoed

through the celestial spheres and know

that I am with you my beloved every step

of the way a constant and unwavering

presence in the midst of the

storm for though the battle May rage

though the adversary May hurl his fiery

darts of Temptation and doubt I will be

your shield and your Fortress your

strong tower and your

Refuge an impregnable Bastion against

which even the mightiest assaults of the

adversaries malice will break like

feeble waves upon an unyielding

Shore together we will stand firm

against the encroaching tide of

Darkness pushing back the Shadows that

threaten to defile the sacred precincts

of your Eternal home we will beat back

the adversaries foul Legions

driving them from the Hallowed Ground

upon which your Celestial Sanctuary

stands until not even a whisper of their

malevolent presence remains to taint the

sacred air and when the final Victory is

achieved when the adversary’s malice has

been utterly vanquished and his

influence banished from the celestial

Realms forever more you will dwell in

the resplendant glory of my presence for

all eternity basking in the warmth of my

eternal love surrounded by the radiant

Majesty of a home that will never again

be threatened by the forces of Darkness

so take heart my child and fear not the

dangers that Loom on the horizon for I

am the Lord of hosts the king of kings

and Lord of lords and nothing not even

the adversary’s darkest minations or

most Insidious stratagems can Prevail

against the Unstoppable force of my love

your home the celestial Sanctuary I have

so lovingly prepared for you will be

preserved its sacred Beauty restored to

its former glory and even greater

Splendor shall be added unto it for my

love for you knows no bounds and you my

most precious child will dwell therein

for all

eternity surrounded by the radiant light

of my presence forever protected forever

cherished forever at home in the Embrace

of your Eternal Father where no danger

no sorrow no adversity can ever touch

you again so rally to the cause my

beloved stand firm in the face of the

encroaching darkness and let the light

of your unwavering Faith burn ever

brighter until it banishes the Shadows

forever from the hallowed Halls of your


home my dear child become a beacon of

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Divine my beloved child I see the burden

you carry from the delays in your life I

understand the weight of unfulfilled

promises the frustration of plans

seemingly at a

standstill and the perception of blocked

paths despite your prayers and steadfast

belief but know this dear one every

delay in your life serves a purpose a

purpose ordained by me I am the author

of your story the one who called you

into existence ignited the Flames of

your gifts and cultivated the seeds of

Destiny within you through trials and

tribulations I have molded your

character preparing you for the journey

ahead my plans for you extend far beyond

your Beginnings even now in the midst of

what may seem like stagnation I am at

work craft ing shaping

perfecting understand that just as metal

is refined by fire and diamonds are

formed Under Pressure so too are my

children refined and prepared for Glory

through adversity do not succumb to the

lies that suggest your delays stem from

Disobedience or my

displeasure have I not declared that you

are cleansed by the blood of my son

therefore never doubt my acceptance of

you trust in my methods for they are

beyond your understanding my ways are

higher than yours and my thoughts

transcend your own release your anxious

striving and relinquish the insistence

that your timing is superior you walk

who are but a fleeting vapor in the

expanse of time cannot comprehend the

intricacies of the grand tapestry I am

weaving lay your frustrations at my feet

and let go of the clenched fists that

hold disappointment untangle the knots

of Despair that suffocate your hopes

cease your striving and find solace in

Stillness knowing that I am God I bring

order to chaos and ordain the

outcome have I not demonstrated my

faithfulness throughout history have I

not guided you through Wilderness and

fire therefore do not fear the current

Forest nor dread the furnace you face I

will lead you through to the purpose I

have set for you my beloved child know

that the powers of Darkness tremble at

the call I have placed upon your life

they fear the anointing that will flow

through your surrendered Spirit despite

the feeling of being bound and blocked

rest assured that behind the veil of

what you

perceive I am orchestrating movements on

your behalf I am aligning connections

and making preparations for the

abundance of blessings that I am about

to pour out upon you the delay that you

find burdensome is in reality

a tool I am using to fortify your spirit

for the great things that lie ahead take

courage for this season of waiting shall

not endure

forever fix your gaze solely upon me Let

My Words saturate your being and allow

my spirit to direct your every step

embrace my timing yield to my will and

Trust in my infinite wisdom and Care

over your life before long you will look

back upon this period as a mere pause

before the dawn of Triumph indeed the

new day is already breaking upon the

Horizon can you not sense the

anticipation Rising within your soul the

tingling excitement of imminent release

the feeling of turning a corner Rejoice

for your time has come Divine

acceleration is upon you these coming

days will be infused with power and the

momentum of my blessings will astonish

you no longer longer will you experience

mere trickles of my goodness but

torrents overflowing their Banks washing

Over You In Waves of unbridled Joy after

the dryness of drought expect a deluge


blessings after the barrenness of winter

anticipate a riotous explosion of Life

the key lies in maintaining positivity

and unwavering belief my

child as you choose Faith over fear and

hope over despair

miraculous turnarounds will manifest

before your eyes my spirit responds to

trust did I not part the Red Sea when

Israel fixed their gaze upon me rather

than the advancing Army did I not

crumble the walls of Jericho when my

children lifted Praises instead of

succumbing to panic therefore stand firm

in your faith for the time of

breakthrough is at hand the dawn of a

new era awaits you where my goodness

will overflow abundantly in your life

trust in me and watch as Miracles unfold

in ways you never thought possible my

cherished child know that as you fill

your heart with praise instead of

impatience Mountains will crumble and

paths will unfold before you keep your

eyes fixed on me rather than on your

circumstances boldly declare my promises

rather than bitterly rehearsing

complaints remember delay May build

endurance but discouragement dims

Destiny you were created for so much

more than what you currently face cast

off the shroud of Despair and Rise as a

blazing torch of Hope in the

darkness worship with joy and expectancy

until you feel the momentum of my spirit

Rising Beneath Your Feet I am the god of

sudden shifts and your season of

acceleration has arrived be still and

listen can you hear The Whispers of

Revelation approaching there are secrets

I long to share with you insights from

the halls of Heaven that will

revolutionize everything draw near to me

and let us commune heart-to-heart in the

quiet away from the distractions that

have consumed you during this season of

delay my plans for the restoration of

all things on earth will Amaze you but

even more astonishing are the

Transformations I will unveil within

your own life there are depths of power

and passion Within you that you have

only begun to Glimpse through trials I

have unlocked facets of your destiny

that Shimmer with my glory and overflow

with spiritual

potency had I revealed them prematurely

you would have been overwhelmed but now

having passed through the refining fire

you stand tall in the confidence of my

calling no longer will you be

intimidated by the potential within you

nor Paralyzed by the expectations or

opinion opions of

others my opinion alone matters and I

declare that you are ready the appointed

hour for divine display has come made

possible by your

transformation lift up your head beloved

child throw back your

shoulders straighten your spine and

breathe deeply the refreshing air of a


dawn this day I consecrate to you

setting it apart as sacred through the

power of my

declaration change is here the past is

no more and the old has passed away now

is your time to emerge in Radiance and

Glory from the Cocoon of preparation now

you rise on wings of power to blaze a

trail of Victory before you my blessings

pour out upon you in a triplefold deluge

overflowing every dry place within you

and bringing life to every parched

corner of your soul now let the Nations

Marvel at the fav and influence I pour

upon your life the transformative power

of delay has fulfilled its purpose

Through The Crucible of waiting you have

emerged not destroyed but refined like

silver proven pure reflecting my image

with even greater Brilliance go forth

now with confidence and proclaim the

great work I have accomplished within

you fear no obstacle dread no enemy you

are not just conquerors you advance from

glory to glory

with the hosts of Heaven marching

alongside you with a father’s bursting

pride and boundless love I smile upon

you all of Heaven rejoices at your

emergence the seraphim sing praises that

resonate through unseen realms for you

my beloved Covenant child have humbly

endured testing and now rise in new

Authority adorned with humility wisdom

and radiant with my presence no longer

merely human you shine as a beacon of

change on Earth anointed and appointed

for Divine Purpose Angels heed your

words as you step into the battlefield

and demons tremble at your approach your

declarations carry the weight of their

demise and strongholds crumble before

the radiance of your countenance Revival

stirs within the warmth of your prayers

as I open doors to

platforms positions and places of

influence remember Authority is not for

personal status but for

service leadership is not a trophy to

display but a towel to wash others

feet the greatest leaders are the

greatest servants among you true

greatness in my kingdom is found in

servanthood compassion and

humility you have weathered the storms

of delay and now stand approved anointed

and commissioned for Divine

Purpose I have tested prepared

purged and Polished you for this hour of

acceleration and abundant

outpouring as the past Fades into the

distance you accelerate toward the

Horizon of your hopes the moment of

transition has

arrived are you ready for Supernatural

increase are you prepared for explosive

impact and divine prominence trust in me

for I have equipped you for such a time

as this prepare yourself for all of

heaven resounds with an anticipation of

the Wonders that will be unveiled in and

through you the hour of manifestation

has arrived the appointed time to birth

your promises and align your steps with

my divine

plan long has your vision carried you

but now behold as my Whirlwind power

brings Transcendent reality from your

dreams what I have spoken will surge to

the Forefront and what I have birthed

within you will burst forth in New Life

as you have nurtured Ed my seed of

Promise through faith in seasons of

Darkness cling to me with ever deepening

trust as my glory spills through you in

ways you have not dared to

imagine I stand as your Defender and

Warrior at your side health peace joy

and phenomenal productivity Mark the

dawn of this new era as I clear your

path before you false limitations

shatter and former obstacles give way to

Angelic assistance detractors are

silenced and naysayers witness

undeniable demonstrations of my favor

shielding and empowering

you I have tolerated the suppression and

destruction loosed against my children

for too long but no more hear me now

enemies of light touch not my anointed

ones dark powers that re unseen against

these precious ones I depose by my blood

and Authority my servants March forward

unhindered and Untouched by your

sabotage and they will flourish even

more any assault intended to harm them

will recoil with Fury upon your own

heads you are not aimless forgotten or

abandoned in my plans you are integral

indispensable and beloved you are etched

upon my heart written on my hands never

doubt that I hold you tight through

every turn of your life where you walk

Heaven’s power and resources ensure your

steps never falter as you advance from

glory to ever greater glory

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