God Says–Your Final Farewell In March 27 | God Message Today | Jesus Affirmations

my beloved child tell me once more my

beloved that you love me with all your

soul tell me that you believe in me and

today you will witness how I touch your

life and the lives of your family with

my love and power I love you my child

and I long to enter your home and work a

mighty miracle I stand at the door of

your heart gently knocking will you open

it and allow me to do something new

wonderful and Powerful in your life I

have seen your circumstances and I will

never allow scarcity to reach your home

or harm your family I will shower your

home with an abundance of blessings for

years to come your faithfulness your

prayers your tears and your dedication

have not gone unnoticed you believed in

me and I have heard your cries prepare

your heart my beloved for a great change

is on the horizon do not cling to the

past with its worries and discouragement

embrace the transformation that I am

bringing into your life for it is filled

with wisdom power and the ability to

make sound decisions be grateful and

Trust for I am changing your life and

preparing you for the moment when

countless opportunities will come your

way you have swn seeds of faith in your

heart for a long time I have witnessed

your unwavering trust in me even in the

face of life’s most difficult trials

your struggles have not gone unnoticed

and your steadfast faith fath has been

your Guiding Light the time has come to

reap the rewards of your faith and

perseverance you have never sought

recognition or worldly riches your

desire has always been to provide for

your family to break free from the

chains of debt and to be a source of

love and support for those you hold dear

I want to bless you and it is my will to

do so amen do not be afraid for your

life rests securely in my hand

do not be swayed by the troubling news

of the world and do not allow insults

and negativity to penetrate your soul

your enemies May seek to instill fear

and doubt but I am here to reassure you

that your blessings are yours to claim

when insults come your way when others

speak ill of you and attempt to slander

your name hold fast to my love and my

word seek my presence and find solace in

our intimate connection your faith and

love for me must remain unshaken even in

the face of adversity I am reshaping

everything around you lifting your

burdens and uprooting the negative

emotions that have taken root in your

heart you are emerging as a new creation

born a new in spirit no longer burdened

by depression loneliness hatred or envy

your soul and mind are now filled with

faith optimism strength and unbridled

Joy even your enemies will be taken

aback by your transformation left frust

frustated as they struggle to find ways

to disturb and undermine you but you my

beloved have chosen to cling to my love

in my word trusting in me more than in

their malicious words the pain and

strife that once weighed you down have

vanished and the anxieties that eroded

your faith are no more open your eyes

today to a new down of peace and

happiness accept it believe it even if

you cannot yet see it with your Earthly

eyes yet you can feel it can’t you you

know deep within that you are no longer

the same my Supernatural presence

envelops you enfolding you in my

boundless love and affection you are not

weak you are strong you are not a

failure you are a conqueror you are not

defeated you have risen through my

divine power and now you stand as a

Victor tell me once more my dear that

you believe in me with all your soul and

if you receive my blessing shout it with

all your might I have come to remind you

that you are never alone there were days

when tears flowed freely due to sudden

challenges when circumstances seemed

Bleak and when those you trusted most

turned their backs on you when you

needed them most in those moments of

sorrow and hurt know that your tears

reach the heavens where your destiny is

woven where all illness is healed and

where your problems find their share

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