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God has a special message only for you

he has been waiting to communicate with

you watch the entire video to receive

his hidden message my dearest child I

come to you today with a heavy heart

burdened by the presence of Darkness

that shrouds the world my beloved

creation I have watched as the tendrils

of evil have woven themselves into the

fabric of your existence casting Shadows

upon the beauty of life that I have

bestowed upon you in the midst of this

Darkness there exists a figure whose

malevolence knows no bounds Satan it is

with great sorrow that I call upon you

my faithful servant to Aid me in

vanquishing this embodiment of all that

is wicked and Unholy you may wonder why

I as the almighty do not simply

eradicate Satan myself

know that it is not out of incapacity

but out of respect for the Divine

balance that governs the universe just

as light cannot exist without Darkness

good cannot exist without evil however

there comes a time when the scales must

tip in favor of righteousness and that

time is now you possess within you the

spark of divinity a beacon of light that

can Pierce through the darkest of


it is this light that I call upon you to

unleash in the battle against Satan but

make no mistake my child this will not

be an easy task Satan is cunning and

Powerful Adept at manipulating even the

strongest of souls he will tempt you

with Promises of power wealth and

pleasure seeking to lead you astray from

the path of righteousness but fear not

for will be with you every step of the

way my love and guidance will surround

you like a shield protecting you from

the snares of the enemy trust in me and

together we shall emerge Victorious know

that your efforts will not go unrewarded

the defeat of Satan will bring about a

new era of peace and prosperity upon the

Earth the shackles of sin will be broken

and Humanity will be free to embrace the

fullness of their potential do not

underestimate the power that lies within

you my child you are capable of

greatness Beyond Your Wildest

imagination rise up and let your light

shine forth as a Beacon of Hope for all

who dwell in darkness I understand the

weight of the task that I have asked of

you and for that I am eternally grateful

but know that you do not walk this path


I Am With You Always guiding your steps

and lending you strength go forth now my

beloved child and may the light of

righteousness illuminate your path amen

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