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my most precious and beloved child the

apple of my eye the Wellspring of my

infinite affection it is with a heart

rent aunder by profound sorrow that I

come before you on this fateful day

bearing Tidings so grave so fraught with

anguish that even the celestial Halls of

Eternity tremble at their utterance for

though the sacred path that lies before

you is one paved with eternal

significance and Cosmic purpose

it is also a road that will require you

to endure a loss so visceral so utterly

cataclysmic that it will shake the very

foundations of your being to their core

my cherished one you will suffer a great

loss a loss that will plunge you into an

abyss of Anguish and despair so vast so

allc consuming that even the mightiest

of souls would be tempted to surrender

to its Relentless suffocating tide a

loss that will cause the ground beneath

your feet to give way casting you into a

bottomless Chasm of sorrow where the

Light Of Hope seems forever

extinguished it will be a loss that will

shatter the very pillars of your

existence causing you to question all

that you have held dear all that you

have believed in as the world you once

knew is Rent aunder Before Your

Eyes yet though this impending loss Will

plunge you into unfathomable depths of

heartache and

desolation it is but a necessary

Crucible on the sacred Journey that has

been ordained for you since before the

first Whispers of creation echoed

through the celestial Realms a trial by

fire a refining furnace that will strip

away the dross of this Fallen World

purifying your spirit and revealing the

brilliant unbreakable core of your being

that has been forged in the white hot

fires of my eternal love from the moment

I breathed life into the vast Cosmic

expanse setting the celestial spheres in

their Majestic motions with but a

whisper from my lips I have been an

everpresent witness to the triumphs and

tribulations that have marked your path

I have seen the moments of elation and

joy when the radiant light of my love

has illuminated your spirit filling you

with an unshakable sense of purpose and

belonging but I have also borne witness

to the sorrows and heartaches the times

when the Darkness threatened to press in

from all sides when the adversaries

malice sought to extinguish the sacred

flame of hope that burns within your

soul and it is in The Crucible of these

trials these furnaces of Affliction that

your faith has been tempered your spirit

forged into an inextinguishable blaze of

unwavering devotion for just as the

purest of metals must endure the white

hot fires of the forge to shed its

impurities so too must your soul whether

the storms of adversity emerging ever

stronger ever more resilient in the face

of the trials that await but the loss

that now looms before you my child is

one that will test the very limits of


endurance pushing you to the brink of

what even the strongest of mortal

constitutions can withstand it will be a

loss so profound so utterly devastating

that it will feel as though the very

ground has been torn asunder beneath

Your Feet Casting you into a bottomless

abyss of sorrow and despair fear not

however my beloved for though the road

ahead is fraught with Peril and

heartache Beyond mortal Reckoning I will

be with you every step of the way a

constant and unwavering presence amidst

the swirling Tempest I will be your rock

your Fortress your strong tower in the

face of this great loss an immovable

bull workk against which even the

mightiest waves of Anguish and

desolation will break in vain when the

darkness presses in from all sides when

the anguish of your loss threatens to

consume you in its suffocating grasp I

will be the light that pierces the Gloom

a radiant Beacon to guide your steps

along the path that leads to healing and

renewal for though this loss will wound

you deeply scarring your very soul my

love for you is immutable and


burning with an intensity that

transcends the finite boundaries of

mortal existence this loss though

excruciatingly painful is not a cruel

trick of Fate nor is it a punishment for

any perceived

transgression rather it is an

indispensable Crucible in the

grand Cosmic narrative that has been

unfolding since the first flickers of

creation danced across the pristine

canvas of Eternity it is a refining fire

a smelter Forge that will Purge the

dross of this Fallen World from your

spirit leaving only the brilliant

unbreakable essence of your being an

Essence that has been carefully

cultivated and lovingly nurtured in the

radiant warmth of my boundless affection

for it is through this great loss

through the depths of your anguish and

sorrow that you will come to truly

understand the fathomless depths of my

love for you in a way that transcends

all Mortal comprehension

you will bear witness to the lengths to

which I will go the sacrifices I will

make to ensure that you are never lost


forsaken even when all seems

darkest in the midst of this harrowing

trial in the Abyssal depths of your

torment I will reveal myself to you in

ways that will forever alter the

trajectory of your existence I will pour

out the boundless depths of my love upon

you enveloping you in the warmth of my


Embrace and though the loss you suffer

may seem


unconquerable it is through this very

loss that the path to everlasting life


joy and everlasting communion with me

will be made clear so gird your spirit

my child and brace yourself for the

trial that lies ahead let not your heart

be troubled nor your soul give way to


for you do not face this great loss

alone I am with you always and forever

your loving father your faithful friend

your Eternal companion through the vast

expanse of Eternity and Beyond when the

darkness gathers when the waves of

Sorrow threaten to overwhelm you utterly

cling to my love as your anchor your

Bull workk against the storm for my love

is a light that can never be

extinguished even in the midst of your


loss it is an inextinguishable flame

that will continue to burn brightly

guiding you through the blackest of

nights and into the Glorious dawn of my


Kingdom you will suffer a great loss

this much is inexorable

truth but it is Through The Crucible of

this very loss that you will find the

strength to endure the resilience to

overcome and the unshakable faith that

will carry you through the darkest

valleys and into the resplendant light

of everlasting glory for I am the Lord

of hosts the king of kings and Lord of

lords and no loss no sorrow no adversity

no matter how utterly cataclysmic can

ever separate you from the boundless

depths of my love I am with you my most

precious beloved every step of this

arduous journey and though the road

winds through perilous valleys and

treacherous Peaks I will never leave

your side never forsake you for you are

mine and I am yours now and forever

World Without End take heart then my

child and face this great loss with the

unwavering courage and Resolute Faith

befitting one who has been handcrafted

in the image of the Divine for though

the path winds through Shadows so dark

they seem

impenetrable I will be your light your

guide and your Eternal Beacon of Hope

you will suffer a great loss a loss that

will cleave your very Spirit

asunder but it is through this rening

through the Searing Agony of Separation

that you will emerge reborn remade in

the purifying fires of my love and in

that great loss you will find me waiting

for you with a love so vast so

Transcendent that it will be your

shelter your your sanctuary and your

Everlasting strength through every trial

and tribulation that yet awaits so fear

not my beloved for though you will

suffer a loss Beyond mortal Reckoning in

that loss you will paradoxically find

the greatest gain the gain of my eternal

abiding presence a love that eclipses

all loss all sorrow all suffering a love

that will be your strength your hope

your Eternal Refuge

now and forever

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beloved child I know the burdens you

carry feel heavy I see the routine of

Life weighing you down day after day but

I want you to know I am with you and I

have not forgotten

you I am ready to move in your life in a

powerful way pay attention for I am

giving you signs that my blessing is

coming I’m about to interrupt the

mundane patterns and bring divine

intervention and Destiny

connections for some of

you I am closing doors that have kept

you stuck in bondage and limitation I am

cutting off relationships agreements and

situations that have tied you down and

drained you emotionally financially and

spiritually I am sweeping it all away so

you can step into the new doors I am

opening you will feel disoriented in

this transition like wandering in the

wilderness between slavery and

promise but it is necessary trust me for

others you have already left your Egypt

you have already severed soul ties and

broken free from limitations but you now

find yourself in transition having

closed one season but not yet seeing the

next take heart for I am opening doors

before you right now the shift is

happening under the surface and

breakthrough is imminent promise is upon

you both groups will soon encounter my

tangible blessing but what does this

blessing look like how will you

recognize it when it comes I want you to

know the signs to watch for when I begin

unleashing blessing over your life the

first sign my blessing is coming is


Alignment I will order your steps and

connect you to the right people and

opportunities it will feel effortless


forced pay attention to chance

encounters that seem more than

coincidence notice who I bring across

your path both new people and past


resurfacing these are Destiny alignments

divinely orchestrated to interweave your

story with others for Mutual blessing my

spirit will bear witness to confirm when

something or someone is a kingdom


secondly expect miraculous provision

money will come from unexpected places

needs will be met through uncanny timing

what is ow you will suddenly be paid

doors will open for better jobs and


Investments my abundance will show up

right when you need it teaching you my

principles of Supernatural Supply debt

elimination ridiculous favor and


increase next you will experience a new

level of divine wisdom my spirit will

guide your every

step impressing strategy upon your heart

for navigating the new opportunities

before you creativity will flow freely I

will give you big Divine ideas that are

clearly my fingerprints you will operate

in Greater discernment to know what to

walk through I am upgrading your

spiritual sight to match what I am

calling you into the heavens will also

begin aligning to your declarations

you will pray and sense my spirit moving

to confirm your prayers constantly they

will be visible Swift breakthrough in

areas that have long resisted change the

close of long battles the end of

protracted waiting Seasons Swift Justice

will come on your behalf your time spent

with me will increase

dramatically our dialogue and connection

in the secret place will be richer more

profound you will receive new spiritual

gift gifts and anointings without

striving or begging because you Steed my

presence well I will entrust you with

more fruitfulness and fire will


amplify the Overflow of our encounter

will touch people around you certain

doors close so others can open trust my

Divine timing I orchestrate tactics to

position you for greater impact

influence and inheritance let go of what

no longer serves you this pruning and

refinement may feel UNC comfortable but

the destination will be so very worth it

keep following me as I lead you through


transition everything in the natural may

look chaotic but what’s happening in the

spirit is strategic I am clearing away

and cleaning house I am Excavating and

exposing I am reordering and

reconstructing I am rebuilding on new

ground laying deep New Foundations

though it’s messy now soon you will

recognize my masterpiece

the upgrade is stunning do not judge

this construction prematurely the change

is at work here very complex remain

patient as my plans unfold hold tightly

to what I have spoken I am faithful to

fulfill every promise in due

time my child click on the join button

to join us as the cherished member of


community the manifestation will be

nothing short of amazing once these

projects include yes greater

manifestations of my goodness are upon

you Heaven’s reserved blessings once

blocked will soon flood your life

combined with correct timing and

strategy the Abundant outpouring will be

overwhelming I have spoken

restoration recompense for all the enemy

stole that day near stay steady through


transition keep your eyes fixed on me

make plenty of room for my

blessings bigger outpourings require

bigger containers expand your capacity

stretch your mind heart and hands to

receive these bigger

realities I desire to give you new

responsibilities new lands of

opportunity and influence new levels of

provision require expanded space within

you say yes to my upgrades deep lasting

transformation will soon manifest all

around you just watch mindsets

structures relation a ships and dynamics

that restricted you before will shift

what they said could never change will

now dramatically change limited

mentalities and beliefs will be broken

off doubt and fear will bow true Kingdom

reality will manifest naturally this new

life is your destiny Birthright receive

it with joy the lingering stench of your

Egypt will be completely cleansed away

its residual pull broken

its dark marks removed from your house

forever the soil will be clean for

healthy new growth and growth Will

Spring forth swiftly what took years to

manifest before will materialize rapidly

Divine reversal will shift roles and

rules things permanently shift in your

favor as my blessing overtakes you yes

my blessing is here respond with praise

and thanksgiving consecrate yourself in

preparation through through prayer and

fasting share openly with others what I

am doing this good news must be

proclaimed celebrate my goodness

provision and protection over your

household continually my child I am

calling you out setting you apart from

all that you have known The Familiar

places and faces that surround you now

cannot take you where I long to lead you

a new realm of blessing awaits if you

will follow me I ordained your life

before time itself woven into my eternal

purposes I see the unfinished tapestry

stretching into the future Rich threads

of Destiny waiting to be revealed your

days have unfolded exactly as I planned

even the deepest sorrows ultimately

working for your good every loss and

lack serve to shape your heart making

space inside you to contain more of my

glory beloved one the time has come I am

opening another chapter

longing to awaken you to Greater

realities in My Kingdom a pivotal

transition is here pay close attention

now to the signs all around you

recognize my hand redirecting your path

as I establish your next season of

fruitfulness with great compassion I

will remove you from dead and dry places

relationships that no longer nourish do

not cling anymore to fading glories or

outgrown purposes they served you well

in former days but cannot sustain the

deeper call Awakening on the horizon

with kindness and care I will gently

close doors to your past though you may

grieve and resist at first soon you will

rejoice in the freedom these closures

bring for behold even as I end certain

chapters I am beginning a new one

Rejoice for untouched reservoirs of

creativity influence and resources await

you blank Pages spread before you

pregnant with potential new songs and

dreams will arise as you yield to this

change of place and Pace I

ordain yes follow me wholeheartedly into

unknown lands of Promise let go of

control and allow me to write the next

passages together we will craft a future

only I could imagine or orchestrate I

will lead you places your feet have

never Tred Uncharted territories will

become familiar and beloved

indeed I have intricately prepared a

sphere of society for you to profoundly

impact strategic connections divinely

aligned Partnerships Supernatural

opportunities all will converge at the

proper time to thrust open doors you

could never open yourself I have gone

before you and prepared the blessings to

overflow you need only follow me

trustingly the reason I lead you through

these seasons of separation is so that

ultimately my glory can shine brightly

through you I want to bless you

thoroughly so that you become a conduit

of blessing to many others I desire that

your joy would be a signpost directing

people to me your peace and confidence

in times of turmoil will stir up

curiosity and spiritual thirst in people

around you your character shaped by my

hands will draw questions and open doors

to share about my work in your

life understand that your life speaks

even when your lips are silent there are

some who will notice you but never

approach you or make themselves known to

you but they have seen my fingerprint on

your life the fragrance of my presence

permeating Your Atmosphere through you

they begin to desire me too so wherever

I lead you even into unlikely places

know that I am amplifying your light so

that many can find their way to me your

Life Path sets off a chain reaction

stirring hunger pains deep in other

people’s Spirits so keep following me

wholeheartedly wherever I guide

you understand the Strategic reasons I

filter your connections and Community

for a season soon enough fresh streams

of blessing will open up to you so that

ultimately you overflow with life and

joy that attracts people to me this

principle remains steadfast those who

honor you I will honor those who scorn

you will answer to me for no weapon form

against you shall prosper when you walk

with me I protect and vindicate my

faithful ones I want your roots to grow

deep in me to abide vitally connected to

my words drinking up the revelations I

impart to you for fruit comes from what

is happening underground before it ever

manifests visibly much growth must take

place in the secret place with me before

you are ready to flourish in new levels

of influence with people depth must come

before breath slow down and let your

relationship with me take

priority amid busy Seasons your impact

hinges on your connection with me there

are Treasures of insight I want to give

you in Stillness and Solitude with me I

make key deposits in your spirit when

you carve out quiet space to hear my

voice so refuse to let busyness crowd

out time with me the fruit you bear that

changes lives overflows from living

vitally grafted into me remain close and

drink up sap of my living presence don’t

deplete yourself pouring into other

people’s lives unless you continually

refill your cup by spending time with me

I want to infuse you with joy and wisdom

beyond your natural

capacity our communion paves the way for

the Miracles people desperately need to

see through

you so come now

beloved carve out more space for us to

meet heart tohe heart together we will

Kindle a fresh fire in you stirring you

to a rise renewed by my presence we will

Forge vision for greater influence right

where I’ve planted you and step by step

I will reveal the process to get there I

will awaken New Passion and focus

realigning your gifts to Greater impact

for my kingdom I have much in store for

you my child keep leaning fully into me

trusting me to open up the right doors

at the right time just stay flexible and

obedient willing to go wherever I Shine

the Light much breakthrough awaits as

you walk out my special assignments

tailored for you but it all starts here

in our secret place fueling everything

else you do I see the ache in you for

greater fruitfulness and impact in line

with our destiny together I place the

desire deep inside you now I simply fan

the flame hotter Awakening bold faith in

you again take bigger risks with me

launch out into new Waters does my power

seem limited to you surely not what

dream seems too big for the two of us

dream with me again record the vision

taking shape on your heart Let Me Show

You by my spirit seen from your future

enlarge your capacity to contain greater

glimpses of my plans no IE has seen all

the good things I have prepared for you

beloved one the dreams I birth in you

The Contours of your destiny you feel

the stirring deep within that Restless

Hunger for More more fire more impact

more fruit that remains

Eternal I placed that Holy discontent

inside you to keep you focused on me now

let me direct it with laser focus

aligning your gifts with my Global

purposes there are new mountains to

climb and territories to take for my

glory are you ready to pay the price to

answer this High Calling adversity will

come as it signals Kingdom advance but

stay near to me take my hand my power on

you makes a way where you do not see a

way now keep walking forward in radical

obedience and faith I will do daring

things in daring places among desperate

people when I show up signs and wonders

will explode on the scene shifting

atmospheres of

hopelessness demonstrations of my power

will embolden whole community into their

god-given Authority again I will take

back ground the enemy has stolen

evicting his Sinister power captives

will taste true Freedom begin to dream

again the oppressed will find my

strength perfected in their weakness

addicts and Wanderers will turn into

fiery torchbearers of my gospel outcasts

will discover they hold keys to Revival

Awakening in the streets yes you were

made for more so much more than playing

it safe you got a taste of genuine

Kingdom power and it has left you

dissatisfied with status quo

spirituality it has set you apart

Restless for front lines spiritual

warfare praying dangerous prayers I will

re-baptize you aresh in holy spirit fire

let your yes arise to the high call I am

placing on you in this hour I will do

bold unprecedented things advancing my

kingdom I will disciple mighty men and

women of Valor destined to spark

Awakening keep your eyes on my kingdom

purposes above Petty obstacles walk tall

as history unfolds Through Your brave

obedience I am raising up a fiery

generation of laid down Believers marked

by Purity and passion my child come to

me when you are weary and burdened I

will give you rest do not question

whether I am able to help you or doubt

my character and goodness towards you I

am the same

yesterday today and forever unchanging

in my

faithfulness you are my precious one

whom I love as a caring father I know

the desires of your heart even before

you ask I have seen your tears and heard


prayers I know the adversity you face

and the Justice you seek be assured that

I am working on your behalf though the

way seems long and victory is delayed

take heart and do not lose hope I will

vindicate you and bring Justice to your

situation my timing is perfect and I am

orchestrating all things for your good

trust in me lean not on your own

understanding but acknowledge me in all

your ways and I will direct your

paths as you wait upon me be strong and

courageous do not be afraid or

discouraged for I am with you wherever

you go I am your refuge and strength a

very present help in times of trouble

take refuge in the shadow of my wings

for there you will find safety and peace

remember that my plans for you are for

good and not for evil to give you a

future and a

hope I know the thoughts I think toward

you thoughts of peace and not of evil to

give you a future and a hope so be

patient and wait upon me for I am

faithful to fulfill all all my promises

to you in the meantime continue to seek

me with all your heart for those who

seek me diligently will find me draw

near to me and I will draw near to you

delight yourself in me and I will give

you the desires of your heart Trust In

My unfailing Love For It endures forever

be encouraged my beloved for I’m doing a

new thing in your life I am making a way

in the wilderness and rivers in the

desert the former things are passing


behold I am doing a new thing do you not

perceive it I am making a way where

there seems to be no

way I am bringing beauty from ashes and

Joy from

mourning so lift up your eyes and see

the goodness of the Lord in the land of

the living rejoice and be glad for I am

doing a great work in and through you

your best days are ahead and I am

leading you into a season of

unprecedented blessing and favor trust

in me with all your heart and lean not

on your own understanding in all your

ways acknowledge me and I will direct

your paths walk in faith my beloved and

watch as I unfold my perfect plan for

your life my child click on the

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