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today God wants to say something to you from that heart my beloved child you’re not alone

if you’ve ever experienced frustration during an uncertain season that drags on

longer than you expected you may lose sight of the fact that I am still in

charge because you are fixated on your setbacks it’s crucial to keep in mind

that waiting has never a waste of time I wasn’t keeping my promises from the

Israelites rather I was getting them ready for it even if they couldn’t see

it at the moment therefore if you become weary of waiting do what the Israelites

neglected to do which is to search for signs of my presence and consider the work that I

have already completed even when my timeline differs from yours I remain

devoted while you wait I’m getting you ready for the plans goals and Promises I

have for you believe me like this video if you trust Lord is

unwavering today’s message rest in my radiant the world appears to be spinning

around you presents faster and faster until it all blurs together nonetheless

you live in connection with me and there’s a cushion of Serenity at the

center of your existence as frequently as you can come

back to this coming Center for it is here that you are energized and filled

with my love joy and te dot do not go to the Earth in Need for food it is is a

needy place come to me instead when you learn to rely solely on me my power will

overwhelm your weakness helping others without using

them to satisfy your own once is possible when you discover your

completeness in me you will radiate light into other people’s life as long

as you dwell in the light of my presence avoid using all of your energy

to seek my face I’m in constant contact with you you must seek me above all

things if you are to locate me and hear my voice anything that you value more

highly than I do turns into an idol you erase me from your

Consciousness when you are adamant on getting your own way speak with me about

it rather than pursuing a goal with all oh of your might allow my presence to

shine on this endeavor so that you may view it from my

viewpoint if the objective aligns with my plans for you I will assist you in

achieving it if it is not in line with my will four you I will progressively

alter your heart’s desire prioritize seeking me and everything else in your

life or full and placed Peace by piece I am guiding you through your life

one step at a time take my hand and a gesture of faith and Reliance and allow

me to lead you through the day your future appears hazy and fragile even

unstable that’s how things ought to be future things are secret things and

secret things belong to the Lord you are clinging to things that are mine when

you attempt to figure out what the future holds like other worries this one

is a rebellious act since it casts doubt on my intentions to take care of

you repent and come back to me whenever you catch yourself worrying about the

future I’ll demonstrate the following move that you should make as well as the

one that comes after that let go and relish The Voyage in my presence knowing that I

will clear your path ahead of you to receive it type in then send this

Divine video to people who believe in God stay away from the abyss of

self-pity the worst threat you face when you’re tired or sick is this devilish

trap avoid going anywhere close to the Pit’s Edge its edges give way readily

and you can find yourself descending quickly maintaining a safe distance from

the hole is far easier than trying to escape it I tell you to be cautious for

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