God Says: You Will Cry Later If You Ignore Me |

my beloved child know that I am lovingly

with you it is a good way to live people

who wait for me should know that I am

good I picked you out and called you out

of Darkness into my wonderful light you

are mine this truth is the solid base of

your life it keeps you from feeling lost

or alone in a world that is always

changing a lot of people hold on to bad

relation ships are things that are bad

for them to avoid feeling alone you are

never alone though because you are mine

I picked you before the world was even

made so you will always be a part of my

royal family before you trusted me as

your savior you were spiritually blind I

personally saved you from that darkness

and brought you into my bright light so

that you can praise me that’s right I

gave you this very important privilege

and duty to do this calling well I need

to study my bi and get to know the

depths of my character enjoy my company

so that the happiness of being with me

can show on your face as you share my

love with others your head is full of

loving kindness and Tender Mercies you

need a lot of these blessings and I love

giving them to you your job is to let me

into your whole heart and see how much I

need you some people may be afraid to

admit they need help because they don’t

think anyone could ever fill their gaps

in terms of people this may be true but

I have an infinite supply of good things

to give my children my kindness is a

gift that will last forever because I

have always loved you I will always be

committed to you when you feel weak and

open you can tell me everything on your

heart you are redeemed royalty that I

bought with my own blood so rest in my

presence stand still with honor and

Trust while I Crown you with loving

kindness and Tender Mercies I Am with

You and I I am strong the sun is at the

center of the solar system and I am at

the center of your whole being including

your body Mind and Spirit I live inside

you I am the powerful one who made the

universe this amazing truth should stay

in your mind and touch your very core

think about how important it is to have

such immense power inside you it could

mean that you don’t need to worry about

your own weakness in fact my strength is

most clear when you are weak remember

that my presence within you gives you

strength even when you feel like you

can’t do something let the knowledge

that I am always with you lift your

spirits and fill you with endless Joy

You Are strengthened by God’s power as

my life flows into yours even though I

might cause pain you can be sure that I

will show compassion so when bad things

happen don’t give up hope and don’t try

to get away from them too soon things

will happen when when I say they will

there is a time and a season for

everything under the sky grief is a

season and I’m using it to help you the

four seasons of the year are predictable

but the seasons of your life may seem

random and unplanned if you are grieving

it may seem like sadness will always be

with you still remember that I promise

to be kind and that my love for you

knows no limits as it turns out you are

my beloved child

and I love you very much my love will

never end so trust it even when life is

rough don’t forget that I am the rock

that holds your soul steady I welcome

you to come to me when you are weak or

when life’s problems seem too much to

handle give myself to you and let my

strength lift you up like an eagle I

will carry you through the deepest

valleys and lead you to Peaceful green

spaces where your soul can rest do not

give up my love I will always be with

you my presence always makes you feel

better and gives you peace of mind allow

my love to be the light that guides you

through life shining on even the darkest

paths do not give up because I have won

over the world it is impossible for you

to understand how peaceful I am take

heart my beloved and keep walking in the

knowledge that I love you no matter what

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