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my beloved child enjoy the bright light

of my presence as you go about your day

praising my name and my righteousness

there is more and more Darkness around

you but the light of my presence is

still shining brightly actually my glory

shines even brighter against the

background of evil in this world

Miracles will happen when the good

things about Christ meet the bad things

in the world this Clash of spiritual

opposite makes the ground ready for my

strong interventions you can always be

happy in my name no matter how hard

things are for you my name Jesus says it

all about who I am you can whisper my

name as a prayer a word of Praise or a

way to stay safe and it will always work

even when things look the worst you can

praise and be glad in my righteousness

this righteousness can’t be ruined by

anything because I made it into

beautiful clothes of salvation for you

to wear forever

therefore dear one let us keep having

this private talk remember that I am

always here for you ready to listen to

your worries and give you support and

advice if you trust me you will find

peace that goes beyond understanding

even when life is hard please lean on me

as you deal with the events of today

people rely on many things such as their

health intelligence looks money

accomplishments family friends

and more these are gifts from me that

you should enjoy but depending on them

alone is risky because they can all fail

when things get tough and you feel weak

it’s tempting to worry too much about

how to get through the day this takes

your time and energy away from me when

this happens ask me to make you aware

that I’m there as I stand nearby my

strong arm is stretched out toward you

ready to help do not act like you have

everything under control or that you are

stronger than you are instead put most

of your weight on me and tell me the

truth about your problems enjoy my

strength and worship me while you lean

on me pay close attention to what I’m

doing now don’t worry about what might

happen tomorrow it may sound easy but it

goes against our natural urge to be in

charge and know what will happen many

people want to know what will happen in

the future and some even say they can do

it for money but I’ll take care of the

future so don’t worry about it most of

the time trying not to think about

something doesn’t work and can even make

things worse when you try to stop

thinking about something those thoughts

hold you back Break Free by putting your

attention on me and the work I do in

your life as long as I’m alive I will

save you in new

ways people often think about the future

because they are afraid of what will

happen and whether they will be able to

handle it but remember this I will help

you deal with any problems that come up

when the time comes I promise you that

praise will help you get through today I

connect with you in a deep way that goes

beyond time and place when you worship

me I find a place to live in your praise

and you find your reason for living

moving and being in me when you praise

me you feel closer to me and can see my

power and Glory when you worship with

all your heart oppression fear and

self-pity go away these feelings along

with the evil one and his evil forces

run away from such beautiful praise

that’s why it’s smart to praise me the

most important thing to remember is that

you praise me because I deserve it there

are many instructions in the Bible to

praise me the light of my presence will

shine through the darkness as you

worship me no matter how hard and dark

your day seems this makes me look good

and giv you the strength to rise above

your problems and win don’t worry share

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