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my beloved Sons and Daughters my heart

has an unyielding desire for your utmost

happiness peace robust health and Serene

calmness my aspiration transcends mere

wishes it encompasses a fervent

commitment to ensuring that every facet

of your life is enveloped in the Embrace

of all necessary Provisions our

connection woven into the very fabric of

your being stands as an immutable bond

that defies the whims of

circumstance it remains steadfast and

unwavering even on days when the weight

of the world presses down upon your

weary shoulders sapping your motivation

or leaving you utterly exhausted in

those moments of fatigue or faltering

resolve do not falter for I am there an

everpresent companion eager to engage in

heartfelt conversations and impart the

wisdom that flows endlessly from the

depths of my benevolent Essence within

the Labyrinth and corridors of your mind

I am attuned to The Whispers of your

anxieties the clamor of your

overwhelming concerns and the silent

struggles that threaten to engulf you in

their suffocating

Embrace yet amidst the chaos and tumult

of your daily existence you may

momentarily forget that I your Celestial

guide and nurturing father am Forever by

your side poised to unfold you in the

gentle Embrace of my Divine love I stand

as a beacon of Solace a steadfast last

Pillar of Strength ready to shoulder the

burdens that threaten to overwhelm you

and to alleviate the burdensome weights

that threaten to crush your spirit know

this my beloved child I do not bestow

upon you trials greater than your

capacity to endure in The Crucible of

adversity I stand as your unwavering

Ally guiding you through the tempestuous

Seas of life with unwavering resolve and

boundless compassion so in moments of

Doubt or despair when the shadows of

uncertainty Loom large and the path

ahead seems obscured by The Mists of

uncertainty remember me for I Am With

You Always a beacon of light in the

darkness a source of unending comfort

and Solace together we shall navigate

the tumultuous Waters of existence

forging a path illuminated by the

radiance of Hope and the enduring

promise of a brighter tomorrow rest

assured should you require my assistance

there is no cause for alarm

let us establish an understanding

whenever you beckon irrespective of the

hour My Embrace will swiftly envelop you

and my words will caress you gently

wherever your journey leads my guidance

shall accompany you unfailingly if you

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because this message took us a lot of

effort each instance you reach out

seeking Solace and Aid holds immense

significance for me for you they should

symbolize moments of profound

Tranquility do not underestimate this

extraordinary blessing it awaits your

acceptance simply extend your palms

close your eyes and surrender yourself

to the warmth of My

Affection I am dispelling your anxieties

enveloping your soul in Celestial

Serenity Reveal Your Delight to me let

me feel the Gratitude emanating from

your spirit my affection for you runs

deep you deserve nothing but the finest

and rest assured my devotion transcends

material possessions focusing solely on

bestowing upon you my enduring

love amidst the E and flow of time there

exists a love so Transcendent so

Exquisite it defies the constraints of

mere mortal understanding this love my

dear is not a distant dream but a

reality already woven into the very

fabric of your being it envelops you

like a warm embrace holding you

steadfast through every trial and

Triumph as you bask in the radiance of

this boundless affection feel its gentle

caress igniting a fire within your soul

it is this ineffable emotion that now

swells within you a testament to the

magnificence of the love that surrounds

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three people so that God can help you

empowered by such a profound sentiment

you are emboldened to Journey forth with

unwavering courage ready to conquer any

obstacle that dares to cross your path

for I have pledged my word my promises

and my unwavering will to you together

we reside in Celestial Realms where I

shower upon you Abundant Blessings

beyond measure yet to fully partake in

the Splendor of these gifts you must

first believe it may be that in this

moment the full extent of my benevolence

eludes your grasp and the realization of

what lies ahead remains shrouded in

uncertainty but know this I am as real

and steadfast as the very air you

breathe as radiant and pure as the

sunlight that bathes you in its Golden

Glow each day it is in the quiet

Whispers of the morning and the soft

glow of the evening that I reach out to

you seeking to touch your heart with an

Embrace warmer than the sun’s rays in

the Stillness I am there

in the laughter and the tears the

triumphs and the trials I am ever

present I who sculpted the universe and

painted the sky with stars did not

hesitate to step into the toil and soil

of Your World bearing the weight of love

that could not cannot be

contained understand my beloved that

your life is not a series of random

events but a tapestry woven with the

threads of my grace each thread is a

gift each color a blessing each pattern

a lesson of love and strength yet I see

how the darkness of ingratitude can

Cloud your vision how the chains of

discontent can bind your spirit and how

the dungeon of dissatisfaction can claim

your joy hear me then as I speak of

Freedom the kind that comes from a heart

so full of thankfulness that it

overflows yes it is in giving thanks

that you are released from the grips of

discontent when you feel the shadows of

Despair creeping upon you when the

Whispers of not enough echo in your mind

pause and look around you count the

stars number the blessings and remember

that each one was crafted with you in

mind begin a journal of gratitude if you

will let each page be a testament to the

goodness you’ve encountered the smile of

a stranger the kindness of a friend the

beauty of a

sunset or the simple Miracle of waking

up to a new

day these notes will be your weapon

against the lie that you are lacking

your Shield against the onslaught of

greed and my child immerse yourself in

my word just as the rain soaks the Earth

and brings forth life let the scriptures

drench your soul sprouting seeds of

wisdom and peace my word is alive active

cutting through the fog of confusion and

lighting up your path when I spoke the

universe into existence my word was the

power that turned chaos into order and

it it is the same word that can

transform your heart and mind remember I

did not merely send commands from on

high I came down to walk beside you to

show you the way to live as an example I

The Creator became as the created to

reveal a love that defies depths Heights

and the expanse of time in my actions in

my words and ultimately in My Sacrifice

you see the lengths to which I would go

for you as you navigate the currents of

this life do not be disheartened by the

EB and flows you may sometimes feel a

drift but you are never lost to my sight

with every high tide of joy and every

low tide of challenge I’m molding you

making you stronger more resilient and

drawing you closer to me when you are

weary when the world’s clamor muffles

the song of your soul whisper my name in

that moment of surrender you will find

strength in your weakest hour you will

find my power made perfect for it is not

by your might nor by your will but by my

spirit that you’re carried through each

day so let me remind you of the Stars

the countless lights that pierce the

night sky they are my promises to you

ever fixed and unwavering and just as

the dawn chases away the night my love

is a constant sunrise over your life

dispelling darkness and bringing forth

hope with every H that paints the

horison come then step out of the

Shadows lift your face to the light of

my presence and let gratitude be the

song that dances on your lips walk in

the freedom of a thankful heart and know

that in every step I am with you my hand

guiding my love providing my voice

Whispering peace and now dear one as you

absorb these words let them be the bomm

to your weary soul and the melody that

you carry into the world spread the

fragrance of gratitude share the light

of my word and live in the boundless Joy

of a heart in communion with me my

beloved child share this video with your

contacts if you love me

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